A List of Must-Have Products in Your Eyebrow Tattoo Kit

By Emily M.| Last updated on April 19, 2024
eyebrow tattoo kit
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High-quality eyebrow tattoo products and tools are a must for every working PMU artist.

But, sometimes it’s hard to choose among so many manufacturers and brands, and what works for someone else may not be the best choice for you.

That’s why we created a list of things you need when you are just starting your PMU career. These are some of the best-rated products you should try because they are among the favorites in the PMU industry.

Essential Things in Your Eyebrow Tattoo Kit

There are some things that PMU artists can’t work without, and there are other handy items that help them and make their work faster and better.

Here’s the list of some essential products in your eyebrow tattoo kit:

A Reliable PMU Machine

The most important tool in your eyebrow tattoo kit is a reliable permanent makeup machine.

There are many, many options to choose from, but if you’re looking to invest into something that will last, Microbeau is the way to go.

Their range is wide and you can choose the best device for your service list based on features.

See the full list of the best PMU machines according to PMU artists here.

Or Microblades

If you do manual eyebrow tattoo, i.e. microblading, you’ll search for the best microblading blades for your eyebrow tattoo kit.

See a couple of tried-and-true options below, learn more about microblading needles here, or check out our list of the Top 7 Blades you can find on Amazon.

Needle Cartridges

The right choice of disposable needle cartridges for your PMU machine is something that is also essential in your eyebrow tattoo kit.

The easiest option would be to choose a machine that requires universal needles, and needles that can go into any machine, such as Vertix needle cartridges.

Vertix offers a variety of needles and you will need to choose different needles for different PMU treatments.

Quality Pigments

Another crucial thing for the success of an eyebrow tattoo is the choice of pigment. Pigments of different brands are of different consistency, quality, formulation and duration.

It’s important to find the perfect pigments and mix them into a suitable shade for each client.

Leading pigment brands are well known for their good quality, and you can find them in the PMUHub Shop.

You probably already heard about Perma Blend pigments, as well as their collaborations with Tina Davies, Brow Daddy, as well as Evenflo. Try them and see which one you will choose to be the regular part of your eyebrow tattoo kit.

Numbing Cream

A good numbing cream is necessary if you want to make the treatment as comfortable for the client as possible.

Zensa is the most popular brand on the market and is known for being a reliable, fast-acting and intense topical anesthetic.

But there are many options out there, such as Tag #45 Numbing Gel.

See a couple of our picks below, or read this guide for more information about numbing creams and more alternatives.

Mapping Tools

But before you even start the eyebrow tattooing process, you will have to deal with a very important and, for beginning artists, the hardest step – mapping. So, anything that can help you improve your mapping to perfection is worth the money.

When it comes to mapping tools, you can choose to get eyebrow rulers, calipers or strings. All of them can be very useful for achieving eyebrow symmetry.

If you don’t know which will work the best, try out different mapping methods and tools to see which one you find the most suitable for your work.

But let’s take a closer look at different tools.

Mapping String

Some artists use only mapping string to create the perfect eyebrow shape, while others combine it with other tools, such as rulers and calipers.

You can find out all about using the mapping string here. When it comes to Amazon recommendations, here are our picks:

Measuring Caliper

The measuring caliper is something beginner artists swear by. It helps them achieve perfect precision and create eyebrows as symmetrical as possible. They are made of plastic and you can get them in different colors.

BB Compass

With this tool, you can create the perfect symmetry and shape of brows in a matter of minutes.

The secret is in the unique flip measurement feature that allows you to determine key points in brow mapping with just a few strokes.

This, in combination with the golden ratio (φ), results in beautifully mapped brows that match your client’s natural features and their unique face structure. 

Eyebrow Ruler

Eyebrow rulers are another popular choice for creating perfect symmetry.

These are attached above the client’s eyebrows and removed afterward. A good eyebrow ruler is one that will stick, but not irritate the client’s skin on the forehead.

Eyebrow Mapping Pencil

Artists sometimes find it hard to make the right choice when it comes to a mapping pencil.

This is an important tool in an eyebrow tattoo kit and you’ll want one that doesn’t smudge easily, but again, gets easily removed after the treatment.

See top picks below or check out the full list of the best mapping pencils on the market.

Useful Gadgets and Accessories

There are more tools for the eyebrow tattoo kit that PMU artists can’t work without. All of them are very important and helpful.

Pigment Holder Ring Cups

Ring cups are also a necessity for PMU artists.

They are handy little things attached to a finger and used for holding ink or pigment in which the blade is dipped and they make artists’ work much easier.

You can get these on Amazon or PMUHub:

Pigment Mixer

Good-quality pigments are something that will affect your work, along with the blade and of course, your knowledge and technique. But one of the things that can come in handy is a pigment mixer.

PMUHub Shop and Amazon offer a great choice of pigment mixers, and here are just some of the best picks, in pink and black color.

See the full list and instructions on how to use the mixer in this article.

Hygiene Essentials

It’s important to follow sanitation protocols at all times, and work in sterile conditions during the treatment.

This means that you need to stock up on disposable products that will keep the hygiene in your salon at a high level.

Here are some recommendations for hygiene things and other accessories you’ll need during a microblading treatment:

Wipes to Remove Makeup Pre-Treatment

Dental Bibs for Covering up the Microblading Chair


We picked out some of the most popular products for your eyebrow tattoo kit.

However, make sure you do your research and read customer reviews before making any purchases to ensure that you are getting what you want and need.

If you want to go a step further and update your brow kit with some high-end PMU essentials and accessories, you can find everything you need and more on PMUHub Shop.



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