How Much Are Eyelash Extensions: Average Eyelash Extensions Price

By PMUHub Editorial Team| Last updated on November 1, 2022

A detailed guide on average eyelash extensions price for each style, as well as the results PMUHub’s research into the average prices of eyelash extensions in various cities across the USA.

How Much Are Eyelash Extensions - Average Eyelash Extensions Price by PMUHub

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Eyelash extensions are said to be a great investment because they improve your look, make your eyes pop, and you can say goodbye to mascara and lash curler. There are different styles to choose from – a subtle, mascara look achieved with classic lash extensions, or a more dramatic, volume look.

Keep reading to find out how much each of these costs and which additional expenses to expect.

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What Is the Average Eyelash Extensions Price?

The eyelash extensions price is different for each style and regular infills are charged separately. So let’s say that on average, classic lash extensions cost around $150, Russian volume lashes are more expensive and are usually around $230, while hybrid lashes usually cost around $190.

What Are Eyelash Extensions?

Eyelash extensions are semi-permanent fibers applied to your natural lashes. The most natural style is classic lashes, where 1 extension is applied to 1 natural lash. For a more dramatic look, people also choose volume lashes, where fans of 2-6 lashes are applied per one natural lash, or hybrid lashes, which combine these two techniques. Want to find out more about eyelash extensions? Follow the links: Eyelash Extensions: The Ultimate Guide Eyelash Extensions Aftercare and Maintenance

Eyelash extensions are semi-permanent fibers applied to your natural lashes.Image source: Instagram @fancylashesbyjade

What Does the Eyelash Extensions Price Depend On?

The average eyelash extensions price depends on:

  • The style you choose – it is different for classic, volume, mega volume, hybrid and other signature styles some salons offer.
  • The duration of the treatment – the full set of eyelash extensions usually takes around 2h to complete, but if you choose a half-set, it will be done more quickly and charged less.
  • The material – eyelash extensions can be made of natural materials (such as mink and sable) and synthetic ones (faux mink, silk etc). Natural materials are more expensive.
  • The expertise of the lash technician – if the salon/lash tech is popular, the price will be higher. In some salons you can choose the lash tech – whether you want service by a master technician or an apprentice, so the price depends on that too.

Eyelash Extensions Price for Different Styles

Classic Eyelashes Price

Average price: $150 for a full set, usually 1h 45min

The full set usually includes 80-100 lashes, but in some salons, it is also possible to get the set of fewer lashes, half-set, which costs less and is completed within one hour. Also, adding more extensions will raise the price.

If you choose natural lashes, it’s charged an extra $50.

Infill price: 50-70% of the full set price, if done 3-4 weeks after the treatment. The price of eyelash extension infills depends on the time when they’re done. The more weeks between the initial application and the fill-in, the higher the price.

Many salons have a special eyelashes price for returning clients.

Eyelash Extensions Price for Different StylesImage source: Instagram @beautyby.colbie

Russian Volume Eyelashes Price

Average price: $230

Russian lashes are fans of 2-6 light, thin extensions applied onto 1 natural lash. The price depends on whether you choose 2D, 3D, 4D, 5D, or 6D, and each one is approximately $20-$30 more expensive than the previous one.

You can also choose mega volume lashes that use fans of up to 16 extensions and they are approximately $50 – $70 more expensive than light volume lashes.

Infill price: 50-70% of the full set price, if done 3-4 weeks after the treatment

hybrid lashes eyelash extensions
Image source: Instagram @lashed_byyahaira

Hybrid Eyelashes Price

Average price: $190

Hybrid lashes are a combination of classic lashes and volume lashes. Classic lashes add length, while volume lashes add density and thickness. The hybrid eyelash extensions price depends on the material of the lashes, whether you want the full set or half-set, and the popularity and expertise of the lash technician.

