How to Become a Lash Tech: A Step-by-Step Guide

By Emily M.| Last updated on April 29, 2024
how to become a lash tech
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Choosing a career in the beauty industry is one of the best choices you can make, because of its many perks such as flexibility, good income, and creativity.

Since eyelash extensions have become so popular and more and more people are choosing this way of enhancing their looks, becoming a lash tech is a really smart idea.

Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to become a lash tech and start a profitable business.

How to Become a Lash Tech – Step by Step

Here’s what you need to do to start your own eyelash extensions business:

Step 1 – Getting a License

You’ll need a license to practice lash extensions legally.

The requirements differ from country to county and state to state in terms of how to become a lash tech.

Most US states require you to have a cosmetology or esthetician license. Others don’t have any requirements and becoming a lash technician is completely unregulated.

The cosmetology license is usually issued by a governing body, such as the State Board of Cosmetology.

You need to check the regulations in your state and find out whether you need a cosmetology or esthetician license or none of them when you are researching how to become a lash tech in your area.

Step 2 – Getting Certified

Some states require eyelash extension certification, but most of them don’t – a cosmetology or esthetician license is enough.

But, even though doing eyelash extensions is something you can learn on your own, it’s advisable to take a course and get certified.

Completing a certification course approved by the Board will help you learn from professionals and get a certification, which will make clients trust you more.

Eyelash extensions are done on a sensitive area and that’s why you need to learn not just how to apply them properly but other things such as health and safety practices.

How to Become a Lash Tech - Step by Step
Image source: Instagram @sugarcanesalon

Digression – How to Find a Good Eyelash Extensions Course

Do your research – there are numerous live and online courses on how to become a lash tech. Check their reviews from the former students and their curriculum. A good eyelash extensions course should include:

  • All about tools and materials – how to choose the right tool for the procedure, which lash adhesives are good and what ingredients can cause allergic reactions with sensitive clients.
  • All about lash extensions – lash types, curls, thicknesses & lengths. Also, the difference between different materials from which the lashes are made.
  • Application – if you don’t know much about doing eyelash. extensions, you should start with learning classic lashes – 1:1 extensions and the most popular style, also the easiest to learn. Later, you can learn other techniques such as volume, hybrid, wispy lashes etc.
  • Health and safety practices – how to keep your space sterile and how to keep your clients safe and avoid risks.
  • Allergic reactions and infections precautions – what to do to avoid complications during and after eyelash extensions procedure.
  • Aftercare instructions – you’ll teach your client how to care for their extensions immediately after the treatment all until the infill. You’ll also explain to them when and why to book a lash fill.
  • Removal – the course should teach you how to remove eyelash extensions without damaging the client’s lashes.
  • Marketing your business – some reputable courses include tips for starting your own business. You can learn how to promote your services and grow your clientele.

Some courses include a kit for beginners to help you practice at home.

before and after wispy volume set wispy lashes
Image source: Instagram @lashesbylishax

Step 3 – Practicing

Before you start taking your first clients, you’ll need to practice a lot, until your craft is good enough. You can get props for this at first (find them online) and then do a couple of sets for your friends and family.

As your work gets better, you will take photos and build your online portfolio, such as an Instagram page, where you will promote your business.

Mapping the lashes and making them look even and as natural as possible is the hardest to achieve, so remember to work hard and don’t get discouraged if a couple of first sets are not as good as you want them to be.

Step 4 – Starting Your Own Business

Decide how and where you want to start.

The cheapest option is to start at home, but it’s not legal everywhere.

Another smart option is to rent a bed in an already established beauty salon, for example, a separate room at a hairdressers, a nail salon, or a makeup or permanent makeup salon.

That way, you will not only spend less on rent, but it will also be easier to find new customers. People love places where they can get more different services in one visit.

You can also open up your own salon, if you have enough to invest.

starting your own eyelash extensions business
Image source: Instagram @loraine.lashes

Step 5 – Set Your Prices

The average cost of classic eyelash extensions is around $150, while volume and wispy sets cost around $250.

As a beginner, you should set a lower price to attract new clients. Make sure it’s not too low, because it can look as if you are inexperienced or you use poor-quality materials.

Later, when you have a steady clientele and you improve your craft, you can slowly raise your prices.

Find a more detailed review of lash extensions prices in this cost guide.

Step 6 – Marketing

Now it’s time to advertise your services. There are different ways to do that.

Word-of-mouth is one of the most effective methods, so if you do a couple of models for free before you start charging for your services, you can ask them to recommend you if they are satisfied with your services.

A referral program is similar and it works very well. For example, you can give a client a discount on their infill if they bring in a new customer.

But a much faster and more efficient marketing strategy is advertising online. If you have enough to invest, find a partner who can run your Google ads.

Then, you can use social media to advertise your services. For example, you can post in local Facebook groups. Instagram is great too and you can also use their sponsored posts to reach a wider audience.

Build a strong follower base by sharing the before and after photos of your work and engaging with your followers. It’s a good strategy to share some tips and interesting things to all the people interested in getting eyelash extensions.

For instance, talk about proper maintenance, answer frequently asked questions etc.

lash extensions maintenance

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How to Become a Lash Technician for Lash Lifts

If you want to include the very popular lash lifting in your services, the process is almost the same as for eyelash extensions.

In some states, it’s enough to be an esthetician, while others require you to have a cosmetology license. Again, check with the local Health Department to find out what the requirements are.

Getting a lash lift certificate is recommended since you’ll be working with a sensitive area and the chemicals used can be dangerous if not handled properly. Also, your clients will trust you more if they see that you are a certified lash lift technician.

Lash Technician for Lash Lifts
Image source: Instagram @jadoretescils

Benefits of Becoming a Lash Tech

If you are thinking about a career as a lash tech, here are the benefits that will encourage you to start immediately:

  • The money is good – as we said, the average price of lash extensions set is $150-$250 depending on the style, which means you can earn a couple of thousands of dollars per month!
  • You don’t have fixed working hours – you can organize your appointments as it suits you and have as many as you want per day.
  • You’ll have returning clients – lash extensions are not a one-and-done thing. The clients will return every 2-3 weeks for their lash fill.
  • It’s a rewarding job – you help people feel better about themselves.

Doing lash extensions is also the perfect service to expand your service list with if you’re already a beauty professional who does something else.

To Sum Up & Wish You Luck

Choosing this business means you’ll be doing something creative and rewarding. Make sure you never stop learning and practicing, improving your skill and learning new techniques to make your work stand out.

Hopefully, our guide on how to become an eyelash tech is the first step towards your successful beauty career!

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