Machine Brows – Most Popular Eyebrow Treatments Explained

By Deana D.| Last updated on February 2, 2023
machine brows
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The permanent beauty community is all about eyebrows and perfecting their shape. So, naturally, they keep coming up with new, more advanced techniques that aim to give clients flawless brows in no time.

Most of those treatments fall into the category of machine brows due to their application process.

And since this term can be quite confusing for some, we’ve combined all the important machine brows information in this article, so let’s get started!

What Are Machine Brows Exactly?

Machine brows are an umbrella term for all eyebrow enhancement techniques that are performed with an electric PMU device.

The machine eyebrows procedure is also known as a form of micropigmentation, and involves depositing cosmetic pigment into the skin using a needle cartridge.

To do this, permanent makeup artists use a specialized PMU machine which is very similar to a traditional tattoo pen, but with a lower frequency and higher speed.

These eyebrow tattooing techniques are newer to the industry than microblading, and have exploded in popularity in recent years due to their versatility. Through machine brow techniques you can create both precise lines and shading.

The best thing about machine eyebrow tattoo is that you can get it in many different styles. From ombre brows to combination brows, you will most definitely be able to find a look that suits you and your skin type the best.

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Machine Eyebrows – Treatment Overview

The good thing about opting for machine or digital hair strokes instead of manual ones is that you can achieve pretty much any look – from subtle and natural, to bold and dramatic, it all depends on the machine brows treatment you choose.

Let’s take a closer look at the most popular machine brow treatments:

Ombre Powder Brows

If you like a more evenly filled-in eyebrow look without defined hair strokes, the ombre powder brow just might be the right treatment for you.

It is perfect for oily complexions that don’t retain hair strokes well, in contrast to microblading, which can result in a smudgy mess over time. Ombre powder brows are also suitable for covering up old and faded brow tattoos.

The results of an ombre powder brow treatment can last up to 2 years or even longer with touchups, so if you want to retire your brow pencil and cut your makeup routine in half, we say give it a try.

Learn everything about ombre powder brows by reading this detailed guide.

machine eyebrows ombre powder brows
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Nano Brows

If you’re a fan of microblading and defined hair strokes, then nano brows are the perfect machine treatment for you. Not to confuse them with nanoblading, nano brows are done with an electric PMU machine.

Nano brows are a technique that works best on dry to normal skin. But, if you have oily skin and want to get microblading-like results without risking pigment migration, nano brows are a much safer option than getting regular microblading.

The results of the nano brows treatment can last anywhere from 1.5 to 2.5 years, or even longer with regular touch-ups.

If you want to learn about the difference between ombre powder brows and nano brows, click here.

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Combo Brows

Combo brows are, as the name suggests, a combination of both worlds – microblading and machine brows.

The combo brow treatment looks like this: first, you get hair strokes done (which can be achieved with microblading or machine brow treatments), and then a PMU machine is used to create tiny, pin-like dots for a powdered effect.

The result is a your brows but better look – just like when you fill them in with a nice brow pencil.

The reason for developing such a technique lies in the longevity of the results of machine work. And since some people’s skin doesn’t retain or heal microblading as well as others, incorporating a machine brow element can make a drastic difference.

The results of combo brows can last anywhere from 12-18 months (or even longer with regular touch-ups).

Read everything about combination brows in this detailed guide.

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The Benefits of Machine Eyebrow Tattoo

Whether a machine brow treatment is the best possible choice for you depends on a variety of factors, but also on your personal preference. So, let’s get acquainted with all the pros of machine brows to help you along with your decision:

  • Machine brows are suitable for all skin types.
  • The results of machine brow treatments last longer than those of manual treatments like microblading.
  • It’s less painful than manual blading, plus bleeding is kept to a minimum.
  • They’re a time-saving solution for people who like to fill in their brows with a pencil on a daily basis.

the benefits of machine eyebrow tattoo

Machine Brows vs Microblading – Which One Should You Get

Machine eyebrows have gained a lot of popularity in recent years, and are slowly replacing microblading as the number one brow enhancement treatment.

The reason for this lies in the natural-looking strokes and how easy it is to achieve them. Plus, when you’re getting microblading done, there are no intimidating tattoo machine sounds or vibrations.

Healed results are also a big reason why people are more and more likely to give machine brow treatments a try.

With machine brows, there’s less pigment loss and change during healing (although there will likely be some fading), while microblading has a more noticeable pigment loss when healing is done.

Remember, microblading is a procedure that isn’t recommended for people with oily skin, so if you fall into this category, you’ll probably only be a candidate for machine brow treatments.

To Sum Up

Machine eyebrow tattoo is an emerging trend that’s just as good as microblading, but less intrusive to your skin.

There are several different treatments that fall into the category of machine brows so finding a look that suits you best shouldn’t be a problem.

The biggest benefit of opting for machine brows is that most of the risks and challenges associated with microblading can be easily resolved. Plus, you can go home with truly amazing results after just one session.

If you’re thinking of giving machine brows a try, find out all about our readers’ first-hand powder brows experience here.



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