How to Train Eyebrows to Grow in the Right Direction: Brow Basics

By Katarina V.| Last updated on February 8, 2024
can you train your eyebrows into shape
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Rome was built a day ago, and the perfect eyebrow shape does not happen overnight. Don’t believe those who claim to wake up with perfect brows.

Some are lucky to have filled and well-behaved brows, but even then, nature needs a little help. This guide provides tips to help you tame your brows and enhance their natural arch.

So, let’s work together to achieve that perfect brow look.

Can You Train Your Eyebrows to Grow in the Desired Direction?

The answer is no; eyebrows cannot be trained to grow in a certain direction. The follicles have their natural growth pattern and you can’t really affect it in any permanent way.

But there are alternative strategies you can employ to improve the appearance of your brows.

The first step is identifying what exactly it is you don’t like about your brows.

Common Eyebrow Problems

Our eyebrows are unique natural features determined by our genetics. While some people see their eyebrows as a gift, others may experience eyebrows growing in the “wrong” or undesirable direction.

Brow issues can arise due to aging or excessive plucking, leading to sparse eyebrows.

In some cases, one brow may grow thicker or higher than the other, causing asymmetry.

Sometimes, the natural arch of your eyebrows may seem too high or too low, and ingrown hairs can also be a common problem.

However, it’s essential to remember that genetics and some health problems, such as hypothyroidism, also play a significant role in eyebrow growth.

Remember, each person is born with a certain number of hair follicles in the brow arch that follow a natural growth cycle. Yet, there are ways to work with it and make the most of it.

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Understanding Your Brow’s Natural Growth Cycle

The first step in learning how to get your eyebrows to grow how you want them to is understanding your brow’s natural growth cycle. Ignoring your natural eyebrow growth can lead to uneven results and misshapen arches during eyebrow shaping.

First, they’re getting longer in the “active growth” phase. Then, they slow down a bit in the “transitional” phase. Finally, in the “resting” phase, they’re on a break before falling out, making room for new nodes.

Recognizing how your eyebrow hairs naturally grow helps tailor your grooming routine to suit your unique needs. The question is, what exactly does natural eyebrow shape mean?

What’s Your Natural Eyebrow Shape?

Here’s a step-by-step guide to help you identify it:

  • Let Your Brows Grow Naturally: Allow your eyebrows to grow without interference for a few weeks.
  • Observe Your Brows Without Any Products: Remove traces of brow pencil, powder, or gel to see the natural direction of hair growth.
  • Examine the Hair Growth at Different Parts: Focus on the inner, middle, and outer sections, as hair growth patterns may vary.
  • Look at the Arch and Tail: Note whether the hairs naturally curve upward, straight, or downward.
  • Consider Hair Density: Identify areas where hair may be sparse or more concentrated, as this can influence your grooming approach.

Additionally, taking close-up photos of your eyebrows at different stages from various angles can help you objectively analyze the growth pattern. Remember that every person has a unique shape, and understanding it is the basis for effective grooming and shaping.

How to Give Your Brow Shape More Definition

It’s time to explore various techniques, things to do and avoid, and the must-have products for training your eyebrows into elegant and well-defined brows.

Brushing Your Eyebrows Regularly

This is crucial for training hair to grow correctly. To maintain a neat and polished appearance, it is recommended to use a spoolie brush daily for a few seconds to align the hair.

Brushing your eyebrows in the direction of their natural growth helps to promote alignment and discipline in the pattern of your brows.

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Using Eyebrow Serum or Oil

If you want to ensure healthy growth of your eyebrows, it is essential to incorporate eyebrow serum or nourishing oil into your routine. These products contain vital nutrients that help to nourish your hair follicles, promoting stronger and more controlled growth.

Apply a small amount of the product using a clean applicator to create an optimal environment for your eyebrows to thrive and flourish.

Here’s a list of the best serums for you to try.

Avoiding Over-Plucking or Over-Waxing

To achieve fuller and more defined eyebrows, it is essential to avoid over-plucking or waxing. Instead, removing only stray hairs to maintain a balanced appearance is better.

Excessive removal can disrupt the natural growth pattern of your eyebrows and hinder your training efforts. Thus, allowing your eyebrows to grow naturally is crucial for achieving the desired look.

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Using Natural Remedies

You can also use home remedies like castor oil, aloe vera, and coconut oil to support your eyebrow grooming journey. These remedies contain nourishing properties that help promote healthier hair growth.

One of the best options for eyebrow care is Kate Blanc Cosmetics Organic Castor Oil. This oil not only stimulates hair growth for your eyebrows but also moisturizes your face. I

ts thick and sticky consistency is due to its nourishing properties that reduce blemishes, acne, pimples, scars, and fine lines. It is certified by the USDA as an organic oil, which means that it is pure, natural, and hexane-free. You can use it in many ways, making it a profitable investment.

Applying them precisely for optimal results to target specific areas and incorporate them into your routine is essential. Don’t forget about brow growth-promoting vitamins.

Maintaining Your Eyebrows Well-Groomed

Maintaining well-groomed eyebrows is crucial for achieving a polished appearance. To ensure that your eyebrows look their best, check regularly for stray hairs that may appear outside your desired brow shape.

Whether you visit a professional or groom your eyebrows yourself, let’s set a regular schedule for perfectly groomed eyebrows.

Trimming Your Eyebrows

To trim your eyebrows properly, you must have the right tools, be patient, and possess some basic skills. To avoid pulling out too many hairs, it is essential to choose the right tweezers. Additionally, you will need a pair of scissors to trim any long or wild hairs.

Doing this in front of a well-lit mirror or natural light is recommended, as this will allow you to see even the smallest and lightest hairs and shape your eyebrows precisely. However, be careful not to overdo it – the goal is to achieve a natural arch and shape.

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Filling in Sparse Areas

Get an eyebrow pencil one shade darker than your natural hair to draw eyebrows that match your face and hair and highlight your beauty.

You can find a wide range of pencils in different shades of brown and black. Curve the eyebrow pencil when shading and then lightly go over your eyebrows following the arch.

Extra Tip

Apply bronzer to the roots of the eyebrows to make them look natural.

Seeking Professional Help

Getting perfectly shaped eyebrows can be challenging, and sometimes, it requires the help of an experienced professional.

An expert eyebrow stylist can give personalized recommendations, shape your eyebrows according to your facial features, and help you maintain a unique and appealing appearance.

For those who have very thin or nearly non-existent eyebrows, Permanent Makeup (PMU) brow techniques can be a helpful solution.

Seeking professional assistance, including PMU, ensures accuracy and a refined look, providing a long-lasting solution for those with sparse or barely-there eyebrows.

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Final Thoughts

Achieving well-groomed eyebrows requires understanding your natural brow growth pattern and implementing effective training techniques.

It involves trimming, brushing them consistently, using nourishing oils, and resisting the temptation to over-pluck.

Remember, patience and commitment are crucial to success. Celebrate the progress you make along the way and embrace the uniqueness of your natural shape.

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