Permanent Eyeliner

Best Permanent Eyeliner Styles for Each Eye Shape

As fabulous as on point eyeliner can be, it can also be your worst enemy on busy mornings, so semi permanent eyeliner is a life-saving treatment.

Before you book a treatment, it’s important to know what type of look you want, so make sure you study the permanent eyeliner colors and permanent makeup eyeliner styles carefully. Start by looking at pictures of permanent eyeliner styles, but permanent eyeliner before and after photos should only be an inspiration, not a template.

To help you with this decision, we’ve prepared a mini-guide through permanent eyeliner styles best suited for different face shapes, as well as some other factors to be considered.

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What is the Procedure of Getting Permanent Eyeliner?

Getting permanent eyeliner involves the use of highly specialized technique and machines that allow the pigment to be injected into the eyelid, actually the lash line. This is how a look of a fuller lash line or eyeliner is created.

The eyeliner lasts somewhere from 1 to 3 years, on average, and the procedure lasts for approximately one hour, even though it might take longer if you choose a more complex style.

Even though it’s called permanent eyeliner (sometimes called semi-permanent, as well), the color will start to fade after some time, when you will be in need to have a touch-up.  

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Permanent Eyeliner Style

Image source: Instagram @sculptedstudios

Features of a Permanent Eyeliner Style

When doing an eyeliner cosmetic tattoo, the artist considers:

  • the length of the liner – how far towards the inner corner of the eye the line will go, and how for it will extend outwards
  • the thickness of the line
  • the edges – the line can be defined, smokey, or slightly faded
  • the color of the line – black and deep browns are most common, but this is a matter of preference

All these factors are adapted to the shape of your eye and the rest of your facial features. Combining these elements creates different eyeliner styles.

Common Eyeliner Styles

Artists don’t advise getting the line too thick or the wing too long, because a) a totally dramatic look isn’t versatile, and b) it’s important to consider the fact that skin loses elasticity in time and it could change significantly over 3 years.

So subtler, discrete semi permanent eyeliner styles which can be enhanced with regular makeup on special occasions are the way to go for most clients.

Here some popular permanent eyeliner styles. Of course, they are customized to best suit each client.

  • Eyelash Enhancement

The most subtle and the most sought-after style, since it suits all eye shapes and ages, and it’s appropriate for all occasions. It is done by either drawing an extremely thin line than blends into the lashes, or using the so-called dotting technique, which means injecting a dot at the base of each individual lash.

It’s suitable for both men and women.

  • Classic Eyeliner

The line starts at the first lash in the inner corner and ends with the last lash at the outer corner of the eye. In case the lower lash line is also done, the two stay close but separated, since the skin at the connection is more prone to pigment migrations.

We distinguish between two styles: the widening line, which is thinnest towards the tear ducts and gradually widens towards the outer corner, and the dome style, where the line is thickest in the middle.

  • Smokey Eyeliner

The boldest option. The smokey look is achieved by adding a shade above the line, smoking out its edges. The shade is usually added in a deep brown tone, slightly lighter than the line itself.

As fabulous as the smokey style can be, it’s best suited for clients who wear a significant amount of makeup on a daily basis. For someone with a sporty, casual style, this might be too much.

  • The Bottom Lid Permanent Eyeliner

To each style of the eyeliner tattoo bottom lid eyeliner can be added. This extra line should follow the lashes, meaning start at the first lash and end at the last one.

When incorporating a lower lid eyeliner tattoo, it’s important not to connect it to the upper one. This closes the eye and makes it look smaller.

Extra Tip

If you’re on the fence about getting a bold look, start thin. You can always schedule a touch up and top it up.

Image source: Instagram @n.y.bae

How to Choose the Best Style According to Eye Shape

Permanent eyeliner can visually change the shape and size of the eye, but it’s important to recognize the exact points at which the line should start, end, and how thick it should be in order to achieve the desired result.

The Canthus Chart identifies the 4 most common eye shapes and the best eyeliner looks for them.

Canthus Chart for Eye Shapes

1 – The outer corner is significantly uplifted. The best style for this shape is a subtle one, since there’s no need to visually uplift the outer corner further.

2 – The outer corner is slightly uplifted. This eye shape can pull off any eyeliner style.

3 – The inner corner is higher than the outer one. The outer corner should be visually uplifted by creating a straight angle look, extending the outer edge a bit.

4 – The inner and outer corner are in line. This shape should be slightly uplifted with a line that gradually widens in order to give the circle more definition, not dragging the eye downwards.

Permanent Eyeliner for Aging Eyes

By opening up the eyes, permanent eyeliner can instantly make you look younger.

However, experimenting with different styles of permanent eyeliner may not be a good idea. The best look is the one describes in point 3 above. Also, it might be a good idea to go for a smokier edge, as the defined line may look smudgy on skin that isn’t completely tight.


The procedure of getting permanent eyeliner is definitely a time-saving decision, and it can be a great idea. However, you need to pay attention to the artist that you choose and decide on the best style and color together with him.

Bear in mind that you will have the permanent eyeliner that are suitable for different eye shapes, so it’s very advisable to consult with the technician before choosing the eyeliner style. Take time to consider all of your options and decide on what’s best for you. 

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