Lash Lift Too Lifted! Why This Happens and What to Do

By Emily M.| Last updated on October 27, 2022
lash lift too lifted
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So, you finally decided to try the semi-permanent lash enhancement everyone’s been talking about. You were super excited to get your lash lift and retire your mascara for the month. But when you got through the hour of having your eyelids messed with by your tech and finally opened your eyes – the panic! You got your lash lift too lifted!

You were expecting the perfect Bambi eyes and you got something along the lines of bug-eyed!

Your lashes got over-curled. This happens. It’s a bit of a nuisance, but it’s nothing too serious. Let’s see what’s at the root of lash lift too lifted scenarios and how to mitigate the damage.

Why Is My Lash Lift Too Lifted?

There are 2 reasons your lash lift turned out too lifted: the wrong size of curling rod was used, or the chemicals were left on for too long.

Reason 1 – Wrong Curling Rod

The lashes are curled by lifting them up and gluing them upwards, onto a curling rod that has a convex surface. Chemicals are then applied which make them take on the curled shape of the rod.

The rods come in several different sizes, and which one will be used depends on how long your lashes naturally are:

  • Shorter lashes need a smaller rod.
  • Longer lashes need a larger rod.

The point is to achieve a balanced curl, and a wrong rod will cause either a failed lash lift if it’s too large, or lash lift too lifted if it’s too small.

If the curling rod used was too small, the end results will actually make your lashes look shorter than they are. The upwards curl will be too intense and look funny, like you’re constantly surprised or scared.

But don’t worry, this issue can be fixed easily. More on that below.

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Reason 2 – The Chemicals Were Left on For Too Long

The length of time the chemicals should be left on the lashes depends on the state and thickness of your lashes, as well as the intensity of the curling solution.

Your lash tech is supposed to decide how long the chemicals should sit, but if they misjudge and leave them on for too long, this can potentially be an issue, because it’s possible for the lashes to get damaged. Extreme overprocessing can leave your lashes dry, frizzy, brittle and fragile – if this is the case, just leave them be and wait out until new ones grow out. You can use a moisturizing oil to help them recover.

But if the overprocessing wasn’t that severe and the integrity of your lashes wasn’t compromised, they just turned out too curled, the situation can be remedied! Keep reading to find out how.

How to Fix a Lash Lift Too Lifted

You can either have your lash tech do a quick correction, get a Keratin lash lift, or try to relax the curl yourself with oils. If the situation isn’t unbearable, you can also just wait out the 6-8 weeks for your lashes to renew themselves and get a fresh lash lift.

Let’s look into the lash lift too lifted solutions in more detail:

1. Have Your Lash Tech Do a Quick Correction

If you notice your lashes are too lifted immediately, while you’re still at the salon, you should express your concerns and ask your artist if there’s something they can do. If they feel like your lashes can handle it, they can re-do the perm and fix the shape.

Of course, there’s a risk of the lashes getting over-processed this time round if they’re not over-processed already. So this may not be the best option, unless your natural lashes are super thick.

If they’re not, you need to wait out the 6-8 weeks before you repeat the treatment, or get a Keratin lash lift.

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2. Get a Keratin Lash Lift

A Keratin lash lift is different from a traditional lash lift. It doesn’t use a perming solution, but rather a solution infused with Keratin, a protein naturally found in our hairs, to reshape your lashes. So it’s safe to get a Keratin lash lift on top of a traditional chemical lash lift, there’s no risk of overprocessing.

The Keratin lash lift will re-curl your lashes, hopefully into a better, more balanced shape. You will have to pay for the full treatment, though.

3. Use Oils to Relax the Curl

Perhaps the best option would be to use naturally conditioning oils to relax the curl of your lashes.

You can do this yourself. Dip a q-tip or a spoolie into a natural oil (castor oil is the best option as it also boosts the growth of new lashes, but coconut also works). Coat the lashes with the oil, but don’t go all the way down to the root so the oil doesn’t get into your eyes.

Repeat this a few times a day until your lashes relax. At night, you can apply a thicker layer and do a sort of overnight mask.

You shouldn’t try to completely reverse your lash lift, but rather aim to get them balanced out and achieve the curl you initially wanted.

Can I Use a Lash Curler to Straighten My Lashes?

We don’t recommend this. Using a lash curler on lifted lashes can cause breaking.

4. Just Wait It Out

The effects of a lash lift are temporary and they only last as long as it takes for new lashes to replace the curled ones.

So, your too lifted lash lift will look visibly relaxed around week 3 after the treatment. By week 6, most of the curled lashes will have fallen out. For some people, it can take up to 8 weeks.

So if the situation isn’t that bad and you can live with the results of your lash lift, the most hassle-free option is to just wait it out.

use oils to relax curl of a lash liftImage source: Freepik

Final Note

Lash lifts can be done at home with a lash lift kit. However, the risk of your lash lift too lifted is much higher if you’re DIY-ing it. So we always recommend visiting a pro. The price may be higher, but it’s worth it!

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