Eyebrow Lamination: The Ultimate Guide

Find out everything about one of the most popular treatments for trendy eyebrows. We bring you Brow Lamination explained in detail.

Eyebrow Lamination - The Ultimate Guide by PMUHub

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Apart from microblading, brow lamination has become the most popular procedure for brows. Although this treatment is still relatively new, people all around the world are loving the look of laminated brows – thick, defined arches with uplifted brow hairs fixed perfectly in place.

Getting the so-called brow perm makes your life easier as you don’t have to worry about brow makeup for long stretches of time, and combined with the fact that, unlike microblading and powder brows, eyebrows lamination does not involve the breaking of the skin, it’s worth giving eyebrow lamination a shot.

Here’s a detailed guide through all you need to know about brow lamination!

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What Is Brow Lamination?

Eyebrow lamination emerged as a brow styling trend when makeup artists and beauty influencers on Instagram started using various products such as thick brow gels, different adhesives, and even soap to uplift the brow hairs and keep them in place. Estheticians and brow specialists quickly came up with a treatment that will recreate this look in its improved, long-lasting version, lifting the hairs and straightening and tinting them.

So brow lamination is a procedure that will give you super trendy brows, fix all your brow insecurities and keep your brows styled for up to 6 weeks.

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What Are the Benefits of Brow Lamination?

Brow lamination is a great solution to several brow problems and insecurities, plus it’s super practical, as the results last relatively long. Here are some of the benefits of eyebrow lamination:

  • It makes your brow arches thicker
  • It gives your arches more volume
  • It shapes your arches in a trendy, tidy yet fluffy shape
  • It puts in place hairs that grow in different directions
  • It hides any sparse patches or gaps
  • It lasts up to 6 weeks
  • It won’t run or smudge even when if you get your brows wet

How Is Brow Lamination Done?

Brow lamination is not technically a permanent makeup procedure, although it does give you the look of brow makeup without the need to reapply it for a while – for about 6 weeks, to be precise.

Laminated brows are achieved by applying two types of chemical solutions onto the brow hairs. The hairs are first relaxed and straightened with a keratin-based formula, and then fixed into place with a neutralizing solution. Basically, it’s a gentle perm for your eyebrows, but the point is to straighten them and fixate them in an upwards position, so the arches appear thicker.

Is There Any Preparation for Brow Lamination Procedure?

Unlike with brow PMU, there is no particular pre-care or preparation for eyebrow lamination.

However, it is advisable to let your brows grow out for at least 3 weeks before the treatment, so the hairs are as long as possible and in their natural state. So leave any stray hairs you might usually pluck out be – the more hairs you have the better the results will be, and they’ll be put in place at the appointment.

Where Can I Get Laminated Brows?

Brow lamination is now offered in numerous beauty salons, brow bars, and permanent makeup salons. The easiest way to find a lamination provider is to google something like eyebrow lamination near me and see how many joints in your area offer this service. You can look through pictures of their previous work and see which one you like best.

Who Is Brow Lamination For?

Brow lamination is a great treatment for anyone who wants to improve their brow shape, get a trendy brow style, or hide any imperfections like sparse patches or thinning brows. It’s also an excellent choice for anyone who’s reluctant to get microblading due to fear of pain or needles or doesn’t want to commit permanent makeup for brows as it lasts for months, even years.

Who Is Brow Lamination For?Image source: Instagram @newface_vienna


How Long Does Eyebrow Lamination Procedure Last?

Brow lamination is a quick treatment. The lamination part itself takes about 15 minutes, but the length of the appointment depends on whether you’re having additional work done, like tinting and waxing. Even if you get both of these additional procedures, you should be in and out of the salon within 1 hour.

What Does the Eyebrow Lamination Procedure Look Like?

Brow lamination is a process with several steps. Here’s what you can expect when you come in for your appointment:

1. Consults and assessment. You will have a chat with your technician about your brows goals. The tech will clean your brows of any makeup or other products and assess your brows. Together, you will decide if you need any extra steps after the lamination itself, like tinting or waxing. They should also do a patch test to make sure your skin doesn’t react to the chemicals.

2. Shaping and straightening. The brows are then brushed and combed in the desired direction. A chemical solution in the form of a cream is applied onto the brows – it creates a chemical reaction that breaks down the bonds in the hairs and relaxes each one, so they’re straightened and look longer. A plastic wrap is then fixed over the brows (hence, the name) so the solution can do its eyebrow straightening magic. How long the wrap will stay on depends on the curliness and thickness of your brows, but 5 minutes is enough for most clients. You might feel a tingling sensation, but nothing too uncomfortable.

