Bleached Eyebrows – All About the Trend + How to Get Them

By Emily M.| Last updated on April 30, 2024
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Brow trends have been so diverse lately. Yes, the good old microblading and powder brows are still beauty staples, but people have been doing some creative things to their brows!

Not all those have caught on, obviously, but bleached eyebrows are slowly but surely becoming mainstream, thanks to, you guessed it, the Kardashian/Jenner clan.

So, let’s dig into this emerging trend you’ll be seeing more and more of on the streets!

Why Are Bleached Eyebrows Becoming So Popular?

As it’s the case with any beauty trend that’s outside of most people’s comfort zones, bleached eyebrows emerged on runways and in editorials. It’s a sort of haute couture statement kind of thing.

But somewhat surprisingly, folks loved it! Surprisingly, we say, since we’ve been putting so much effort into getting our brows as dark and thick as possible in the past decade, with all sorts of regrowth solutions, various brow products, and ultimately permanent makeup.

And while the bold, prominent brow is still most people’s go-to, bleached brows definitely have a following! The Gen Z beauty revolution is underway, and they welcomed the bleached eyebrows trend with open arms.

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Some of the reasons people are getting their brows bleached:

  • they bleach their hair and want their brows to match
  • they want their makeup to really shine and brows are too distracting (star example – Julia Fox)
  • they like the futuristic, alien look
  • if Kim K does it, people will try it!
  • it’s a non-invasive, temporary thing you can just dye back at any moment
  • it’s a fun thing to play around with

So, yeah, bleached eyebrows are not for everyone and we don’t mean to suggest you have to get them to be trendy. But if this is something you do want to try, here’s how they’re done.

bleached eyebrows popular kim kardashian
Image source: Instagram @kimkardashian

How to Achieve Bleached Eyebrows

To lighten eyebrows, you will need:

  • brow bleach
  • and a developer.

Ideally, always use the same brand of bleach and developer.

You will also need:

  • something to mix the products with
  • a bowl to mix them in
  • a spoolie to apply the mix to your brows
  • a thick cream to protect the skin around the brows
  • plastic wrap
  • cotton rounds
  • and optionally a purple shampoo or toner to neutralize any potential yellow tint.

A Couple of Product Recommendations

How to Lighten Eyebrows Step by Step

It’s a quick and simple procedure, but we do warn you to be careful every step of the way. Watch your eyes – bleach shouldn’t get anywhere near them – and do a patch test if you’ve never bleached brows or hair before.

Step 1 – Clean Your Brows and Apply Protective Cream Around Them

First, you should wash your brows to make sure they’re free of any makeup, skincare, and sebum residue, so that the bleach can penetrate them evenly. You can use whatever cleanser you normally wash your face with. Dry them thoroughly.

The skin around your brows shouldn’t be exposed to bleach. Frame them with a layer of Vaseline or a similar, thicker cream.

Step 2 – Mix the Bleach and the Developer

You need to mix the bleach and the activator in a 1:1 ratio, so equal parts. Mix them together into a homogenous paste.

Step 3 – Coat Your Brows with the Mix

Use a spoolie to apply a generous coat of the mix to your brows. You can also use an interdental brush to make sure all the hairs are coated root to tip.

You can cover your brows with a piece of plastic wrap. This isn’t necessary, but sealing in the heat makes the bleach work better, plus it keeps the bleach away from the rest of your face and your clothes.

Step 4 – Wait 10-20 Minutes, Checking the Color

Let the bleach sit on your brows for a few minutes, then remove it from a patch and check how they’re doing. Bleach works at a different pace on different people’s brows, so doing these checks prevents your brows from becoming too white.

If you want them lighter, just leave the bleach on for a while longer, but it shouldn’t sit on the brows for longer than 20ish minutes in total.*

*Processing time may vary from brand to brand. Always follow the instructions provided.

Step 5 – Remove the Bleach

Once you’re happy with the shade of your bleached eyebrows, use a cotton round to wipe away the bleach. Be thorough – don’t leave residue on your skin.

Ideally, wash your brows with shampoo.

Optional – Purple Toner or Shampoo

If your brows have any yellow tinge to them, you can use a purple toner or shampoo to neutralize it.

If you’re going with a toner, follow the instructions on whatever you’re using.

But a purple shampoo can also work great. Cover your brows with it and let it sit for 10 minutes.

If your brows are still warmer than you’d like, use purple shampoo daily to get rid of the hue.

Are There Any Risks to Bleached Eyebrows?

The biggest risk is leaving the bleach on for too long. If you get your brows overprocessed, they can get damaged, and in the most extreme cases, break or fall out. This can also happen if the product you’re using is too strong, so best stick to 3% or 6% (12% is too risky).

Be really careful not to get the product into your eye – if this does happen, rinse generously immediately and contact an ophthalmologist.

There’s also the risk of allergies – some people’s skins react to bleach and you must do a patch test before you bleach eyebrows for the first time, or you’re trying a new product.

Ultimately, there is the risk of you not liking the look. If that’s the case, give your brows a few days and dye them back. You can use a brow gel to darken them up in the meantime.

bleached eyebrows risks
Image source: Instagram @kyliejenner


Eyebrow bleaching can dry out the hairs and make them more brittle, even if you time the processing perfectly. This is considered more of a side effect than a risk, since it’s a necessary evil. Use a moisturizing oil as often as you feel you need to, it’ll soften and nourish your brows.

How Often Can I Bleach My Brows?

Not too often, but it depends on how fast your brows grow, how light they are, and adamant you are about having your brows perfectly bleached.

The full set of eyebrow hairs is replaced every 6-8 weeks, but this replacement happens gradually. You will lose a few of your bleached eyebrows every day, they’ll get replaced with new brows in their natural shade, and your arches will eventually go back to their pre-bleaching color.

If you want to keep your eyebrows bleached, you can re-do the treatment every 2 weeks or so, but don’t do the full processing time. A few minutes should be sufficient.

If you don’t want to keep your bleached brows, you can dye them back into their natural color instead of waiting the whole regrowth cycle. Just remember to go with a dye one shade lighter than your color, as bleached hair takes pigment like crazy.

Final Note

For most people, the goal with bleached eyebrows is to get the brows invisible, basically. So you should aim to get their shade to match the skin as closely as possible, not go full-on platinum. That’s why the check-ups during the bleaching process are so important!

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