Eyebrow Perm – What Is It and How Is It Done?

By Emily M.| Last updated on August 21, 2023
Eyebrow Perm - What Is It, How Is It Done, Is It Safe, and More
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We have so many brow enhancement options to choose from nowadays, it can be a real challenge keeping up with all the trends! New treatments are popping up all the time, which is great, but then there are several names for each of the treatments, and that get confusing!

One of the treatments you may have heard about and had no idea what it is is an eyebrow perm.

PMUHub is here to clear up the confusion and explain exactly what an eyebrow perm is, how it’s done, whether it’s safe, and to show you what it looks like!

Is an Eyebrow Perm the Same as a Brow Lamination?


Due to the fact that eyebrow hairs are treated with chemicals in order to modify their shape and position in a semi-permanent way, the treatment can be compared with a hair perm, a dying trend, but done with a similar technique.

Some brow techs decide to call the treatment an eyebrow perm since the results are long-lasting, and the brows stay styled until they fall out. Others decide to call it brow lamination, due to the glossy shine the brows are given, which reminds of the industrial process of lamination.

Whatever name you prefer, you will get trendy, uplifted, perfectly styled brows that can last as long as 6 weeks.

Is an Eyebrow Perm the Same as a Brow Lamination?Image source: Instagram @browboutiquebygladys

Now We’ve Got That Out of the Way, Let’s See What’s an Eyebrow Perm

An eyebrow perm is a process of straightening and then uplifting the eyebrow hairs to create a thicker arch that looks lush, kind of futuristic, and very trendy. It’s a unique, special brow shape that’s beloved by makeup lovers who wear makeup on their face most of the time, since it’s not the most natural look.

It’s often done in combination with other brow styling methods: waxing and trimming, but also brow tint with either a regular dye or henna. That way, all the hairs in your arches are darkened and made more prominent, so the results are more effective.

On light-browed people, the tinting can make a huge change for the better, but it can also give extra volume to those with dark eyebrows, since the dye catches onto even the thinnest hairs which aren’t visible when bare.

All About Eyebrow Perm TreatmentImage source: Instagram @beautibyjinny

Professional Eyebrow Embroidery Removal

The only effective way to get rid of old microblading is to get a professional eyebrow embroidery removal.

It’s usually done when a client wants to get rid of an old eyebrow tattoo that hasn’t faded completely and there is a visible shadow. Old eyebrow tattoos were usually done in ink, and they never fade, just change color, usually in an unattractive bluish.

On the other hand, if the tattoo is done with pigments, it’s supposed to fade after a couple of years. However, microblading sometimes doesn’t fade completely, and there’s a persistent residue that needs to either be covered or removed. The residues are sometimes there because the artist microbladed too deep, or for some other reason.

How Is an Eyebrow Perm Done?

An eyebrow perm is a several-step process which implies applying 2 chemicals and an optional tint to the brows. The process looks something like this:


The brows and the skin underneath need to be clean of all the sebum, makeup, and skincare residues in order to allow the chemicals to penetrate the hairs completely and consistently. A gentle cleanser which doesn’t irritate your skin should be used.

Straightening Solution

The brows are combed through and coated with a straightening solution. They are usually wrapped in a thin plastic film to maximize and accelerate the effects of the chemical. They’re left this way for several minutes (how long depends on the formula) and then wiped.

Fixing Solution

The brow hairs are now straight and easy to manipulate. They are brushed upwards into the shape you want them to stay, and they’re coated with a fixing solution. The plastic wrap is repeated. After the designated time, the wrap and the solution are removed.

Optional Tinting

If you want your brows tinted too, a coat of brow dye or henna should be applied over the brows, and left on for however long the formula needs to sit.

Optional Grooming

Once the brows are uplifted into place and darkened, you might notice some hairs poking out at the top, messing up the shape. These tips can be trimmed off with a pair of brow scissors.

The coloring may have revealed some stray hairs here and there you don’t really like. These can just be tweezed out.

Final Gloss

Finally, a coat of shiny nourishing formula is applied onto the brows. It will give the hairs all the moisturization and nourishment they need after a chemical treatment, plus make your brows look great.

That’s it! Enjoy your eyebrow perm!

Eyebrow Perm Process Step By StepImage source: Instagram @_thetanhouse

Is Applying These Chemicals Safe?

If the eyebrow perm is done right, the chemicals cannot harm your brow hairs or the skin underneath.

However, if they’re left on for too long, they can cause the hairs to become dried out and fragile.

There’s also the risk of skin irritation or allergies, but this can be prevented with a patch test. All the products that will be used during the procedure should be tested on a hidden spot on your skin and left on for 48 hours. If there’s no reaction, they can be used on the brows.

Got Any More Questions About the Eyebrow Perm?

If our short run-down of the basic facts of the eyebrow treatment has grabbed your attention, head over to this comprehensive guide that will answer any further questions you may have, or check out our gallery of amazing eyebrow perm before and after pics and get inspired!

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