Lash Lift Kit: Top 5 Picks for Best At-Home Results

lash lift kit
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A lash lift is a great alternative to daily curling and mascara. The process is easy and affordable, the results are long-lasting and stunning.

Since it’s a pretty easy and non-invasive procedure, a lot of people decide to save some money by doing a lash lift on their own, at home.

However, the process involves applying chemical solutions to one of the most sensitive parts of your body, so you need to be careful about the lash lift kit you’re using. 

Let’s see what you need to know about DIY lash lifts and help you decide which lash lift kit to get.

Is It Safe to Use a Lash Lift Kit Yourself?

Using products that contain chemicals around your eyes always carries certain risks. Yes, a lash lift can potentially damage your eyelashes and eyelids, if it’s not done properly. After all, we are talking about chemicals that come in direct contact with a sensitive part of your face.

Improper use of chemicals on the eyelashes can damage them and cause them to break or fall out. The ingredients of the solutions can be irritating and potentially damaging to the eye itself. It can cause infection of the eye and even further complications.

Other potential side effects are contact dermatitis, allergic reactions, redness and swelling.

So, if you decide to DIY lash lift, you need to be extra careful, precise and make sure the chemicals don’t get in your eye or touch your skin. Each lash lift kit comes with detailed instructions that have to be followed to a T.

Also, before doing anything make sure you do a patch test first and be super careful!

Make sure you’re familiar with the process before you do anything – reading the instructions as you go is how disasters happen!

We have a detailed guide on a lash lift at home which you can check out while you’re waiting for your kit to arrive.

The Best Lash Lift Kit – Our Top Picks

Speaking of kits, we’ve compiled the top 5 lash lift kits from Amazon:


Korean cosmetics never disappoint!

What makes this kit our favorite is the fact that it comes with doses of each product packaged separately. The individual sachets contain enough product for one perming process. This is really hygienic and ensures your product doesn’t go bad.

Having a big tube of solution can sometimes mean that it gets contaminated if not used carefully. Then it doesn’t last as many times as it could. Besides, some formulas even lose potency after being in contact with oxygen.

But this kit ensures you don’t waste any product and always get the best results!

ICONSIGN Lash Lift Kit

This easy-to-use, all-in-one eyelash lift kit allows you to get the perfect curl in just a few steps. The ICONSIGN Lash Lift Kit comes with enough supplies for 10-15 applications. Just make sure you space out the session for 6-8 weeks.

This set comes with a nourishing oil that helps the hairs regain their shine and flexibility, which is super useful.

Plus, it’s a favorite on social media!

Elevate the Beauty Eyebrow and Lash Lamination Kit

This is a 2-in-1 kit, containing products for both lash lift and brow lamination. If you were thinking about doing both anyway, this is a very thrifty solution. Besides, what complements perfectly curled lashes better than thicker and more defined eyebrows above them?

AYASAL Eyelash Perm Kit

One of Amazon’s best-selling lash kits!

According to the brand, their formula works for both professional and DIY treatments! The set contains enough supplies for multiple uses, just make sure you store it properly. The set also includes lash lift pads made of silicone instead of plastic and comes in 5 different sizes.

PINKZIO Eyelash Perm Kit

If we had to choose the best packaging, PINKZIO would be a sure winner! How stylish is that baby pink box?

Another product that’s supposed to be professional-quality, this set comes with multiples of each solution; you get 3 perming and 3 fixing solutions and 2 moisturizing solutions and cleansers.

Besides that, this kit also includes other necessary equipment. It has 5 pieces of 3 different brush types as well as various sizes of lash shields.

If you’ve decided to perm your lashes continuously, this set is the best choice for you. This kit saves tons of money in the long run!


Eyelash lift kit is sometimes referred to as eyelash perm kit – so what’s the difference? Lash lift is just the newer and improved technique of eyelash perm. But “eyelash lift kit” and “eyelash perm kit” can be used synonymously. Both enhance, lift, curl and give long-lasting results.

In Conclusion

When doing a DIY treatment with a lash lift kit be very careful. Don’t let any chemicals come in contact with your eyes and if they do, see a doctor immediately. And make sure you patch test before using anything, and try to educate yourself as much as possible before the procedure. Good luck!



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