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By Emily M.| Last updated on April 30, 2024
Top 5 best pmu machines
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If you are just starting out as a permanent makeup artist, one of the first things you need to think about is getting the right equipment.

Even if your trainer provided you with a kit to use during training and for your first clients, as you progress and grow your business, you naturally want equipment that makes a difference.

Choosing the right PMU machine is very important. But with so many options, it can be so hard to choose, especially if you’re a beginner!

To help you decide and invest in the best PMU machine for your needs, we’ve done some research and conducted a survey among professional PMU artists.

For each PMU machine, we considered:

  • Expertise level
  • PMU artists’ reviews
  • Features
  • Level of versatility
  • Overall quality

Based on these, we’ve come up with the top list of best PMU machines in different categories – and where to buy them!

Best PMU Machine Overall: Microbeau Bellar Air

The Bellar you all knew and loved has evolved into Bellar Air – wireless and more powerful than ever. Perfect for all PMU procedures. Perfect for beginners and experienced pros alike. Perfect overall.

The original, first Bellar was a game-changer. It was one of the first pen-style, PMU-optimized machines, super light and maneuverable. So many artists still swear by it. The only problem – it was not wireless.

Well, Bellar Air is wireless and it’s still really light and it’s suitable for all PMU procedures and it has a bunch of advanced new features, including:

  • Customizable digital display that makes it super easy to switch parameters, plus it can be adapted for left-handed artists
  • 2 stroke options – choose between fixed 2.1 mm and 3.0 mm depending on preference
  • Wide voltage range (4V – 10V) so you can adapt the speed
  • eGive AKA electronic give feature that allows you to adapt the impact of the needle on the skin (soft, medium, hard)

It’s reliable, sturdy yet lightweight, plus it looks and feels luxurious. Nothing not to love about it!

Which Treatments Is It For?

With all these features you can personalize, the Bellar Air is truly one of the most versatile PMU machines out there. It allows you to work on different skin types and areas with maximum control.

• The best of the OG Bellar – but wireless       • Advanced features           • Very versatile

• The best of the OG Bellar – but wireless  
• Advanced features
• Very versatile

Best for Beginners: Microbeau Bellar V2

Another new generation Bellar, the V2 is the improved version of the OG, but more pared-down than the Bellar Air. 

It’s simple, straightforward, stripped down of features that can be quite overwhelming for beginners. Its use is intuitive and you don’t need to worry about adjustments so much.

It comes with a 2.7 mm stroke, which is the versatile middle perfect for facial micropigmentation, so you don’t have to stress over choosing the right one. 

It’s pairable with the AirBolt Mini battery pack, so it allows for a cordless use, which makes wrapping and protecting it much easier.

Basically, it simplifies the procedure as much as possible.

This makes it perfect for beginners who need to focus on mastering their technique more than learning how to use fancy features – which do help in the long run, but can confuse newbies more than assist them.

What Treatments Is It For?

All brow techniques, all lip techniques, and permanent eyeliner.

• It’s simple yet reliable      • Beginner-friendly           • Pairable with battery pack

• It’s simple yet reliable   
• Beginner-friendly
• Pairable with battery pack

Most Powerful: Microbeau Xion S

With Xion S, you buy 2 machines in one. Sort of.

It comes with the standard 2.5 mm and alternate 1.8 mm stroke which you can switch between by changing the cam. The process is really simple and you get everything you need with the machine.

It’s a real powerhouse. With Xion S you get a lot of power, which means very good pigment implementation.

It’s a bit heavier than the rest of the machines on the list, which some artists prefer. They claim it gives them a lot more control than lighter, thinner PMU machines.

One of the coolest features is the incremental needle throw adjustment just by turning the grip, so it’s very intuitive.

You get standard Microbeau reliability and quality.

So if a somewhat bulkier design is what you like, this is the machine for you.

What Treatments Is It For?

Xion S can be used for all PMU treatments:

  • Ombre Powder Brows
  • Nano Brows
  • Lip PMU
  • PMU Eyeliner
  • SMP
  • Areola Micropigmentation
  • Scar Camouflage
  • Body Tattoo

The 2.5 mm stroke is suitable for basically any procedure. The 1.8 mm stroke is recommended for more sensitive areas, like the lips or eyes.

Generally, artist say the prefer shading with it over doing line work. When shading, the weight of the machine works with you, not against you.

• Powerful yet versatile      • Interchangeable stroke           • Easy needle adjustment

• Powerful yet versatile  
• Interchangeable stroke
• Easy needle adjustment

Most Compact: Microbeau Flux Mini

Flux Mini is a more compact cuter version of the industry classic Flux S, which is really powerful and versatile, but quite bulky and on the heavier side.

With Flux Mini, all the power is packed into a small footprint that allows for a comfortable hold.

Yet, no feature is sacrificed! The machine has a 2.5 mm stroke, which is the happy middle that makes it versatile for a wide range or services.

Flux Mini is great for artists who have small hands and who are looking for a lightweight, petite machine. Artists love its slim, compact design and the fact that it’s wireless.

It’s just as powerful as Flux S, but much smaller and lighter, reducing hand fatigue. Perfect for accurate pigment placement!

What Treatments Is It For?

Flux Mini is great for lips and eyeliner, but also for other delicate work, especially hair strokes. Experienced artists love using it for shading as well. It can also work for scalp micropigmentation.

• Small and compact      • Advanced features           • Versatile but perfect for delicate work

• Small and compact  
• Advanced features
• Versatile but perfect for delicate work

Most Affordable PMU Machine: Dragonhawk Mast Tour

Mast Tour is the best PMU machine according to numerous artists. The reason they love it so much is because it’s very affordable and makes a good value for your money.

It uses universal needle cartridges, so even though your machine is on the affordable side, you can use it with premium cartridges and get amazing results.

It’s consistent and quiet, with little vibrations. It’s not as sturdy or high-quality as the machines listed above, but it’s great for beginners and those who are looking for a budget-friendly machine that will get the job done.

What Treatments Is It For?

It’s pretty versatile and suitable for most PMU treatments. It’s also used by tattoo artists, and is great for doing small tattoos. Perfect for beginners but also intermediate and even advanced artists.

• Great value for money      • Little vibrations & silent          • Wired or wireless use

• Great value for money  
• Little vibrations & silent
• Wired or wireless use

Side by Side Comparison

All the info in a nutshell:

WeightGrip DiameterStroke LengthVoltagePrice Range
Microbeau Bellar AirBellar Air3.86oz (109.6g)26.5-16 mm2.1 mm or 3.0 mm4V-10V$$$
Microbeau Bellar PMU machine V2 SeafoamBellar V22.86oz (81g)21-16 mm2.7 mm4V-9.5V$$
PMU machine Xion SXion S4.7oz (134g)26-20 mm1.8 mm & 2.5 mm5V-10 V$$

Mini permanent makeup machine

Flux Mini

3.74oz (106g)26-19 mm2.5 mm or 3.0 mm4v-9.5V$$
Affordable permanent makeup machineMast Tour2.9oz (82g)25 mm3.5 mm6V-11V$

Your Perfect Match Not on the List?

If you’re looking for something else in a PMU machine and none of the above quite matches your needs, we have a wide range of best PMU machines on the market available in our shop.

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