How to Sleep With Lash Extensions: Tips, Tricks & Product Picks

By Katarina V.| Last updated on March 19, 2024
sleeping with lash extensions dos and donts
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Eyelash extensions fall out with your natural lashes – that’s a given. But sometimes, the frequency of shedding goes beyond just the natural lash growth cycle.

One of the main culprits of premature shedding is (drumroll, please) your pillowcase, oh, and your sleeping pattern. That’s why optimizing your bedtime routine is essential if you want to know how to sleep with lash extensions.

We’ll help you determine whether your sleeping habits work for or against your lash extensions.

So make sure you stay with us till the end, as we’ll even give you some additional tips for maintaining your lash extensions while you sleep, and some pretty cool product picks to try out too!

How Does Sleeping Affect Eyelash Extensions

First, let’s clarify – we don’t have control over our bodies while we sleep. As a result, our eyelashes can come into contact with pillows or bedding, leading to lash loss due to friction.

While it’s impossible to avoid this altogether, we can take some steps to improve our sleeping environment and protect our lashes.

Therefore, sleeping positions, pillowcases, and other factors that may negatively impact lash condition should be assessed and adjusted accordingly. Let’s take a closer look at these issues.

Sleeping on Your Stomach or Side

When pressure is exerted on one side of the face, it can deform the extensions, reducing their lifespan and altering their shape negatively.

girl sleeping on her sideImage source: Instagram @Freepik 

Sleeping Face Down

Pressing your face against the pillow will leave no space between the lashes and the pillow.

This large amount of pressure can cause the lashes to bend in different directions, ultimately causing them to fall out prematurely.

Wrong Pillowcase Choices

Cotton, velvet, or linen fabrics may tug at your lash extensions. To prevent this, switch to a silk or satin pillowcase to allow them to maintain their shape

Wrong Choice of Eye Mask

A typical eye mask is designed for natural lashes as they are soft and flexible. However, individuals wearing lash extensions need specialized eye masks due to the difference in lash length and thickness.

How to Protect Eyelash Extensions when Sleeping

Now that you know what habits to avoid when sleeping with eyelash extensions, it’s time to adopt new ones!

Sleeping on Your Back

If you are a back sleeper, congratulations! It is the best sleeping position as it minimizes friction and prevents your lashes from rubbing against the pillow.

However, we understand that it can be challenging to change your sleeping habits overnight. Therefore, we have found an alternative solution below that will probably work for you!

Switching to an Extension-Friendly Sleep Mask

Before we move on to the second-best option on our list, know that no one can know and control their sleeping position with 100% certainty. People change sleeping positions between 10 and 40 times nightly, making way for some lash extension damage.

If you want to be sure that your extensions look near perfect in the morning, consider investing in a specially designed sleeping mask for eyelash extensions. Here are some of our product recommendations that you can get on Amazon:

Gusonse Sleep Mask

The 3D ergonomic design of this eye mask provides ample space for long eyelashes, ensuring no pressure on your eyes. Made of memory foam, this sleeping mask ensures a snug but comfortable fit around the nose, blocking out 99% of light.

The mask is washable, and the breathable fabric ensures a smooth and lightweight feel.

BeHoomi Premium Eye Mask for Sleeping

The BeHoomi mask is made of comfortable fabric and a breathable sponge. It is also great at blocking light but remaining soft and light on your face.

The 3D contoured eyecups allow you to move your eyes without disturbing eyelash extensions.

It is only 0.35 thick, so there is no pressure on your temples or marks left on your face. The package includes a silk storage bag and noise-canceling earplugs, making it a great gift.

Sia Silk Sleep Mask

This 100% silk eye mask has an extra-deep, 3D contour design that provides a soft, pressure-free environment for your lashes.

The adjustable strap buckle is hidden and allows you to customize the fit of the mask, which glides smoothly over your hair without snagging.

Additionally, the ergonomic nose shape of the mask ensures you can relax in total darkness, promoting a comfortable and restful night’s sleep.

Tips for Maintaining Lash Extensions

Maintaining lash extensions is easy with the right products and tools for lash cleaning and lash brushing. Let’s make it more straightforward for you!

Wait at Least 4 Hours Before Wetting Them

Giving your freshly done extensions time to properly bond with your natural lashes is key. Depending on the adhesive your lash tech uses, you must wait an appropriate amount of time before getting them wet.

Typically, you should wait about 4 hours before cleaning your extensions. Also, make sure to avoid high temperatures and exposure to steam, especially in the first few days post-treatment.

Don’t Use Oil-Based Products

Oil-based cleansers and makeup removers can interfere with your lash adhesive. So, wash your extensions regularly or every other day, with a soft brush and specialized lash shampoo.

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Brush Your Lashes Regularly

It would help if you brushed your eyelashes every morning immediately after waking up, as they can become tangled or stuck during the night due to friction with your pillow.

You can return each eyelash to its original position by combing it with a spoolie brush, making it look beautiful and neat again.

@mthlashes wash your lashes daily! clean lashes = better retention! #lashtok #lashextensions #lashtech ♬ Can't Take My Eyes Off You - Joytastic Sarah

Don’t Use an Eyelash Curler

The natural eyelash growth cycle pushes the extension from the root upwards, which weakens the curve and makes the eyelash appear flatter.

Many reach for lash curlers, hoping to restore the curled-up look of their extensions, but be wary – you can easily break the bond of your extensions and even cut them off.

In Conclusion

Learning how to sleep correctly with lash extensions may be easier if you first eliminate any bad sleeping habits. Thus, it’s essential to carefully examine your current sleeping routine, identify any potential pitfalls, and adopt new practices to preserve your beautiful lashes.

Also, remember to use an eye mask designed for lash extension wearers, which provides extra space for long lashes and prevents unwanted pressure.

By investing in your beauty sleep and adequately maintaining your extensions, you can keep all of your lashes in place!

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