What Is the Kiss Falscara & Is It a Good Alternative to Lash Extensions?

By Emily M.| Last updated on April 26, 2024
kiss falscara
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When it comes to makeup, lashes seem to be the one thing that can make or break the look. They make you seem more awake and draw all the attention to the eyes.

But they can be hard to achieve. Fake strip lashes can feel heavy on the eyelid and take ages to apply properly each time. Eyelash extensions, on the other hand, require a lot of maintenance.

So is there a good in-between solution? Yes! Let’s talk about Kiss Falscara lashes and if they’re a good alternative to traditional lash extensions.

What Is a Falscara?

Falscara by Kiss is essentially a DIY lash extension system. However, they’re made to be much longer lasting than regular strip lashes.

The way these lashes are applied is what makes the biggest difference. Firstly, they use the bond and seal technique instead of a standard glue.

Secondly, Kiss Falscara lashes are applied to the bottom of your natural lashes instead of on the top. This gives more natural-looking results and resembles the look and technique of lash extensions.

These differences ensure the results are more durable – they can last up to 10 days! This is significantly longer than any other DIY lashes.

So basically, the product is somewhat midway between fake lashes and lash extensions – it lasts a long time, but it’s neither permanent nor needs to be applied daily.

what is a falscara
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How to Apply Falscara Lashes

The Falscara bottle has a double-ended wand. On one side there’s Bond, the adhesive, and on the other side, there’s Seal, which is used after the lashes have been applied. But we’re rushing ahead.

Here’s a list of products you’ll need, and a step by step instructions on how to use them:

Kiss Falscara Products You’ll Need

First Things First – Prep!

Step 0 is the prep. The application process needs to start off with clean lashes. If you have any mascara – take it off so that the Bond can properly stick.

Pro Tip: If your lashes are pin-straight, curl them beforehand. This will give you a better visualization of where you’re placing the band.

Step 1: Bond

Brush on a thin layer of Bond onto your lashes. This isn’t just eyelash glue – this fluid adhesive isn’t as thick and sticky but rather just slightly tacky. It resembles mascara – both in the way it’s applied, and since it’s black.

Be careful not to over-apply it as it can clump the lashes and irritate the lash line.

Step 2: Lashes

The lashes come in a few different styles. Select your desired lash style and place the base of individual lashes on the lower side of your lashes.

Allow some space between the band and your waterline to avoid friction. Then slightly squeeze all of the lashes together to ensure they’ve bonded properly.

Using curved tweezers rather than regular ones is really helpful for this step.

Depending on the style you prefer, and the shape and size of your eyes, you’ll need 3-4 clusters per eye. You can use lashes from other brands as well, just make sure the band is as thin and flexible as the Kiss Falscara lashes.

If there’s a need to reposition your lashes you can do so gently until you’ve applied the Seal.

Step 3: Seal

Once you’re happy with the placement of the lashes, apply a thin layer of Seal to finish up the process. Seal holds the lashes in their place and removes all stickiness leftover from the adhesive.

But don’t over-apply the Seal formula or you will start to see white flakes on the lashes.

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Additional Step: Kiss Falscara Overnighter

Kiss Falscara Overnighter is a solution meant to help prolong the wear-time.

As the name suggests, you apply this solution before you go to sleep and it works its magic overnight. The brand claims this product is what helps lashes last the longest possible time.


Removing Falscara lashes is really easy. You just need to put Kiss Falscara Remover onto the cotton pad and hold it over the lashes until the adhesive loosens up. Then just peel off the lashes like you would regular strip lashes.

You can also try removing them with a regular makeup remover, or better yet oil makeup remover. But Kiss Falscara Remover is designed to remove all the remnants of Bond from your natural lashes as well.

How Do Falscara Lashes Compare to Lash Extensions?

So being that these lashes are a somewhat semi-permanent solution to applying falsies every day – how do they compare to more permanent eyelash extensions?

