Can You Do an Eyebrow Tattoo Over Piercing? Microblading VS Machine Brows

By Emily M.| Last updated on March 30, 2023
eyebrow tattoo over piercing
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Eyebrow tattoos are a popular way of enhancing the shape and color of your eyebrows. Contemporary cosmetic eyebrow tattoos are sophisticated, look natural, and fade after some time, i.e don’t last forever.

There are various different treatments, but people usually choose between two dominant looks – hair stroke eyebrows and a soft powdery effect.

But what happens if a person has a brow piercing? Is it possible to get an eyebrow tattoo over a piercing? Let’s find out.

Is It Possible to Get an Eyebrow Tattoo Over Piercing?

Yes, basically any kind of eyebrow tattoo on piercing can be done. However, it’s important to know that you shouldn’t get an eyebrow tattoo immediately after getting a piercing.

A piercing needs a long time to heal. On estimate, it will take about 6 to 8 weeks to heal, but the full healing process lasts much longer. A piercing shouldn’t be removed for around 6 months.

It’s only okay to get a brow tattoo when it’s safe for the piercing to be removed for at least a couple of hours.

Getting an eyebrow tattoo during the piercing healing process can cause different complications. The PMU pigment or ink will get in the still fresh wound and can leak, blur and provide uneven results.

Also, the skin is still sensitive and the risk of infection is higher.

Do I Need to Remove My Piercing Before Getting an Eyebrow Tattoo?

Yes, definitely, and your brow tattoo artist will advise you to do so. If it’s left on, it will make mapping and achieving brow symmetry harder, even impossible

If your piercing is properly healed and more than 6 months old, it’s safe to remove it for a couple of hours during the treatment. The eyebrow piercing, if it’s old enough, does not close that fast so you are pretty safe.

Some artists may advise you to wait until the scabbing phase is over to put the piercing back.

That means that your piercing would be out for 10-15 days. The hole shouldn’t close by then (if the piercing is a couple of months or even years old) but just to be sure, contact your piercer for consultations.

Can You Get Microblading Over Piercing?


Microblading is a form of an eyebrow tattoo done with a manual blade. The blade that consists of tiny needles is dipped into the pigment and then dragged over the skin to create delicate hair strokes that look like the real ones.

Many PMU artists use nanoblades, which are even thinner, to make the strokes resemble the real eyebrow hairs as much as possible and to achieve natural results.

When it comes to microblading on a piercing, if the piercing is properly healed, the holes are usually above and below the eyebrow area, so there should not be a problem to work around them and put it back after the microblading session.

Make sure your piercing is sterile.

It’s important to note that you should be really careful during the healing period, when the skin is really sensitive and prone to infections. Follow the aftercare tips.

Can you get microblading over piercing
Image source: Instagram @les_nuances_d_emilie

Can You Get Machine Hair Strokes Over a Piercing?


Hair stroke eyebrow tattoos can be achieved with a PMU machine as well. In fact, machine hair strokes or nano brows are getting more and more popular.

The principle is similar to microblading, but, instead of a blade, the machine with a needle creates the strokes.

Again, the PMU artist will have to map the eyebrows and create a perfect shape, and the piercing should be removed before the treatment and maybe even until the healing and scabbing is over.

Can You Get Powder Brows Over Piercing?


Powder brows are also done with a PMU machine, but instead of a hair stroke eyebrow tattoo, when you ask for powder brows, you get a soft pixelated look, as if you have some delicate brow makeup on.

The ombre effect is achieved with a lighter eyebrow head and a darker tail. Again, this type of tattoo requires mapping, maybe even some plucking and trimming, so if you do this kind of eyebrow tattoo over piercing, the piercing needs to be removed.

Image source: Instagram @rachelsretreatuk

What If the Piercing Doesn’t Look Good on My New Eyebrow Shape?

So, when you get your eyebrows tattooed, your PMU artists will adjust the shape of your eyebrows, to make them look more flattering and to compliment your facial features.

If the enhancement doesn’t require too many changes to your natural eyebrow shape, i.e. If the purpose of your eyebrow tattoo is to fill in the gaps in your eyebrows and just make them look thicker, then putting a piercing back where it was before the treatment should not be problematic.

However, if the permanent makeup artist wants to change the shape of your eyebrows dramatically, the piercing may not look good after being put back.

So, you should discuss and approve of the shape the artist recommends and make sure you figure out what your piercing would look like on your new eyebrows.

It’s important to note that a professional and experienced eyebrow tattoo artist should follow your natural eyebrow shape as much as possible and just try to make it look the best it can without changing the shape of the eyebrows drastically.

But if you have to choose between great eyebrows and piercing, always go for eyebrows. If necessary, you may need to re-pierce the eyebrow.

Can I Get an Eyebrow Tattoo Over a Piercing Scar?

Yes, microblading and other forms of eyebrow tattoos can be done over a piercing scar, but the results may not turn out great or the brow tattoo may need a couple of sessions to achieve satisfying results.

Also, the scar must be at least a year old and white in color – it’s not safe to tattoo over newer scars. Learn all about microblading over scars in this article.

Image source: Facebook BlueSparrowBeauty

When Is It Safe to Get a Piercing AFTER an Eyebrow Tattoo?

If you want to get an eyebrow piercing after having your eyebrows tattooed, it’s definitely possible to do so, as long as the healing process is completely finished.

The average eyebrow tattoo healing time is up to 6 weeks, but an eyebrow tattoo is a 2-session treatment. A touch up is usually scheduled 4-6 weeks after the initial treatment and the brows will take some additional time to heal.

So it’s safe to wait around 3 months between an eyebrow tattoo and a piercing.


Getting an eyebrow tattoo on piercing is definitely possible, as long as the piercing is not freshly done, meaning that it has healed completely.

Your eyebrow tattoo artist will ask you to remove it before the treatment to make sure it doesn’t disturb the process.

Make sure you clean the jewelry and the tattoo properly to avoid any risk of infection.

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