Infill price: 50-70% of the full set price, if done 3-4 weeks after the treatment

Hybrid Eyelashes PriceImage source: Instagram @lashedbymare

Eyelash Extensions Infills Price

Eyelash extensions last 6-8 weeks, after which they fall off with your natural lashes because they are glued onto them. So, regular infills are required in order to keep the fresh, fluffy look of your lash extensions. They should be done 3-4 weeks after the initial application and the usual infill price is 50-70% of the full set price.

The more often you have fill-ins, the less you will pay. Some people book infills every 2 weeks and usually pay 25% of the full set price.

Basically, the eyelash extensions’ infills price depends on how many new extensions have to be applied.

Bottom Eyelash Extensions Price

Some people add extensions to the bottom lashes as well, for a more dramatic, dolly look. The price of the bottom eyelash extensions is, on, average, $60.

Bottom Eyelash Extensions PriceImage source: Instagram @littlelashlab

Eyelash Extensions Removal Cost

If you plan on removing your lash extensions, it is not advisable to do it on your own, because you risk damaging your natural lashes. So most salons offer professional eyelash extensions removal for $20 – $30.

Lash Bath Cost

If you want your lash extensions to last longer and to avoid the risk of infection, you need to keep them clean. Some salons offer a professional lash bath at the price of $10 – $20.

How Much Do Eyelash Extensions Cost in the USA?

Here is the list of average eyelash extensions prices in randomly picked cities in the United States. As you can see, the eyelashes price varies depending on the style you choose and your location.

Classic lashes – the prices are for a full set (80-100) lashes. If you choose a more dramatic set, add $20 to the price.

Volume lashes – the prices are mostly for 2D-3D sets. Each bigger set is approximately $20 more expensive.

Hybrid lashes – also for a standard set. More volume – higher prices.

NOTE: Infills are charged separately.

Average Eyelash Extensions Price
Chicago, IL
Classic $150
Volume $200
Hybrid $180
Aurora Area, IL
Classic $120
Volume $180
Hybrid $140
Classic $160
Volume $240
Hybrid $205
Albany, NY
Classic $130
Volume $165
Hybrid $150
Portland, OR
Classic $180
Volume $260
Hybrid $250
Salem, OR
Classic $165
Volume $200
Hybrid $170
Houston, TX
Classic $165
Volume $245
Hybrid $210
Dallas, TX
Classic $160
Volume $220
Hybrid $190
Miami, FL
Classic $195
Volume $250
Hybrid $240
Jacksonville, FL
Classic $160
Volume $220
Hybrid $190
Seattle, WA
Classic $175
Volume $240
Hybrid $220
Olympia, WA
Classic $140
Volume $215
Hybrid $180
Los Angeles, CA
Classic $150
Volume $240
Hybrid $220
San Diego, CA
Classic $140
Volume $210
Hybrid $170
San Francisco, CA
Classic $170
Volume $280
Hybrid $260
Phoenix, AZ
Classic $130
Volume $195
Hybrid $160

PMUHub’s research – eyelash extensions prices

Loyalty Program

Most salons offer lower eyelashes price for returning customers. The average prices in this text are for first-time customers.

How Do I Choose an Eyelash Extensions Salon Based on the Price?

The most important thing is that the lash technician is certified and that they work in sterile conditions. Also, it is important they use good quality materials.

Choosing the salon with average eyelash extensions price is a good starting point. But it is more important to research the tech, check their online reviews and their website/Instagram page.

How Do I Choose an Eyelash Extensions Salon Based on the Price?Image source: Instagram @my_lashing

Do Eyelash Extensions Pay Off?

It is true that eyelash extensions are not cheap. But if you want to improve your look, they are a good investment. The luscious, attractive look of the lashes can’t be achieved with just mascara. Eyelash extensions really look great – check out the photos! And that is why they are so popular. Bear in mind that they are not really low-maintenance – you will need to book infills at least once a month and pay additionally.

Eyelash Extensions Price – Main Takeaways

Eyelash extensions price varies and depends on different factors. The average cost for each style is different, so you can expect to pay $150 for the classic set, $230 for the volume set, and $190 for the hybrid set plus additional expenses for regular infills.



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