Well, the main difference is that the regular lash extensions are more long-lasting but also require a lot more maintenance.

Other than that, visually they give the same look – full, voluminous and polished. But it’s probably best to compare them through the following pros and cons list.

What Makes Falscara Lashes So Beloved?

Here are some of the benefits of Falscara lashes over regular lash extensions.

They’re a Timesaver

Kiss Falscara lashes are the ultimate time saver. It only requires a couple of minutes to apply them and then you’re set for the week! This will save up so much time when getting ready as you can completely skip the eye makeup in your daily routine.

To be fair, lash extensions also help resolve those problems.

But the lash extension appointment itself can last a couple of hours. On top of that, add the time you’d need to get to the salon for each session. But by using Kiss Falscara you don’t even have to leave your home.

They’re Much Cheaper

The prices of full sets of eyelash extensions are between $100-$300 and they last for 6-8 weeks, during which they gradually start to fall off.

Usually, around the 4-week mark you can notice some sparse parts that need to be filled in. Which will be an additional $50-$150.

So if you’re getting them regularly the cost really piles up. Not only is the Kiss Falscara kit a much cheaper alternative but it can be reused up to 3 times on top of its already affordable price!

They’re Quick & Easy to Use

The Falscara technique of applying lashes becomes pretty easy once you get the hang of it. Definitely beats applying false lashes every morning, especially if they’re the individual kind.

Some people claim this technique is even easier because you have added visibility since there’s nothing inhibiting your view.

These lashes also give you freedom to move them around before setting, but you need to do this before applying the Seal.

Easy Maintenance

These don’t require nearly any maintenance. You just need to avoid using oil makeup removers and mascara – but this is the case for any lash extensions.

Plus, unlike real eyelash extensions, you don’t have to wait 24 hours before getting your lashes wet. The brand claims Falscara by Kiss lashes are water-resistant right away.

Simple Removal

Unlike lash extensions, Kiss Falscara lashes are very easy to remove.

You can do it with the Kiss Falscara Remover, which is what the brand recommends, or by using an oily makeup remover. Loosen up the adhesive and peel them off gently. Just don’t pluck them as you do your regular falsies.

The Downsides of Kiss Falscara Lashes

But we can’t just be looking at the positive side of Falscara lashes without weighing in the negatives as well. These are their main disadvantages over lash extension.

They Take Some Getting Used To

To apply these, you are using a slightly different method compared to applying regular falsies. In fact, these require a completely different hand placement as they’re placed under the natural lashes instead of on top of them.

At first, it might seem a little unnatural to those used to applying falsies, but for some people this technique seems even easier! If you’re struggling, try lifting the eyelid slightly upward to get a better view of your lash line.

They Need Proper Placement

The placement should be as close as possible to the waterline, but not touching it. And if you seal it in the wrong position, there’s nothing you can do except remove it.

So make sure the lashes aren’t poking you when you apply them, otherwise, they’ll continue to cause irritation and discomfort for as long as you’re wearing them.

They Can Come Off Accidentally

Although they’ve been reported to be very long-lasting, they can come off overnight depending on your sleeping position. If you’re rubbing the sides of lashes on your pillow, the set might not last as long as you’d hoped.

But this is also the case with conventional lash extensions. Even for that more long-term fix, it’s still recommended you sleep on your back.

They Don’t Last as Long

Getting professionally done lash extensions can make them last 6-8 weeks, while lashes like Falscara by Kiss are more of a combination between traditional false lashes and fake strip lashes and don’t last more than a couple of days at a time.

So, Is Kiss Falscara Worth a Shot?

Yes! It seems to be far superior to regular false lashes – although probably not everyone would agree.

But the Kiss Falscara lash application technique lasts much longer, which obviously has a much better payoff for people who use falsies daily. They save up tons of time and make you look effortless even when you’re not wearing any other makeup.

But is it a good alternative to lash extensions – well, that depends on personal preference.



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