Is There Such a Thing as Lip Microblading? Lip Tattoo Explained

By PMUHub Editorial Team| Last updated on November 24, 2022
lip microblading
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The world of permanent makeup is growing and expanding every day. It all began with microblading, when people discovered they don’t have to live with the consequences of overplucking their brows in the 90s.

Soon, new techniques started popping up and permanent makeup started being available for more than just your brows!

So, is there such a thing as lip microblading? Let’s explain!

Is There Such a Thing as Lip Microblading?

No, not really. Microblading is a term that is specifically referring to the hair stroke eyebrow treatment.

It’s an eyebrow tattooing technique that is done manually with a microblading blade. This tool has several needles that make tiny incisions on the skin to allow pigment to enter.

The strokes made with this tool are reminiscent of the actual brow hairs so they bled in nicely, creating the illusion of natural fullness.

So, Why Do I Keep Hearing About Lip Microblading Then?

People who know about microblading might start wondering whether a similar treatment exists for lips, and not knowing how to look it up, search or inquire into lip microblading.

Either as a marketing trick, or a sort of shortcut that would explain to clients that yes, they can get their lips tattooed, some artists might use the term microblading when referring to lip blushing.

This is really problematic, because it creates confusion. Luckily, PMUHub is here to bust all those myths and misnomers!

Why You Shouldn’t Do Lip Microblading

The whole point of microblading technique is to blend in with the already existing brow hairs, which is why the strokes are drawn in that shape. And you’ll agree that drawing hairlike strokes on your lips doesn’t make any sense.

But there are also other, more important reasons why lip microblading shouldn’t exist.

Although the incisions made with a microblading tool are really small, they’re still too big for your lips. Your lip skin is made from a different tissue compared to the regular skin that’s underneath your brows.

Lips are much more sensitive and contain much more blood vessels. A microblade would literally slice the tissue, which wouldn’t only be excruciating, even with numbing, but it could also cause serious permanent damage.

Plus, imagine how hard it would be to heal long incisions on the lips, with the inevitable movement of talking and eating.

The chance of lip infection would also be quite high, and lips are more prone to post-PMU infections than other parts of the face due to the saliva and the fact that we can’t just not eat during healing.

So no, lip microblading isn’t a thing. But lip tattoos done with a suitable technique definitely are.

What’s a Lip Tattoo?

A lip tattoo is a cosmetic tattoo procedure done on your lips to give them more color and define their shape.

It works on the same principles microblading does – a special cosmetic tattoo pigment is inserted into the lip skin – but the implementation is different.

The results are visible for up to 3 years, depending on the individual lifestyle and skin type. They can be further prolonged with touch-ups.

The main difference between microblading and a lip tattoo is in the tool.

While microblading is done with a microblading tool that manually opens up the skin and draws on fake hair strokes, a lip tattoo is done with a permanent makeup machine, similar to a tattoo gun.

Since the skin of the lips has to be broken in order for pigment to be deposited into it, getting a lip tattoo will require some healing.

The healing process usually lasts around 10 days during which you will need to follow specific aftercare to prevent any risks this procedure carries.

To learn all about lip tattoo prep, process and healing check out our Ultimate Lip Tattoo Guide.

is lip microblading a lip tattoo
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Is a Lip Tattoo the Same as Lip Blush?

Basically, lip blush is one of the styles of cosmetic lip tattoo, but it’s so much more popular than all the rest that it’s become synonymous with the larger category of lip tattoo (not to be confused with decorative tattoos on the inside of the lips).

Lip tattoos can go by many other names, depending on the style. It can be done in an opaque color that’s really saturated, or more sheer. There are also other styles like ombre and aquarelle.

Learn about lip tattoo styles here.

None of these are lip microblading.

Image source: Instagram @pmu_julia_dubai

We Know It Can Get Confusing

As you can see, there’s a lot of confusion regarding nomenclature within the permanent makeup industry.

Supposedly new techniques are developed and branded every day, it seems, and clients justifiably get confused, even frustrated, not knowing what to ask for.

The thing is, all those fancy names basically come down to a handful of established, tried and true techniques. To help you navigate the industry, we’ve written a series of comprehensive guides through the major treatments.

Explore PMU treatments here.

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