Permanent Eyeliner Aftercare: Day-by-Day Routine

The healing after permanent eyeliner lasts about 4–6 weeks, but the aftercare is much shorter. Follow our day-by-day guide to keep the area safe and secure maximum pigment retention.

Permanent Eyeliner Aftercare - Day by Day Guide
By PMUHub Editorial Team| Last updated on April 22, 2024

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At the initial PMU eyeliner appointment, your artist will prescribe an aftercare routine depending on your skin type.

It starts immediately and lasts about 10 days. After that, regular rules apply, but makeup is off-limits for about 5 more days.

To get beautiful healed results, check out PMUHub’s detailed PMU eyeliner day-by-day aftercare guide with pro tips & tricks.

Aftercare Types & Timelines

DRY HEALING ROUTINE: Clean the area with a damp cotton pad & dry the skin right after.

Days 1–2: Use a cotton pad to remove the excess lymph.

Days 3–10: Clean the area with a damp cotton pad & dry the skin right after. Avoid moisturizers.

WET HEALING ROUTINE: Clean the area regularly and apply the prescribed ointment.

Day 1: Clean the area with a damp cotton pad.

Days 2–10: Cleanse with water/antibacterial soap. Follow up with the prescribed ointment.

COMBO: Clean the area with a damp cotton pad, then cleanse & moisturize regularly.

Days 1–3: Use a water-saturated cotton pad to clean the area & dry the skin right after.

Days 4–10: Cleanse the area with water/antibacterial soap. Moisturize with the ointment.

Click on the topics or day stamps for more info, or scroll down for the full guide.

permanent eyeliner aftercare

Dry Healing Aftercare

If your skin is oily, this is the routine your artist will recommend. Dry healing is exactly what it sounds like. You are to keep your freshly tattooed eyelids dry at all times.

Also, you’re not allowed to use skincare in the treated area. Just let your eyeliner heal on its own.


✔️ Easy maintenance

✔️ No aftercare kit required


More itchiness

❌ More scabbing

Here’s a little help on how to handle the aftercare period at home:

Days 1–2

Your artist will instruct you to clean your eyeliner every couple of hours following your appointment. Use a cotton pad dampened with water to remove the lymph and dust.

Days 3–10

Clean the area with a damp cotton pad and dry the skin right after. Don’t apply any product onto the treated area until all the scabs have flaked off on their own.

Wet Healing Aftercare

Here, you’ll need to clean the area regularly and then apply the prescribed aftercare ointment. This type of aftercare is more popular today than dry healing aftercare. The ointment disinfects, nourishes, and helps relieve itchiness and irritation.

PMUHub Explains

The ointment protects the wound from contamination, but it’s important to apply only a thin layer, so the wound can still breathe.

As Dr. Chandan K. Sen, a world-renowned regenerative medicine expert, suggests in his study, wound oxygenation is key for a quick and smooth healing process.


✔️ Less scabbing

✔️ Beter pigment retention


A strict schedule

❌ An aftercare kit is a must-have

Day 1

Clean the area every couple of hours with a dampened cotton pad to remove the lymph and then apply a thin layer of the prescribed aftercare ointment.

Day 2–10

Clean the area 2-3 times a day with lukewarm water (and a gentle cleanser if advised) and apply a thin layer of the prescribed aftercare ointment.

What You’ll Need for Wet Healing Aftercare

After the treatment, most artists will pack a little aftercare kit for you to take home. This means you don’t have to worry about choosing the right products for your routine, you are fully covered.

However, if you’d like to hear what PMUHub recommends, here are our top picks:

Combination Healing Aftercare

Favorite among PMU artists, this aftercare routine is a perfect mix of the two previous types. It implies letting the area dry for a few days and resuming with wet healing.

Days 1–3

Don’t get the area wet, only clean it from lymph with a damp cotton pad from time to time.

Days 4–10

Clean the area with lukewarm water (and a very gentle cleanser if advised) and apply a thin layer of the prescribed aftercare ointment.

Some artists don’t prescribe such a strict schedule but rather advise applying the ointment if and when you feel like the area is getting tight and itchy.


These are just general outlines of the 3 most common eyeliner tattoo aftercare routines. The aftercare your artist prescribes may differ. Always follow the artist’s instructions and use only the recommended products.

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Can I Wash My Face After the Treatment?

Yes, just be careful. Don’t rub the eye area. Softly clean your face with a wet cotton pad, avoiding the tattoo. After 3 days, you can wash your face as usual, but avoid harsh cleansers.

Can I Wear Contact Lenses After the Treatment?

Avoid wearing contacts for about 5 days after the procedure. The PMU eyeliner healing process entails some swelling, itching, and tightness, so wearing contact lenses can be uncomfortable until everything settles.

contact lenses and permanent eyelinerImage Source: Instagram @master_shayli

Why Do I Need the Touch-Up If My Tattoo Heals Well?

As the skin recovers, some of the pigment is lost due to flaking and the body working to extract the foreign substance. At the touch-up, the artist can add more color and restore the tattoo’s original vibrancy.

Once you’re through with aftercare permanent eyeliner still needs some time to heal, so the touch-up is scheduled 6 weeks after the initial session.

permanent eyeliner healedImage Source: Instagram @lurestudioaz

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This guide is a result of 5+ years of studying and researching the permanent makeup industry. The information comes from reliable sources: a number of PMU eyeliner technicians, and a wide variety of medical references, including an in-depth review of the scientific study by Dr. Chandan K. Sen.



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