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Nano Brows: The Ultimate Guide

We all crave for perfect Brooke Shields-inspired bushy eyebrows, but unfortunately, not everyone had the luck to be born with them. The reason why some of us have sparse brows can be overplucking or simply genetics, but thanks to semi-permanent makeup techniques, we can now all have our dream arches.

So far, we have all heard about microblading, a technique that has been dominating the eyebrow world for quite some time. Now, a new trend has emerged, called nanoblading, nano needling, or simply nano brows, which has been gaining on popularity.

If you still haven’t heard for it, or you simply have some questions about the treatment, we have tried to answer them in this guide.   

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What is Eyebrow Nanoblading?

Nanoblading, a more precise variation of microblading, is a new treatment in eyebrow world, in which a single-needle device is used, known as the nano needle machine. The machine works like a tattoo machine, but uses an extremely fine needle to inject pigments into the epidermis. The treatment is done by the artist to mimic a real hair both in dimension and diameter. 

This technique resembles cosmetic tattooing but with one crucial difference – nano needles only go through the top layer of the skin into the upper dermis, and inject the pigment there.

If you were worried that your brows would look slightly too 3D with microblading, then perhaps the more natural-looking nano brows are a better choice for you. The nano needles are so tiny, 0.18mm to be precise, that the hair stroke made with it looks like a real hair growing from your skin.

Since the conventional needle device is used for this treatment, it allows the practitioner to apply precise pressure and create perfect strokes. This kind of procedures also ensures more controlled movement and less risk of the pigment being inserted too deeply under the skin.

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What is the Difference Between Microblading and Nanoblading?

Generally, microblading and nanoblading are two very similar procedures because their final outcome is quite similar. While in microblading artist uses blades, in nano blading machine is used to create hair strokes that give your eyebrows fuller and thicker look.

The needles in nanoblading are super fine and flexible and, in that way, it creates more-natural looking brows. Nano needling also enables more precision and because of that is considered slightly less invasive than microblading.


How Long Does Nanoblading Procedure Take and What Does it Involve?

  • The process starts with a patch test, which you should do at least 24 hours before the treatment. The purpose of it is to ensure that you are not allergic to the pigment.
  • The next step is a consultation, which can be done before or on the same day as the procedure. During this time, you will discuss the shape and the color of your desired brows.
  • When you have finished with all of this, the makeup artist will draw the shape you agreed on using a pencil. When you have confirmed that this is what you want, the procedure starts and it usually lasts up to three hours.
  • 4 to 8 weeks later you will have a follow-up session during which the artist will add pigment in the certain places and do any other necessary correction to achieve the perfect look. After this, you are all done and you can finally enjoy in you nicely shaped arches.

Is Nanoblading Painful?

We know that by just mentioning the word needle, you might get the chills. However, you don’t need to worry because most of the salons apply a numbing cream prior the procedure which eases the pain significantly. Still, be prepared for a bit of discomfort but just think of the final outcome and everything will be worth it.

Expect to experience certain itchiness, swelling and redness immediately after the treatment.

Is Nanoblading Safe?

Any procedure we do on our bodies involves a certain level of risk. Using needles to insert pigment into your skin causes an injury to the area, which might lead to infection.

However, you shouldn’t have to worry about if you choose an aesthetician who keeps everything sterile and sanitized, and if you do your aftercare properly.

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How to Prepare for Nano Brows Treatment?

The most important thing is to do the research. Make sure you choose a certified makeup artist with lots of experience and positive reviews. Look for before and after photos, and if possible, talk to people who went through the procedure. Also, choose the aesthetician whose style you like, because each person has his or her personal touch, so be sure this is what you like as well.

Book a consultation with the artist and ask all the questions you have, and be sure you understand all the steps involved. This is not the time to be shy, because it’s your face after all, and you want to be fully informed about what the procedure involves.

What Does the Aftercare Involve?

The first seven days will be the trickiest because you shouldn’t get your brows wet under any condition. If you do, just dab dry and reapply the aftercare ointment. You can clean the rest of your face with micellar water. Also, do not peel or scratch your eyebrows, even if they start to flake off, you will create a real mess there.

