Eyelash Extensions Aftercare and Maintenance

By PMUHub Editorial Team| Last updated on July 11, 2023

Read our eyelash extensions aftercare and maintenance tips to have luscious, thick, and gorgeous lashes as long as possible.

Eyelash Extensions Aftercare and Maintenance by PMUHub

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Eyelash extensions are a perfect solution for those who want to wake up with luscious, long, and thick lashes and shorten their morning makeup routine. They are an extremely popular, safe procedure, but require proper maintenance to last as long as 6-8 weeks, as promised.

So, let’s learn all about proper eyelash extensions aftercare and maintenance.

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Why Is Eyelash Extensions Aftercare and Maintenance Important?

Lash extensions follow the growth cycle of the natural lashes and fall of with them, so they last 6-8 weeks without infills. They require proper aftercare for 24-48 hours after the treatment and regular maintenance, which includes brushing and cleaning (more about that in the text below). If you don’t take care of the lash extensions properly, you may have to deal with premature lash extensions loss.

What Are Lash Extensions?

Lash extensions are semi-permanent fibers that are attached to your natural lashes, to make them look more voluminous. They can be made of natural materials (usually mink fur) or man-made (synthetic, faux mink, or silk fibers). Individual lash extensions or small fans of two or more extensions are dipped into an adhesive and glued to your natural lashes.

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Lash Extensions Styles

The most popular styles of eyelash extensions are:

  • Classic lashes (1:1) – one eyelash extension applied to 1 of the natural lashes. Also called individual lash extensions or 1 to 1 lash extensions.
  • Volume lashes (2-6:1) – also known as Russian volume lash extension; small fans of 2 to 6 thin lashes applied to one of the natural lashes. Give volume, thickness and density. It is also possible to apply fans of up to 16 lash extensions and get mega volume lashes.
  • Hybrid lashes – the combination of classic lashes (which give length) and Russian volume lashes (give volume and thickness). They look more natural than volume lashes.

Want to find out more about eyelash extensions? Follow the link: Eyelash Extensions: The Ultimate Guide

Eyelash Extensions Aftercare

After the treatment, you will be asked to follow eyelash extensions aftercare tips in order not to ruin the extensions:

  • Don’t wash your lash extensions 24h after the treatment.
  • Avoid long showers and steam for 24h after the treatment.
    Be careful when you wash your face after the lash extensions treatment. Use a cloth and avoid the eye area.
  • Don’t use oil-based products, they will break down the adhesive.
  • Don’t use the lash curler.
  • Don’t touch your lashes.
  • No rubbing or pulling the extensions.
  • Sleep on your back.
  • Don’t use mascara during lash extensions aftercare.

lash extensions aftercare instructions

Eyelash Extensions Maintenance

Eyelash extensions are said to last 6-8 weeks, but after 3-4 weeks, there will be 40-50% of extensions remaining. Here are the tips on how to make your eyelash extensions last longer:

Get Lash Extension Infills

Book an infill appointment to prolong the effect of your eyelash extensions. The fill-in or top-up should be done 3-4 weeks after the initial treatment, and most lash technicians require you to have at least 40-50% of the extensions. If you wait longer, the full set will need to be applied and you will be charged the full price.

Brush Your Lashes Regularly

Brushing your lashes with a clean spoolie will make them last longer, without looking tangled. This is especially important for Russian volume lashes, mega volume lashes, and hybrid lashes.

Avoid Oil-Based Products

Use only oil-free products to remove makeup. Oil will cause premature lash extensions loss since it will break down the adhesive.

Avoid Mascara

Mascara will loosen the bond between natural lashes and lash extensions. So, if you really want to use it, make sure it is waterproof, and use mascara only on classic lashes, never on volume or hybrid lashes. Apply mascara to the tips of the lashes only. No need to swipe from root to tip.

Wash Your Eyelash Extensions Regularly

It is important to clean your lash extensions every day, especially if you have Russian volume lashes or hybrid lashes. Here is how to clean your lash extensions.

