Permanent Makeup for People with Glasses: Best Styles

By Emily M.| Last updated on February 20, 2024
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As a PMU artist, you understand the importance of enhancing the client’s natural beauty. However, working with people with glasses adds a new dimension to the artistry.

This challenge requires a thoughtful approach to make sure your work complements the client’s eyewear rather than competing with it.

So, here’s how to choose the best PMU styles for eyeliner and eyebrows to help you enhance your clients’ features without overshadowing their frames.

Before You Begin, Consider This First

When choosing the perfect PMU style for clients with glasses, you need to keep your eye on the bigger picture. It’s not only about how the makeup looks on its own but also about how well it works with the client’s eye accessories.

So, take a moment to consider these essential elements that significantly influence the end results of your work.

#1 Glasses Frame Style

The first thing you want to do is analyze whether your client’s frames are bold or delicate, round or angular. This will help you choose the PMU style that adds up to the facial symmetry and creates balance.

Then, consider the color of the frames. This will help you select pigments that work well with the frame color to enhance the client’s eyes without clashing with the glasses.

And don’t forget to take a look at the bridge and temple design of the glasses, as these aspects can influence the perceived balance of the face.

#2 Magnifying Effect

It’s also important for you to recognize how glasses can magnify or diminish the appearance of the eyes.

For clients with magnifying glasses, you would want to go for more subtle styles to avoid an overly dramatic effect.

Always remember to adjust the thickness and intensity of the PMU based on the magnification effect.

Work towards creating a balanced and aesthetically pleasing look that takes into account the interaction between the eyes, the permanent makeup, and the glasses.

#3 Client’s Face Shape

Take some time to study how the client’s glasses sit on their face, taking note of their face shapes and prominent features such as cheekbones, jawline, and forehead.

Here, you want to analyze the positioning and size of the eyes within the face, because this will help you maintain proportionality and avoid overwhelming or underwhelming the eyes.

Also, pay extra attention to the client’s brow arch and length to make sure your work complements their unique features. Adjust the angles to harmonize with the frame design and maintain a cohesive appearance.

clients-face-shape-glassesImage source: Freepik

The Best PMU Eyeliner Styles for Clients with Glasses

Customizing the eyeliner style based on the glasses helps you achieve a cohesive PMU look that’s perfectly matched to both your client’s natural beauty and the unique esthetics of their frames.

Let’s explore each PMU eyeliner style in detail:

Lash Line Enhancement

This subtle and sophisticated eyeliner style is perfect for all frame shapes and sizes.

By placing pigment along the lash line, you can create an illusion of fuller, darker lashes, without overshadowing the frames.

You can recommend this style to clients seeking a minimalistic yet impactful look, ensuring their eyes are beautifully framed by their glasses with an emphasis on enhancing their natural features.

Learn more about lash line enhancement here.

lash line enhancementImage source: Instagram @pmu_idil

Classic Eyeliner

For a timeless and universally flattering look for all glass wearers, but especially those rocking oval or rectangular frames, classic eyeliner is the go-to choice.

This style brings about a polished and defined appearance that enhances the eyes in a clean and balanced way.

Its versatility ensures that clients achieve a consistently elegant and well-defined gaze, making it a super wearable option for both casual, formal, and glam situations.

classic eyelinerImage source: Instagram @konstantinamarkou_mua

Shaded or Smokey Eyeliner

Shaded or smokey eyeliner is a perfect choice for clients with minimalistic frames, who want to add some depth and drama to their eyes.

By blending pigments to create a gradient effect, you can achieve an intriguing gaze — playful enough to attract attention, but not too harsh to overpower the frames.

Another plus is that this style can adapt to different frame shapes. From cat eyes to rectangular frames, it allows your clients to express their personality with a touch of glam.

shaded or smokey eyelinerImage source: Instagram @martina_c_microblading

Bottom Lash Line Enhancement

Whether the frames are bold and angular or delicate and rounded, bottom lash line enhancement complements a range of styles.

If your client is wearing minus-powered lenses that make their eyes look smaller, adding subtle definition to their lower lashline will create an illusion of larger, more expressive eyes.

This not only enhances the overall symmetry of the face but also makes sure that the eyes remain the focal point for bringing together the entire look.

bottom lash line enhancementImage source: Instagram @joelle_eileenpmu

The Best Brow Styles for People with Glasses

When choosing the perfect brow style, make sure to consider the shape and thickness of your client’s frame.

The rim of the frame should follow the line of your eyebrows, and at least half of the client’s eyebrows should show above the frames for a flattering fit.

Let’s take a look at how different styles work in practice:

Microblading and Nanoblading

If your client shows up with thick, statement frames and skinny, patchy, or thinning eyebrows, the best way to soften this harsh contrast is to use hair stroke techniques such as microblading and nanoblading.

By placing the pigment in all the right spots, you can add definition, fullness, and texture to thin brows, while maintaining a natural-looking appearance that won’t steal the show from the client’s bold frames.

microblading and nanobladingImage source: Instagram @browsbyraluca

Microshading and Powder Brows

If your client wears glasses with simple, minimalistic frames, their brows should have character and depth — not just to maintain balance, but also to add more accent to the eyes.

To achieve this brow style, you can choose between different shading techniques like microshading or powder brows.

With these styles, you can easily create a filled-in, dense look that enhances the natural thickness of the eyebrows.

See how it looks in real life:

microshading and powder browsImage source: Instagram @theoryofbeautee

Combo Eyebrows

Whether the frames are bold or subtle, combo brows can be adapted to complement different shapes and styles, which allows you to customize the look based on your client’s personal preference.

The microblading component of combo brows creates a hair-like appearance at the front of the eyebrows, for a softer, more realistic, and balanced look.

This effect can enhance your client’s aesthetics without appearing too harsh against the backdrop of glasses.

combo eyebrowsImage source: Instagram @browsbyraluca

So, How to Choose the Best PMU Style Based on Your Client’s Glasses?

Well, first you need to understand that the design of your client’s glasses plays a massive role in achieving the desired results.

By considering factors such as frame shape and color, you can customize your approach to enhance your client’s natural features and create a harmonious look that complements their chosen eyewear.

This personalized touch not only contributes to a beautiful makeup result but also simplifies your clients’ daily routines, making their lives happier and more satisfying.

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