Microblading on Top of Tattooed Eyebrows: Is It Possible?

By Emily M.| Last updated on December 16, 2022
microblading on top of tattooed eyebrows
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People who have an old eyebrow tattoo, especially if it’s done the old way and looks blocky, usually seek the best way to cover it up and make it look more natural.

It is already well known that microblading gives your eyebrows natural-looking hair strokes. Natural beauty is very trendy and that’s why this treatment is so popular.

So, a very common question that pops up is: Can I get microblading on top of tattooed eyebrows? Is it even possible?

Well, let’s find out.

Is Microblading On Top of Tattooed Eyebrows Possible?

Well, it depends.

If you have an old eyebrow tattoo and want to cover it up with microblading, first you will have to find a microblading artist who will do that. Some of them (especially beginners, but that’s not the rule) don’t want to work over someone else’s work.

All the artists who do corrections and cover-ups will ask you to take pictures of your eyebrows from different angles and send them to them, or see you in person, before they accept you as a client.

So, let’s say there are 2 situations and outcomes if you want to get microblading on top of tattooed eyebrows, depending on the state of the tattoo.

You Old Eyebrow Tattoo Is Very Light

If your old eyebrow tattoo is pretty faded and barely visible, then the chances your microblading on top of tattooed eyebrows work out are high.

Microblading strokes will be completely visible. However, some shade from the old tattoo may be noticeable underneath. Sometimes, artists will recommend adding micro shading to the strokes to get better results.

If your old tattoo has an unattractive color, your brows will need some correction first. The artist will know which color to use to neutralize gray, orange or blueish eyebrow tattoos.

microblading on top of tattooed eyebrows which are very light
Image source: Instagram @ebh_browjam

Your Old Eyebrow Tattoo Is Too Dark

If your old eyebrow tattoo is too dark, too saturated, even after the years have passed, it probably means that the pigment or ink was implanted too deep and that microblading on top of tattooed eyebrows is not possible.

The reason is pretty obvious – hair strokes will not be visible, and the results won’t look natural.

One solution to this problem is to get removal. Your options are laser removal or saline tattoo removal. These are the most effective ways to get rid of an old eyebrow tattoo.

How many sessions you’ll need is also something you can’t determine on your own. The removal technician will assess the situation and try to predict how many sessions will be needed.

They also need to take into consideration how your skin will react after each session.

If removal is just not an option, your old eyebrow tattoo can’t be covered with microblading. Some other permanent makeup treatment may be recommended, like powder brows, but again, it depends on the state of your old eyebrow tattoo.

microblading on top of tattooed eyebrows because they are too dark
Image source: Instagram @brenbeaute


Whether you can or cannot get microblading on top of tattooed eyebrows, the same applies to nano brows, too. Nano brows give hair strokes, too, and if your old brow tattoo is too dark for microblading, it’s also too dark for nano brows.

Combo Brows or Shading Are the Ultimate Solutions

As said above, when microblading on top of tattoo eyebrows is possible, it is usually combined with shading to give more realistic and natural results.

Combo brows are a combination of microblading and shading, i.e. hair strokes and shading. Hair strokes are usually done at the head of the eyebrows and the tail is shaded.

Combo brows are a great cover-up solution, especially if the tail is darker than the head of the brow.

If the old brow tattoo is very light, and the head is equally faded as the tail, then the whole brow can be microbladed and some shading added for better, fresh results. The shading is so light that it doesn’t cover up hair strokes.

combo brows microblading on top of tattooed eyebrows
Image source: Instagram @browengel

Is Microblading on Top of Tattooed Eyebrows Different from Microblading Virgin Brows?

Virgin eyebrows is a term permanent makeup artists use to refer to brows that have never been tattooed before.

When they tattoo virgin brows they have established steps to follow – mapping, numbing, usually two passes of microblading, and sometimes pigment masks in between.

Microblading on top of tattooed eyebrows is pretty much the same. The exception is made if there is a need for color correction.

The microblading artist will use special pigments or neutralizers to correct the unattractive color of the old tattoo and make it look more natural.

How to Take a Picture of Your Old Eyebrow Tattoo

Microblading artists who accept to microblade over an old tattoo will definitely ask for a picture of your old tattoo (unless they see your eyebrows in person, of course).

Here’s how to take the picture properly, so the artists can advise you properly on what to do next.

Take at least 3 photos:

  • One straight-on, full face
  • One from the left
  • One from the right

It’s advisable to use the back camera and find good, natural light. If possible, ask someone to help you and take a photo of each eyebrow as well as straight on.

Don’t send blurry photos, photos taken in bad lighting and photos with filters. It is just a waste of time because the artists cannot assess the situation properly.

how to take photos of your old brow tattoo


Microblading on top of tattooed eyebrows is usually possible, but it depends on how saturated, dark and dense your old tattoo is.

Experienced artists will assess the situation, do a color correction if needed, and recommend either only microblading or some other technique such as combo brows or shading.

If the tattoo is too dark, removal is the only option. Make sure you find an experienced microblading artist who is an expert in cover-ups and color correction and knows what to do to get the best, natural results.

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