Where Should Eyebrows Start, Arch, & End? DIY Brow Mapping Guide

By Emily M.| Last updated on April 1, 2024
where should eyebrows start
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The look of your eyebrows could define the look of your whole face. Shaping them the right way could help you enhance the beauty of your features, and they have so much power in shaping how other people perceive you.

They’re one of the primary ways others interpret our moods and feelings, so it’s no wonder they have been the focal point of many beauty trends.

Over just the past 5 years, eyebrows trends have gone from super-defined to natural, and are now seemingly going thinner and thinner in the spirit of 90s nostalgia. But no matter which style you prefer, eyebrow shape and placement is an unchanging factor.

Let’s dive in and look at where should eyebrows start, end, and arch!

Eyebrow Mapping – What Is It & How to Do It

This is the process of literally taking a pencil and mapping out where the eyebrow should go according to your face morphology. You figure out the points where should eyebrows start and end, and what their shape should be.

It should be the first step when you start grooming your brows, either at home or with a professional.

If you’re wondering where should my eyebrows start, you might feel inclined to look to social media for tips. There are tons of filters available on TikTok, Instagram, and the like to help you define these points.

It’s best you don’t rely on them too heavily – you know how glitchy and unstable they can get.

Instead, start from learning the basics: here’s everything you need to know about the anatomy of the eyebrow.

Names of eyebrow parts
Image source: Instagram @pmuhub

Then, get a pencil and a mirror and try out different styles until you find something you like!

As you can see in the video below, it’s also a very popular method to do it by coloring a string of thread with something easily removable – rubbing it against the tip of your favorite brow or eye pencil will work just fine – and simply pressing it against the skin to leave a line.

Professionals generally use a pre-inked thread, but you don’t necessarily need this fancy tool for at-home brow grooming.

If you’re DIY-ing this method, be careful if your hands aren’t steady or if you’re unsure whether you’re holding the string tight enough.

This is best done by someone else, ideally a professional at a salon. This is the first step when you book any eyebrow appointment, even if it’s just regular maintenance with a pair of tweezers.

For more tips on professional eyebrow mapping, check out this article!

When it comes to perfectly placing each point of the eyebrow, there’s been some debate among experts. We’re here to walk you through the most popular and most commonly agreed-upon way to approach it.

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Where Should Eyebrows Start?

It’s true that not every eyebrow style suits every face shape. That’s why this and all the other tips on getting the perfect eyebrow placement rely on using your other facial features as guiding points.

When it comes to professional treatments such as microblading, most professionals rely on this methodology as well.

Click here to find out more about microblading and how to use professional tools!

The head, or the starting point of the eyebrow should align with your nostrils.

To determine where should your eyebrows start, you can place a pencil or something equally thin and straight against your nose and point it towards the hairline.

Then you can just mark the starting point with your eyebrow pencil! If you’re using the string method, it’ll be even easier.

eyebrow mapping
Image source: Instagram @pmuhub

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Where Should Eyebrows End?

To achieve the most flattering look, the eyebrow’s end should align with your eye’s outer corner.

Using the same method we talked about, you can place your string/pencil by your nostril, then over the eye’s outer corner, and toward the hairline.

This is the easiest way to decide where should your eyebrows end, and, if done correctly, the most reliable!

One of the more common mistakes people make when drawing and grooming their eyebrows is making them too short. So, your new eyebrow length may surprise you!

Again, if you feel like this look doesn’t suit you, keep trying shapes and styles until you find something you love. You shouldn’t follow any of these guidelines blindly.

Eyebrow shape axisImage source: Instagram @pmuhub

Where Should Eyebrow Arch Be?

The arch of the brow is the trickiest part since it’s not something that can be easily moved.

Usually, the place where it appears naturally is the best option for you, and it’s typically aligned with the iris. The same string method can be applied again, exactly as it was when we were talking about mapping the head and the end of the brow.

Place the pencil diagonally from your nostril across your eye so that it aligns with your eyes when looking straight. Refer back to our illustration above.

Whether the arch will go higher or lower, mostly depends on your face shape, and so does the softness of the curve.

eyebrow outline where should eyebrows start, end and archImage source: Instagram @rosangelacamposmaison

What’s the Best Eyebrow Shape for Me?

Although eyebrow shapes are trends that come and go, it’s also true that certain face types suit certain eyebrow shapes better than others.

One of the luckiest shapes is the oval – most styles will suit those with oval faces! You can experiment all you want, not much can go wrong!

People with long faces are advised to try out a flatter eyebrow with a less prominent arch. This style will balance out your face and look super flattering!

Round faces look their best when complimented by S-shaped brows with arches slightly higher than average.

Square-shaped faces need softer lines to balance out their stronger features, so rounder brows will work best. However, you can also go for a more angled brow to compliment the sharp features – it’s up to your personal preference!

Similarly, the heart-shaped face is also best complimented by rounder brows, while diamond-shaped faces will require a slightly flatter and more angular look.

Here’s a more in-depth look at what eyebrow shape best suits which face shape (and how to achieve the best results)!

eyebrow arch shapesImage source: Instagram @pmuhub

Final Thoughts

At the end of the day, if you’re not an eyebrow professional, you don’t need a mathematical equation to find a style for yourself. You can experiment with different placements and shapes until you find something you love!

On the other hand, if you ARE an eyebrow professional, your client’s wish should override any advice you picked up along your journey. Show them the shape you think suits them best – but if they want to try something else, you should help them get the results that they want.

The exception is, of course, if you’re doing an eyebrow tattoo – in that case, following trends should come second to facial morphology!

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