Microblading Eyelashes – Is it Possible & Should You Try it?

By Emily M.| Last updated on December 30, 2022
microblading eyelashes
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Microblading has become the go-to beauty treatment in the past decade for achieving fuller, more defined eyebrows and, people keep contemplating new ways to benefit from the microblading procedure.

Read this article to find out what is microblading eyelashes, how the procedure is done, and whether you should try it out for yourself.

Is Microblading Eyelashes a New Thing?

Not exactly.

Microblading eyelashes is also known as permanent lash line enhancement or invisible eyeliner, and it actually isn’t done with the microblading technique or microblading tool.

The confusion probably comes from the overwhelming popularity of microblading and the enthusiasm of clients about achieving a similar effect on other areas of the face where they usually wear makeup.

Instead, lash enhancement is a treatment that involves depositing cosmetic pigment with an electric PMU device along the lash line.

The result of this procedure is the illusion of fuller, darker eyelashes. It is also a great way to get all the effects of your favorite eyeliner without it running down your face or smudging as soon as it gets wet.

is mciroblading eyelashes a new thing
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What Are the Benefits of Microblading Eyelashes?

There are many benefits to getting a lash enhancement treatment besides the results being waterproof and generally long-lasting. Let’s take a look at some of the biggest benefits of getting an eyeliner tattoo:

It Can Make Your Eyes Look More Defined

Tattooing a dark, thin line across your lash line is an effective way to give off the appearance of thicker lashes. This is great for people with light and blonde eyelashes since it can make their eyes more defined and help them stand out more.

It Has a Natural, Eye-Opening Effect

Just like your favorite liquid liner, a lash line enhancement tattoo can make your eyes appear bolder and more open. This is highly beneficial to people with small eyes, but it can work for anyone, as long as you like the look.

It’s Very Easy to Maintain

This treatment is great for people who want to appear put together without effort. It can slightly enhance your eyes and look very natural, but you can also upgrade it with makeup for special occasions.

Permanent lash enhancement is also a good option for people who have trouble applying eyeliner, like people with poor eyesight, or shaky hands.

It Is Universally Flattering

A permanent lash enhancement works great on everyone. It’s suitable for all eye colors and flattering on most eye shapes.

To help you find the permanent eyeliner style that best suits your eye shape, here’s our illustrated guide.

lash enhancement
Image source: Instagram @yorokobibrows

Who Shouldn’t Try Microblading Lashes

Although generally safe, lash line enhancement isn’t recommended for people with the following health and skin conditions:

Pregnant and Nursing Women

You cannot get permanent makeup procedures including lash enhancement while pregnant or breastfeeding.

People Prone to Keloid Scarring

People who have a predisposition to keloid scarring shouldn’t get eyeliner tattoos or any kind of permanent makeup procedure for that matter. It’s risky to cut the skin that is prone to keloids as they can form right on the face, and in this case, on top of the eyelids.

People with Eczema and Similar Skin Conditions

Permanent makeup procedures can cause a flare-up for people with eczema and ocular rosacea. Breaking open the skin with an electric tattoo device can make existing skin conditions like psoriasis much worse.

People Who Have Recently Had Eye Surgery

People who have recently had laser eye surgery must wait at least six months after getting their procedure to book a lash enhancement treatment.

Find more information on permanent makeup risks for different health conditions here.


This list of contraindications is not final. If you suffer from any medical condition, consult your GP before booking an appointment and tell your artist.

What Does the Procedure Look Like?

The process starts with a consultation with your chosen artist or technician, where you will discuss the color and shape of your eyeliner tattoo. The look is customizable and can be adapted to each individual’s features and needs.

It’s ideal to do the consults a few days before the procedure, so that a patch test can be done to exclude the risk of allergies.

During the consultation, you will also be informed about the correct aftercare routine to follow after the procedure.

The procedure itself starts with cleaning and prepping the eye area. Your artist or technician will clean the treated area of makeup residue and sebum, and proceed to apply a topical numbing cream to make the whole process virtually painless.

Once the numbing starts to work, the tattooing begins. Your artist will need to make a couple of passes to ensure enough pigment is deposited into the skin. After they’re done tattooing, the treated area will be cleaned and you’re done!

The lash enhancement or invisible eyeliner procedure lasts anywhere from 1.5 to 2 hours.

Keep in mind, however, that lash line enhancement is a two-visit treatment and requires a touch-up about 6-8 weeks after the initial procedure.

what does the lash enhancement microblading eyelashes procedure look like
Image source: Instagram @finelines_permanentmakeup

Does Microblading Your Eyelashes Hurt?


Eyeliner tattooing is a relatively painless procedure due to the numbing used.

Your eyes will be closed during the entire procedure and you will most likely just feel the vibration of the PMU machine which can be slightly annoying, but not painful. Toward the end of the treatment, you might begin to feel slight soreness.

If you do, however, experience any pain during your procedure, tell your artist as the numbing solution may have worn off and needs to be reapplied.

How Long Do the Results of Microblading Lashes Last?

Permanent eyeliner results can last up to 5 years with proper aftercare.

Lash enhancement is a form of cosmetic tattooing, meaning the results won’t last indefinitely like in the case of regular tattooing.

Our bodies break down cosmetic pigments over time and extract them, causing your lash enhancement tattoo to fade and eventually disappear.

The best way to prolong the effect is to get regular touch ups once a year, starting 18-24 months from the initial treatment.

So, Should You Try Microblading Eyelashes?

If you don’t fall into the category of people with the above-listed health and skin conditions, we say go for it!

Lash enhancement can cut your makeup routine in half, and help you look more awake and put together on a daily basis. It is easy to maintain and elevate with makeup, so you don’t have to worry about committing to an eyeliner look that goes in and out of style.

If you want to learn more about permanent eyeliner, read our ultimate guide.

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