3. Brushing into place and setting. The straightening formula is then cleaned off, and your brows are now soft and easy to manipulate. The tech brushes them into the desired shape and direction, and a fixing solution is applied that will set the hairs into shape.

4. Optional tinting and stray hair removal. Your brows have now been successfully laminated! The procedure can be finished off by quick tinting if you feel your brows are too light, or you want more volume. Tinting will color even the thinnest baby brow hairs, so the arches will look much fuller. If you want to get rid of any hairs you feel are out of place, your tech can remove them by threading or waxing.

5. Nourishing oil. Finally, nourishing oil is applied to the brows to moisturize the hair and the skin. Your brows now have a fabulous shape and a stunning gloss.

What Does the Eyebrow Lamination Procedure Look Like?Image source: Instagram @xara_beauty

Is Eyebrow Lamination Safe?

Getting your brows laminated is completely non-invasive, so it’s generally considered completely safe. There is no trauma done to your skin, so there is no downtime. However, you should bear in mind that if you repeat the treatment too often, it might gradually cause dryness and damage to your brow hairs due to a chemical called ammonium thioglycolate, which breaks down the bonds in the hair.

Are there Any Risks and Side-Effects to Brow Lamination?

With brow lamination, the surface of the skin is not broken, as is the case with microblading. So brow lift lamination carries no risk of skin infections, keloid scarring, or any of the mechanical injuries that can sometimes happen with brow PMU.

That said, the chemicals used for the brow perm can irritate this skin, which is especially thin and sensitive around the eyes. Possible side-effects could be:

  • Redness
  • Itchiness
  • Swelling
  • Skin flaking

Other risks include the possibility of eye irritation if the chemicals get in your eyes. But a skilled technician won’t let any of this happen, as they will do a patch test to make sure the chemicals won’t cause an allergic reaction, and their trained hands will keep them away from your eyes.

Who Isn’t a Candidate for Brow Lamination?

People prone to certain skin conditions aren’t the best candidates for keratin brow lamination, as they are at a higher risk of developing the abovementioned side effects, and the chemicals might set off their conditions. So in case you suffer from any of these conditions, you might want to think twice or get your dermatologist’s note before you get eyebrows lamination:

  • Eczema
  • Rosacea
  • Generally sensitive skin
  • Proneness to contact dermatitis

Is Brow Lamination on Thick Brows Possible?

Yes! In fact, the best brow lamination results are achieved with thick, voluminous brows. The more hairs you have and the thicker they are, the wider and more dramatic the arches.

Is Brow Lamination on Sparse Brows Possible?

Again, yes! If your brows are sparse or thinning for whatever reason, you can achieve great results through brow lamination, thanks to the tinting step. Eyebrow tint will color the thin, barely visible hairs and make the arches seem fuller.

Is Brow Lamination on Sparse Brows Possible?Image source: Instagram @brows.by.julie


What Is Brow Lamination Aftercare Like?

Brow lamination aftercare is quite simple and straightforward – you mustn’t expose your brows to sunlight or get them wet for 24 hours after the treatment (this includes avoiding saunas and steam baths, or any other activity that causes excessive sweating).

Don’t use anti-aging products around your brows for 3 days after your treatment, and don’t exfoliate the area mechanically. After that, you can pretty much carry on with your normal life, but try to touch your brows as little as possible. You can tidy them up with a spoolie each morning if you feel the need to.

Most techs advise moisturizing your brows with a natural oil every day, as the chemicals can be drying and the hairs could use some hydration.


How Long Will Laminated Brows Last?

The effects of brow lamination last between 5 to 8 weeks, but for most clients, it’s 6 weeks.

How Long Will Laminated Brows Last?Image source: Instagram @melissacab


How Much Does Brow Lamination Cost?

The price of brow lamination can vary from salon to salon, but the average cost is somewhere around $85. The price range is between $35 and $250 in the US. The price may also vary depending on if you’re getting tinting and waxing or not.

Can I Do Eyebrow Lamination at Home?

DIY brow lamination is possible, but the results may not be as satisfactory as they would be if you go to a salon.

But in case you’re looking to get your brows laminated on a budget, or you simply prefer to do it yourself, you can get a brow lamination kit and do brow lamination at home. The price of the kit varies, but it’s generally under $50. They come with all the necessary tools, supplies, and instructions.


Eyebrow lamination is a hugely popular treatment at the moment, which is no surprise given the fabulous, unique look it gives and the fact that it absolves you of worrying about your brows for up to 6 weeks. It’s a quick, generally safe procedure that won’t break the bank but will definitely boost your confidence.

The demand for brow lamination is huge, so if you’re an esthetician or a PMU artist looking for a new service to offer your clients, getting trained for lamination might be a great business call.



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