Lash Lamination – Is It the Same Thing as a Lash Lift?

By Emily M.| Last updated on April 30, 2024
What Is Lash Lamination - Is It the Same as a Lash Lift?
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There are so many beauty treatments available right now it’s hard to keep up! It’s great we have so many options for experimenting with our looks, but with so much choice, it can be so hard to choose!

Enhancing your eyelashes is probably one of the favorite things you can do for your looks, but they can be styled in different ways. You may have come across a bunch of lash treatments at your local salons. They are called different names, but in reality, they’re either lash extensions, or lash lamination.

Lash lamination goes by many names. Today, we’re looking into the treatment in detail.

What Exactly Is Lash Lamination?

Lash lamination is a lash enhancement option that gives semi-permanent results. It’s a chemical treatment that lifts and curls your natural lashes to make them look longer and give them an attractive shape that will open up your eyes. We’re talking about the level of curl no lash curler can give you!

The lash lamination is often combined with a lash tint for people whose lashes are not totally black. Darkening them up even just a few shades makes them look a lot thicker, so you won’t need any mascara, although you can wear it if you want to.

The fact that lash lamination works with your natural lashes means it looks very natural, not overdone. There are no extra fibers, like with lash extensions, and there’s virtually no maintenance involved.

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So It’s Basically a Lash Lift?

Yes! It’s the same treatment, but different lash techs call it different names – lash lift, lash lamination, lash perm, permanent lash curling, etc.

How Is Lash Lamination Done?

The treatment is done by applying several products to your natural lashes. These formulas lift up the lashes into an attractive upward curl, and optionally, darken them. The products penetrate the lashes, so the effects are achieved from within. They can’t be washed off and the curl doesn’t get relaxed for the length of the eyelash growth cycle.

Here’s a step-by-step description of the lash lamination treatment:

Step 1 – The lashes are cleaned

The lashes need to be cleaned of all makeup, skincare and sebum residues in order to let the chemicals penetrate all lashes evenly. They’re wiped with a gentle cleanser.

Step 2 – A curling rod is placed above the lash line

The lower lashes are protected with patches or tape.

A soft silicone pad in the shape of a rod is stuck just above the lash line. There are several sizes of rods to choose from – a smaller rod gives a more dramatic curl, a larger one gives a subtler curl. If your lashes are shorter, you need a smaller rod.

Step 3 – The lashes are glued onto the rod

The lashes are lifted upwards and glued onto the lash curling rod. This is the shape they’ll have after the treatment.

Step 4 – The perming solution is applied

You have to close your eyes at this point.

Your lashes are coated with a chemical that will soften and relax them into a straight shape. When softened, the lashes can further be manipulated and fixed into a curled shape. The solution is left on for about 10* minutes.

Step 5 – The fixing solution is applied

The perming solution is wiped off and the setting or fixing solution is applied. This formula neutralizes the perming solution and hardens the lashes into a curled shape. This product should also sit for about 10* minutes.

Step 6 – If you want, your lashes are tinted

The fixing solution is cleaned off. Your lashes are now laminated, yay!
But the rod isn’t removed just yet – if you want, your lashes can be darkened with a lash tint. The tint works a lot like regular hair dye – a solution in the desired shade is applied to the lashes. The tint is left on for about 20* minutes.

Step 7 – Removing the rod and cleaning

The curling rod is removed. Your lashes are cleaned from product residues, and you can finally open your eyes.

* The time the products are left on depends on the manufacturer and the formula, so it may vary. This is just a general time span – always check the instructions on the products if you’re doing lash lamination yourself.

Step-By-Step Description Of The Lash Lamination TreatmentImage source: Instagram @taraconaboy_beautyandtrainin

Can I Do Lash Lamination Myself?


As you can see, lash lamination is quite a simple procedure. You can definitely do it yourself at home – you just need to buy a lash lamination kit. These are widely available and there are many brands to choose from.

They usually cost about $50 and you get enough products for 10+ treatments.

If you decide to DIY it, make sure you buy quality products and follow all the provided instructions as closely as possible, especially the time spans the products need to sit for. Leaving the solutions for too long can damage your lashes, while removing them too fast will leave them under curled or give an uneven curl.

You can find more detailed info on DIY lash lamination here.

Here’s a couple of DIY lash lift kits available on Amazon:

Is There Any Aftercare After a Lash Lamination?

You need to follow certain rules for 24-48 hours (the longer, the better) in order to let your curl set:

  • Don’t get your lashes wet – this applies to water, but also to sweat tears, and steam
  • Don’t touch them.
  • Don’t wear eye makeup.

After 24-48 hours, your lashes have hardened and you can relax. But when it comes to long-term maintenance, you should avoid oil-based products and makeup as well as the lash curler for the longevity of the results – these can relax the curl.

You can wear mascara, but not waterproof formulas. They often contain oils, and they’re hard to remove so you’ll have to rub your eyes hard, which is also bad for the curl!

Is There Any Aftercare After a Lash Lamination?Image source: Instagram @beautyloungenice

How Long Will My Lash Lamination Last?

The results can potentially last out 6-8 weeks, but in reality, they’ll start disappearing faster.

Let’s explain. Once your lashes are laminated, they’ll stay that way for the longevity of their growth cycle, until each of them falls off. But not all your lashes are at the same stage of the growth cycle at the moment of lamination. This means some of them will fall out faster than others.

We lose 4-5 lashes per day. After about 3 weeks, enough lashes will have fallen out to make the curl less prominent. As your lashes keep falling out, you’ll gradually lose the curl, until an all-new set replaces the curled lashes – this takes 6-8 weeks.

At that point, you can repeat the lash lamination treatment.

For more information on the longevity of the results, check out this article.

Is Lash Lamination Safe?

Yes, if it’s done right. The products mustn’t be left on for too long or they can damage your lashes, and they mustn’t get in your eyes (if they do, rinse immediately and contact an ophthalmologist).

Other risks include allergic reactions, so a patch test should always be done prior to the treatment.

For more information on the risks of lash lamination, check out this article.

Is Lash Lamination Safe?Image source: Instagram @heybeauty_ho

Final Warning

If you decide to do lash lamination yourself, please be careful about the products you’re buying. It’s best to go for a well-known brand that has proven to be safe and work well. Also, if you want to tint your lashes, it’s best to get the tint from the same brand, to make sure all the formulas are compatible.

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