Avoid using any make-up in the area or any other products that can come into contact with sensitive skin. The only thing you should apply is the aftercare cream which you will be given by the practitioner. Do not experiment with any other creams which are not prescribed by the artist.

Apart from that, stay away from the harmful sun rays, because they can cause the pigment to fade. Swimming and any type of exercise should also be avoided.

 Can I Wear Makeup After Nanoblading Treatment?

Avoid applying any kind of makeup or creams around the treated area to avoid complications. The only thing you can and should use is the aftercare balm given to you by the makeup artist.


How Long Does it Take for Nano Brows to Heal?

You will see a significant improvement after only a week, with redness and itchiness subsiding significantly. However, this does not mean your eyebrows have healed and you will have to wait for four to eight weeks for that.

After you have seen that they have completely healed, you should schedule your mandatory touch-up during which the aesthetician will add a bit of pigment and do the necessary corrections. After this, your eyebrows might be a bit tender for a few days, depending on the amount of work done by the artist. Generally, your eyebrows will be completely healed days after the touch-up session and you will be able to enjoy them for up to three years


When Should I Get a Nanoblading Touch Up?

Four to eight weeks after the original treatment you will have your first touch-up which is usually included in the price. During this session, the artist will do the needed corrections to your brows. Other touch-ups are not included in the price and how often you will do them depends on several factors such as sun exposure, lifestyle and skin type.

Most people do a touch-up after a year or year and a half. It’s up to you and your preferences.


How Long Will My Nanobladed Eyebrows Last?

You can expect your nano brows to last from one to three years. Most people opt for a touch-up after a year to add a bit of color or redefine the shape.

To see full effects of the treatment, visit our Nano brows before and after gallery.


Are There Any Side Effects of Nanoblading?

The side effects of nano needling are similar to the ones from other semi-permanent makeup procedures. The most common ones are itchiness, redness and the swelling around the eyebrow area. All of this is perfectly normal, so no need to be alarmed by it. Just make sure you choose a certified technician with a sterile working environment and lots of experience.

PMUHub tip: If you had a misfortune to run into an inexperienced person with poor sanitary conditions and you developed an infection, seek medical attention without a delay.

Can You Be Allergic to Nanoblading?

You can be allergic to pigments used in the procedure, but do not worry. Each trained aesthetician will first do a patch test to ensure you don’t develop a reaction. In case you do, there are other pigments for sensitive skin, so you don’t have to worry about not getting your brows. Just make sure you do the test before the start.


Can Nano Brows Be Removed/Undone?

With the rising popularity of the treatment, there are many artists who offer this procedure. The most important thing for you is to choose the aesthetician with lots of experience in this particular treatment.

If, however, you had the misfortune of running into a trainee who was not able to cope with the task and you ended up with not so naturally-looking set of arches, there is something you could do:

  • Firstly, don’t panic, it’s probably not so bad as you think. You should wait and see how the healing process is going and then decide. Know that at the beginning, the color is always darker and it will fade after a few days. Also, do not forget that you have a touch-up four to eight weeks after the procedure when many things can be corrected and improved. However, if you do not trust your aesthetician any more, perhaps the solution is to find a more experienced artist to correct the mistakes.
  • Another option, and the safest one, is to wait it out. Don’t do the touch-up and wait for the pigment to fade.
  • The ultimate solution is to try to remove it with laser therapy, but this is not recommended because it can seriously damage your skin.
  • There is also other, a bit less invasive treatment called ‘remover‘.

To sum up, the safest thing would be to do your research thoroughly and find a certified and trustworthy aesthetician who will give you the nano brows of your dreams and avoid all troubles.


How Much Do Nano Brows Cost?

The price depends on many factors, the most important ones being the location of the salon, the popularity of the treatment and the expertise of the makeup artist.

That being said, you can pay for this procedure anywhere between $500 and $1000.

For detailed treatment cost overview, head out to our Nano brows cost guide.


If you dream about having full arches that are nicely defined and above all, natural-looking, then nanoblading is the right thing for you.

This treatment will give you the perfect brows which shape your whole face, and the best thing about it – you won’t have to spend a second drawing them.

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