Image source: Instagram @makeovers_bymel

Cleaning Eyelash Extensions

As said above, cleaning eyelash extensions is important, to remove all the oils, bacteria and make your lash extension last longer. Here is how to clean eyelash extensions:

  • Use micellar water or other specially designed product or foam.
  • Use a clean brush – it is recommended to use a wider eyeshadow brush.
  • Dip it in the cleansing foam or micellar water and go over your lashes gently, to remove oils and dirt. Brush side to side and down and out.
  • Soak the brush in the water and rinse the lashes gently.
  • Dry them with a tissue.
  • If you want to make sure your lashes are completely dry (they need to be), dry them with a blow dryer (recommended for volume and hybrid lashes). Make sure to use the cold setting because the heat can damage the extensions.

How Often Do I Need to Clean Lash Extensions?

Lash technicians say that you need to clean your lash extensions every other day for classic lashes, and every day for Russian volume and hybrid lashes.

What Can I Use to Clean My Lash Extensions?

It is important to use oil-free products. Ask your artist to recommend a lash cleanser, but a good old micellar water will also work just fine. Some people recommend baby shampoo, but recently, lash artists say that it should be avoided since it contains fragrances.

What Can I Use to Clean My Lash Extensions? Image source: Instagram @ohhlashes

Can You Shower with Eyelash Extensions?

During lash extensions aftercare, in the first 24-48h it is advisable to avoid showers, in order to keep your freshly done lash extensions dry. However, if you really need to, try not to get the lashes wet. Turn your face away from the shower jets. If you need to wash your hair, some people advise wearing swimming goggles to keep the lashes dry. After the first 24-48 hours, you can shower normally and even swim with eyelash extensions. Just remember to dry them afterward. To do that, use a tissue that will soak up the excess water. Blow-dry your lash extensions with a hair drier on the cold setting. If you dry your lash extensions, they will last longer.

What Happens If I Cry With My Eyelash Extensions?

If that happens in the first 24 hours, it can affect the lash glue and cause premature lash loss. Make sure you dry them gently afterward.

What Happens If I Cry With My Eyelash Extensions?Image source: Instagram @fancylashesbyjade

Removing Eyelash Extensions

If you skip the top-up appointment, eyelash extensions will be gone after 6-8 weeks. But if you want to remove them sooner, or to get rid of those couple of remaining lashes, it is best to visit your lash technician for a removal service.

Don’t do it on your own, because you can damage your natural lashes. Lash artists have adequate products they use to remove the lash extensions successfully, without damaging your natural lashes.

What If My Eyelash Extensions Fall Out Too Quickly?

Eyelash extensions will follow the lash growth cycle, which means they will fall off with your natural lashes. They shed all the time and people lose approximately 20 lashes per week. However, sometimes eyelash extensions fall off too quickly.

There are different reasons why eyelash extensions start falling out too soon:

  • Improper application – the lash technician did not apply them properly, probably used less glue than needed.
  • Improper eyelash extensions aftercare – You didn’t follow the aftercare steps and got your lashes wet too quickly after the treatment.
  • You didn’t clean your lashes regularly.
  • You used mascara and oil-based products.
  • You touched and picked the lashes too often.
  • You sleep on your face, thus causing them to fall out.
  • Weather conditions – humidity and heat will affect the lash glue.
  • Poor quality materials – the lash glue is not good and strong enough.
  • The wrong choice of the lash extension style – maybe the lash extensions are too heavy if your natural lashes are small and weak.

So, what to do? Contact your lash technician and tell them about the problem. Find the cause of the issue. If it was their fault, they need to add more extensions at the infill appointment. If you think the artist is not skilled enough or uses low-quality products, find another artist.

If it was your fault, make sure you follow the eyelash extensions aftercare tips next time.

What If My Eyelash Extensions Fall Out Too Quickly?Image source: Instagram @mink_lash_wholeseller01

Eyelash Extensions Aftercare and Maintenance – Main Takeaways

Before booking a lash extensions appointment, it’s useful to get informed about the eyelash extensions aftercare and maintenance, to know how to behave afterward, and to learn how to make your lash extensions last as long as possible.



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