Lash Extensions for Small Eyes: How to Choose the Best Style

By PMUHub Editorial Team| Last updated on March 23, 2023
lash extensions for small eyes
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Eyelash extensions not only add volume and length to our existing lashes but also play an important role in accentuating the eyes and correcting the eye shape.

One common problem that many lash technicians face is correctly accessing the eye shape of each client and choosing a lash extension style that will suit them and their features best.

Proper assessment is especially important for people with smaller eyes, as lashes that are too long or too densely applied can visually shrink them and make them appear more closed.

Read this article to discover what are the best lash extensions for small eyes and how to choose the best style for your clients’ needs.

What Are Small Eyes Exactly?

A small eye shape insinuates that the eyes are physically small in size, especially when compared to other facial features such as the nose and mouth.

The perceived size of our eyes can also depend on the distance between the eyes themselves or the shape of the eyelids.

Small eyes can have an almond, round, downturned, or upturned shape which is an important factor to consider when determining which are the best lash extensions for small eyes. They can also be slightly or more severely hooded due to various factors such as aging, which is also important to consider while making the assessment.

A lash technician should be skilled in examining the eyes and considering these factors when applying lash extensions, as the size and shape of the eyes can affect the technique and the final result.

If you have a naturally smaller eye shape, don’t be discouraged – there are plenty of public figures and celebrities like Taylor Swift, Kristen Bell, and the Hadid sisters that are considered true icons of beauty and can be seen rocking a nice set of lashes for special events.

lash extensions for small eyes
Image source: Instagram @kristenanniebell

How to Choose the Best Lash Extension Style for Small Eyes?

Before discussing lash extension styles, here are some of our tips and tricks on determining the eye shape and size:

Finding the Correct Eye Shape

To determine the eye shape, the first thing to do is to examine the crease. If the crease is visible, your client probably has an almond or a round eye shape. If the crease is not visible, your client most likely has monolid or hooded eyes.

If the outer corners of the eyes point toward the cheekbones, your client probably has a downturned eye shape. The opposite of downturned eyes, upturned eyes angle up in the outer corners toward the tail of their eyebrows.

Finding the Correct Eye Size

Once you have determined the eye shape, you can proceed with assessing the client’s eye size. Depending on the vertical and horizontal dimensions of the eyes, they can be referred to as large, average, or small.

In general, you’ll be able to tell if your client’s eyes fall into the category of small right off the bat.

Since beauty in general is all about impressions, you don’t have to measure your client’s eyes to make sure they fall into neat categories. Rely on your professional judgement and go with your gut – if you think your client’s eyes fall into the category of small, they probably are.

What Are the Best Eyelash Extensions for Small Eyes?

Eyelash extensions can be a great way to enhance the natural shape of the eyes and create a bold or more defined look.

Whether your client is looking for a subtle enhancement or a dramatic one, there is an option for every smaller eye shape to look their best.

Here are some of our recommendations for the best lash extensions for small eyes:

Eyelash Extensions for Small Almond Eyes

If your client has small eyes that have an almond shape, the cat-eye extension style would accentuate their eye shape the best.

Cat eyelash extensions are shorter in the inner corners of the eyes and longer in the outer corners. In that way, they give the illusion of elongated eyes, just like when wearing winged eyeliner.

People with small almond-shaped eyes that are also upturned or downturned should avoid cat eyelash extensions because they can make their eyes look even smaller.

Lash Extensions for Small Hooded Eyes

The best way to make small hooded eyes pop is to dolly them up! Dollies or doll-eye lash extensions can visually open up and enlarge the eyes, besides making them appear more rounded.

This look can be achieved by using the longest lash lengths in the center of the eyes and applying shorter lengths in the corners. If the client’s small hooded eyes are rounded, it’s probably best to avoid this look as doll eyelash extensions can make round eyes look alarmed.

Learn more about the best lash extension styles for hooded eyes here.

Lash Extensions for Small Hooded Eyes
Image source: Instagram @suheelashes

Hybrid Lashes on Small Eyes

Hybrid lashes are a combination of classic and volume lashes, and as such, they can provide a fuller, more dramatic look, while still maintaining a natural appearance.

This style is ideal for those who want a more dramatic look without it being too overwhelming. Placement is, however, extremely important as volume lashes tend to visually close up the eye and make it appear smaller.

Which Lash Extension Styles to Avoid for Small Eyes?

If your client has small eyes, choosing the right set of lash extensions can be quite a challenge. You may find that many extensions are too long or too thick for their natural lashes and eye size, making them look heavy and overwhelming on the eyes.

Let’s take a look at the lash extension styles to avoid for clients with small eyes:

Volume Lash Extensions

Certain styles of lash extensions can make the eyes appear smaller or weigh down on the eyelids. Volume or Russian volume lash extensions on small eyes have just that effect, where they appear too heavy and dense.

This is in contrast to the effect you’re trying to achieve as a lash technician for people with naturally small eyes. Instead, opt for dollies or any other recommended extension style that has an enlarging effect.

Mega Volume Lash Extensions

Mega volume extensions are one of those styles that, when done right, look very flattering, but when done wrong really affect the size of the client’s eyes.

We recommend avoiding these sets altogether when working with smaller eyes, no matter their shape. Suggest that your client opts for hybrids instead, as this will not close up their eyes or damage their lashes.

Image source: Instagram @lashesby_nat1

To Sum Up

Eye shape and size play the biggest role in determining the correct and most flattering lash extension style for each individual client.

When choosing the best lash extensions for small eyes, it’s crucial to think about whether they will visually shorten or shrink the eye shape even further, or give the eyes a more open and awake appearance. That’s why opting for styles like doll-eye or cat-eye extensions is the best and safest option.

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