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By Emily M.| Last updated on May 19, 2023
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Beauty marks can look very attractive! Just think of all the celebs who are recognizable for their beauty marks – Cindy Crawford, Elizabeth Taylor, Marilyn Monroe, Eva Mendes, Natalie Portman… the list goes on!

Let’s admit it – we all love copying celebrities’ looks. And how many times have you met someone with the perfect little mark somewhere on their face and wish you had one, too?

If you’ve been experimenting with drawing on faux beauty marks with an eye pencil and love the look, you can actually get it tattooed on! Here’s everything you need to know about the tattoo mole treatment.

Can I Get a Tattoo Mole Anywhere on the Body?

Essentially, yes, you can get a tattoo mole wherever you want as long as the skin in the area isn’t compromised, but most clients want a beauty mark tattoo somewhere on the face – either under an eye, or above the upper lip.

Placing a cute little mark in these spots can really enhance your features and give a dose of glamor to your look.

For female clients, another popular spot is somewhere in the décolletage area, where it draws attention to their curves and brings out their femininity.

Can I Get a Tattoo Mole Anywhere on the Body?Image source: Instagram @glamlook.mtl

How Is a Tattoo Mole Done?

There are actually 2 techniques that can be used to create a tattoo mole:

  • traditional tattooing
  • and cosmetic micropigmentation.

Traditional Tattooing

You probably know a lot about traditional, body art tattooing already. It’s done with a tattoo gun which has a cluster of needles. The needles penetrate the skin and deposit tattoo ink into the skin.

The ink stays in the skin forever – it might fade slightly or change shade, but it will never go invisible.


Cosmetic micropigmentation is a much more advanced technique that’s replaced facial tattooing to a large degree, at least for the purpose of makeup and birth mark recreation.

It’s done with a permanent makeup machine similar to a tattoo gun but adapted for facial micropigmentation, and the color injected is pigment, not tattoo ink.

The pigments are actually formulated in such a way that allows them to fade after a couple of years. The body can break them down, and their color loses intensity until it becomes invisible. Unless you refresh it, of course.

PMU pigments look much more natural in the skin, so they are much better for facial tattooing than tattoo ink. Plus, the fact that you can just let them fade away if you get tired of your tattoo mole is a relief – it gives you total control.

Just bear in mind that the nature of the micropigmentation technique requires 2 sessions of tattooing to build up the pigment to the desired color.

Learn more about cosmetic tattoos and how they differ from traditional tattoos here. 

How Long Will My Tattoo Mole Last?

If you get it done with tattoo ink, your tattoo mole can last for decades. This might sound good if you’re absolutely sure you’ll love it years down the line, but bear in mind that tattoo ink can change color, especially if you get a black one. If you change your mind about it, you’ll have to get tattoo removal.

If you get micropigmentation, your tattoo mole will last as long as permanent makeup usually does – 1-3 years, depending on your skin type and body chemistry. You have the option of prolonging the results as long as you want with annual touch ups, or letting them fade away if you get bored with it.

How Long Will My Tattoo Mole Last?Image source: Instagram @kaiaesthetics_pmu

Does a Tattoo Mole Look Natural?

It can look as natural or as artificial-looking as you want it. For a natural look, you definitely shouldn’t go with black color. Shades of brown will blend much better into the skin, and most natural moles are actually brown, anyway.

You also have the option of tattooing freckles, which is essentially tattooing a number of tattoo moles dispersed over the face. They can look very cute! You can learn more about freckle tattoos in this guide.

While most people want a natural look, some prefer a more prominent tattoo mole that gives a special effect. So, you can get a special shape – a heart or a star.

Star or Heart Mole Tattoo

Choosing to get a star or a heart mole tattoo has a sense of playfulness and whimsicality. It’s a very cute way of getting your beauty mark to look even more unique.

Heart mole tattoos can also be done anywhere on the face or body, but many clients like to hide the little heart in an already-existing cluster of real freckles or moles.

In fact, a lot of people choose to combine astrofrecks (faux freckles tattooed in the shape of zodiac constellations) with additional stars or hearts mixed in.

This seems like a good time to mention that the heart mole tattoo also goes by the heart freckle tattoo – just to be clear.

In fact, since the process and characteristics of these two treatments are exactly the same, think of a mole tattoo like a singular freckle tattoo. Just potentially a bit darker and bigger.

Image source: Instagram @madisonrparkercosmetics

Fun Fact – Dita Von Teese’s Beauty Mark Is Actually a Tattoo Mole

That’s right! The burlesque star was so obsessed with Old Hollywood from an early age she has a tattoo mole done under her left eye in her teenage years, inspired by the queens of the silver screen.

Allegedly, she initially wanted a little star, but her tattoo artist talked her out of that and into the more natural-looking circular tattoo mole.

She sometimes enhances it further with a black pencil, or even draws a little heart over it.

Dita Von Teese’s Beauty Mark Is Actually a Tattoo MoleImage source: Instagram @ditavonteese

How Much Does a Tattoo Mole Cost?

The price of a tattoo mole depends on the artist who performs the treatment, as their prices can vary significantly. But generally, it’s not too expensive – from $50 to $150.

Final Tip

Let’s admit it – if you want a mole tattoo, you’re probably trying to mirror your fav celebrity’s look. While a cute little beauty mark will look good on anyone, don’t just straight-up copy the size, color and positioning.

Since you have the freedom to choose these properties, you should match it to your features, skin tone and hair color.

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