Critical Atom X Power Supply: What Is It and Why You Need One

By PMUHub Editorial Team| Last updated on February 23, 2024
critical atom x power supply
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Being a professional permanent makeup artist means investing in quality and handy equipment which will make your job easier and your results immaculate.

Permanent makeup machines are definitely something you should choose carefully since some of the best machines cost hundreds of dollars. But there’s also additional equipment that will help you control the machine without interrupting your work.

Critical Atom X power supply is a product you’ve probably heard of, and today we’ll tell you more about it.

What Is Critical Atom X Power Supply?

If you work in permanent makeup you know that every machine needs a power supply. Critical Atom X is one of the most popular choices of many PMU artists. It has all the features you need to make your work smooth.

Here are some of the reasons PMU artists love this device.

1. Its Small Dimensions

Critical Atom X Power Supply is a small and compact device, very suitable for traveling PMU artists. It fits in the palm of your hand and it’s very light. It is connected to your PMU machine via RCA cable.

The design is very simple, and the device is very easy to clean and protect as well as pack in the luggage if you travel.

2. It Doesn’t Slip

Even though it’s small and light, it won’t slip off a surface that easily.

The aluminum housing has 4 strong, built-in magnets, so the device can be attached to any metal surface.

Besides these strong magnets, there is a silicon base that makes the device stand in place even if the surface is not magnetic.

Magnets at the bottom of Atom X are so strong which means this device can be attached even to a horizontal surface.

3. Voltage Indicator

The voltage range goes from 1.5 to 17 and there is a small display that shows which voltage you are using at the moment. An interesting feature this power supply has is a color-changing voltage indicator.

It also has two modes to easily switch from liner to a shader.

4. It’s Universal

Critical Atom X power supply is compatible with all coil and rotary machines. This means that whether you already have a machine you use and love, or are planning to buy a new one, it should be compatible with the Critical Atom X.

5. Foot Pedal

It can be connected to a foot pedal and you can choose a maintained or momentary mode.

For those PMU artists who are not fans of foot pedals, there’s a pedal override button, which means there’s no need for a foot pedal if you run continuous mode.

6. Jump Start Enabled

The jump start is another feature of Atom X power supply that PMU artists love so much. Jumpstart is very useful for machines that are difficult to start and need extra power to get going and PMU artists love this feature.

Just press the up and down buttons at the same time, and the jump start is enabled.

7. It’s Easy to Cover

It’s important to protect your PMU equipment to avoid cross contamination. Since Critical Atom X is so small, it’s easy to cover in a protective film. It’s still easy to see the buttons and the display through the see-through protection film.

8. It’s Good Value for the Money

Critical Atom X has so many fans among PMU artists and the reviews are very positive. With the price of only around $250, you get a machine that is always consistent, completely reliable, easy to manipulate, transfer and clean.

Which Voltage Is Typically Used for Ombre Powder Brows?

This is one of the most common questions PMU artists ask. However, there is no one universal transfer because different machines will need different speeds. It also depends on the PMU artist’s hand movement.

For ombre and powder brows, PMU artists usually recommend to work somewhere between 4-6 volts. But remember that it’s all the question of practice and experience. If you are just starting out, you can go with this voltage and of course change it if it doesn’t work for you.

Which Voltage Is Typically Used for Nano Brows?

Similarly to the previous question, the voltage will depend on the machine and the artist’s hand movement. The most usually recommended Critical Atom X voltage for nano brows (machine hair strokes) is somewhere between 6 and 8 volts, but again, it doesn’t mean it will work for your machine.

hover power supply voltage used by PMU artistsImage Source: PMUHub’s Instagram survey

What’s the Difference Between Critical Atom and Critical Atom X Power Supply?

The previous version of the Critical power supply, Critical Atom, is very similar to the new version. The most obvious difference is that Critical Atom has a button, like a wheel to spin around to control the voltage, instead of a display.

The advantage of having a display instead of a button is that the one with the display is easier to use when it’s protected. If you cover it in protective film, it’s easier to just press the button than to spin the wheel with the plastic on.

What Colors Are Available?

Critical Atom X can currently be found in three colors: silver, black and pink.

What’s Included with It

The package includes: the power supply & a power adapter.

You’ll also get a manual that will help you set up the device and learn how to use it. Remember that Critical Atom X is known for being very user-friendly so learning how to use it will not be a rocket science.

The manual also includes the explanation of the color chart. Each color shows a different voltage and once you’ll get familiar with which color refers to which voltage, it will also make your work easier and faster.

what is included with critical atom x power supply

Where Can I Get A Critical Atom X Power Supply

If you are interested in this product, look no further! We have Critical Atom X Power Supply in all 3 colors in the PMUHub shop! You will also get a comprehensive 2-year manufacturer’s warranty.



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