Hailey Bieber Nails: How This A-Lister’s Manicures Changed the Game

By Katarina V.| Last updated on May 27, 2024
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When it comes to setting beauty trends in the past few years, one person stood out from the crowd – Hailey Bieber. At this point, it’s impossible to talk about nails without mentioning the famous Hailey Bieber nails.

From food names (strawberry, cherry, lemonade, and donuts) to sparkly chromes, this supermodel never fails to set a new trend or simply reinvent an old one.

Coming up, we’re on a mission to inspire you with these Hailey Bieber nails and break down each set to the smallest details (you’re welcome).

Glazed Donut Nails

There’s no need to explain these – they were probably the most viral nails shown on social media, like, ever. This chrome set was the one that started all the craze and for a good reason.

It’s futuristic and modern, but still timeless and classy, at the same time.

No wonder it’s one of the biggest nail trends in 2024!

Also known as glazed donut nails, they feature a neutral, pinkish undertone with chrome powder on top. To seal the deal, tell your manicurist to put an ultra-glossy finish on top.

glazed donut nailsImage source: Instagram @nailsbyzola

Lemonade Nails

These are truly inspired by summer – they are yellow, fun, and go perfectly with all your bikinis and a sunkissed tan. To stay in the same color scheme, she paired these with pink eyeliner, rosy cheeks, and glossy lips.

Lemonade nails truly made an impact because they were a departure from her usual pinkish nudes and pearly chromes. This summer, try a yellow hue with chrome powder on top!

lemonade nailsImage source: Instagram @haileybieber

Sheer Nails

When it comes to classic and timeless, you can’t go wrong with sheer, nude nails. These are perfect for any occasion, any outfit, any kind of jewelry you name it, it’s good together.

Sheer manicures are a very common choice for her, as they can be paired with anything.

This time, Bieber decided to wear them for her vacation, and as you can see, they stand out even more with a bronzy tan.

hailey bieber sheer nailsImage source: Instagram @haileybieber

Strawberry Nails

Staying true to food names, it’s time to talk about the iconic strawberry nails. After setting yet another trend on social media, strawberry makeup, Hailey decided to go one step further and do strawberry-inspired nails too!

She opted for dainty nail art on her ring and middle fingers, which stood out from the rest of the sheer nail tips. It’s cute and fun, yet still simple and pairable with different kinds of makeup, especially if you like blush on your cheeks and nose.

strawberry nails hailey bieberImage source: Instagram @haileybieber

Sunset Nails

Inspired by a beautiful sunset in the summer, this nail design is tailor-made for beach lovers.

This set is truly a loud-and-proud moment, with bold colors and different nail art techniques. It’s different, unique, and not for those who opt for simpler manicures.

If you enjoy spending your free time in bikinis, sipping on a cold drink, and tanning for hours and hours (with SPF, of course), then show this set to your manicurist and experiment with different colors!

sunset nailsImage source: Instagram @haileybieber

Red French Tip Nails

For a festive, mob wife look, the Rhode founder opted for this not-so-ordinary French manicure that features a twist – the tips are actually red. She paired them with red lipstick and simple makeup, but all of this looks stunning together.

This whole look is both festive and fun at the same time, makes a statement but it’s not overwhelming or too loud because of a simpler outfit and makeup choice.

red french tipsImage source: Instagram @nailsbyzola

Cherry Nails

In her food-themed fashion, Hailey decided to sprinkle her usual routine with this adorable cherry nail art.

But, it’s not an ordinary manicure – these almond-shaped French tips were powdered with chrome and a cherry on top (literally).

With major summer vibes, she paired her cute cherry nails with a tiny bikini top and a sports cap. All red, of course!

cherry nailsImage source: Instagram @haileybieber

Black Nails

As we already know by now, Bieber is no stranger to class and elegance, and these Gala-themed black nails prove just that. They are truly fierce and powerful and work very well with all kinds of night-out outfits.

They might not be suitable for your everyday looks, but if you want to switch it up and channel your dark-cat energy, then opt for this bold set.

black nailsImage source: Instagram @nailsbyzola

Brown Glazed Nails

This brown set is the latest addition to her glazed moments, and if you’re a frequent user of TikTok and Instagram, then you’ve probably seen them all over your feed.

They are perfect for autumn and winter and are sort of an homage to her latte makeup (yes, another Hailey Bieber trend).

As you can see in the picture, she likes pairing them with cozy shirts and sweaters, but they go well with suits, leather jackets, and anything you want.

brown glazed nailsImage source: Instagram @haileybieber

Metal Accents Nails

Hailey enjoys her sheer, pearly nudes, but she also enjoys experimenting with different nail designs and embellishments.

This time, she went all in with this neon green color that was topped with molten metal accents.

This metal aesthetic is one of the most 2024 nail trends, and if you aren’t afraid of testing something new, go for it!

metal accents nails hailey bieberImage source: Instagram @haileybieber

Red Nails

This is one of those manicures that will always be popular, but recently, there has been a surge in red nails all over TikTok. Once again, thanks to Mrs Hailey.

Partly due to the strawberry makeup trend, Bieber switched her pearly manicures and chromes for the chic, timeless red set. And, guess what – it goes well with all her outfits and jewelry too.

red nails hailey bieberImage source: Instagram @haileybieber

So, Which Hailey Bieber Nails Are Your Favorite?

From makeup and nails to skincare and fashion choices – it’s safe to say that Hailey Bieber is a trendsetter, and she truly is an it-girl. Every single one of her sets had its moment, and our Pinterest boards are still filled with all of them.

So, if you want something trendy, classy, and versatile for your next nail appointment, show one of these 11 Hailey Bieber Nails to your nail technician so you can be an it-girl too!

Cover Image Source: Instagram @haileybieber



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