Can You Get a Lash Lift While Pregnant? When It’s Safe and When It’s Not

By Emily M.| Last updated on March 30, 2022
can you get a lash lift while pregnant
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While pregnant women naturally radiate beauty, they still like to enhance their looks!

The lash lift treatment has already gained a massive fanbase and there are so many people out there who got totally hooked on the procedure. And it makes sense – who doesn’t want 6 weeks of perfectly curled lashes that don’t need any mascara?

Well, women want to get a lash lift while pregnant, too, but may feel reluctant to book the treatment, not knowing whether it’s safe or not. You can never be too cautious when getting beauty treatments during pregnancy and it’s always better to check.

So, let’s find out if you can get a lash lift during pregnancy.

Is Getting a Lash Lift While Pregnant Safe?

You can get a lash lift while pregnant, but only if you’re past your first trimester. 

A lash lift is done by applying chemicals onto the lashes. Since no products come into contact with the skin, they are not absorbed and do not make their way into the bloodstream, so they cannot reach the fetus.

So that’s not a problem, but the potential side-effect are the reason you should not get a lash lift during the first trimester of pregnancy.


In the first trimester, your body goes through major hormonal changes, and it’s not uncommon for women to develop new allergies during this time, or to have a more extreme response to already existing allergies.

So, if you get a lash lift while pregnant in the first trimester, the risk of having an allergic reaction increases. It’s especially risky if you’ve never had the treatment done before, but even if you use the same brand of products in the exact same way you’ve used it a million times before your pregnancy, it’s possible your system reacts, due to hormonal changes.

An allergy in itself is not dangerous for the fetus, but if you have a severe reaction and need antihistamines, that can be a problem. There isn’t enough evidence to claim that antihistamines are safe in the first trimester of pregnancy (some theories link the use of antihistamines during the first trimester to some birth defects) and it’s best to not put yourself in the situation where you need them.

lash lift during pregnancyImage source: Instagram @kimberly_j_aesthetics


Infection is another risk of lash lift in general which is somewhat greater during pregnancy, since meds may pose an issue. But as long as the treatment is performed with high-quality products the way it should be, there’s a very low risk of infection.

Find a clean, reputable salon, and there’s nothing to worry about. If you’re DIY-ing it, just be extra careful.

What About Allergies Later in the Pregnancy?

Past the first trimester, allergies are not as big of a deal.

Not all antihistamines are suitable during pregnancy, but there are definitely medications that can be taken without any risk. If you get a lash lift while pregnant and suffer an allergic reaction, consult a doctor and have them prescribe an antihistamine which is safe during pregnancy.

Anything Else I Need to Know?

The hormonal changes that happen during pregnancy can have strange effects on hair in different parts of the body, and this includes your eyelashes.

  • It’s possible your lashes get curlier during pregnancy. They may also start growing out thicker and darker-looking, so you may get the look of a lash lift naturally.
  • The way your lashes react to the chemicals of a lash lift may also change. They may get more or less susceptible to curling. It will probably be fine, but an over-curl is just as possible as an under-curl.
  • It’s also possible that they may start growing much faster than they used to, so the results of your lash lift won’t last the 6 weeks they’re supposed to. This doesn’t mean you can just repeat the procedure more frequently – don’t get lash lift sooner than 8 weeks apart, pregnant or not.

lash lift exampleImage source: Instagram @eyelash__ayda

Can You Get a Lash Lift While Breastfeeding?

Yes, it’s perfectly safe to get a lash lift while breastfeeding, but be aware that it might not work so well.

First, many women suffer from postpartum hair loss after their pregnancy, and this period overlaps with breastfeeding. Postpartum hair loss doesn’t only affect the hair on your scalp – it can also cause your eyelashes to fall out and decrease in volume. If you have fewer lashes, the results of the lash lift will not be as dramatic as before.

Second, there’s also the fact that your hormone levels still haven’t gone back to pre-pregnancy and they can affect the success of the lash lift. It may not give you the desired curl.

And What About Lash Tinting During Pregnancy and Breastfeeding?

What’s a lash lift without a lash tint, right?

There haven’t really been any extensive studies testing the safety of lash tinting during pregnancy, but since the tint doesn’t come into contact with the skin either, the same rules apply to lash tinting and to lash lifting.

So, it’s best avoided during the first trimester, but should be fine after that, as long as it’s performed properly, taking all precautions to prevent infection.

lash tinting and lash lifting styleImage source: Instagram @beautybyburcus

Final Word

A lash lift is something many people get on a regular basis, but most lash lift clients only do it before special occasions, to look camera-ready without the risk of mascara smudging. But if you’re pregnant and have a big event coming up, it’s best to refrain from a lash lift – you don’t know how it’ll turn out!

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