Tattooed Eyebrows Gone Wrong: Why and What to Do?

By Katarina V.| Last updated on May 19, 2022
Tattooed Eyebrows Gone Wrong: What Can Happen and What to Do?
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Eyebrow tattoos are nothing like they used to be. Nowadays, they look much more natural, pigments used are much safer, and they are supposed to fade after some time, which is why more and more people choose this method of enhancing their eyebrows.

But sometimes, tattooed eyebrows can go wrong. Let’s see why this happens and what to do in these situations.

How Can Tattooed Eyebrows Gone Wrong Happen?

Tattooed eyebrows gone wrong situations happen usually if a client doesn’t choose a certified, licensed and experienced eyebrow tattoo artist, but other causes are also possible. Here are some possible scenarios that can happen:

Your eyebrow tattoo is completely botched

  1. You ended up with an undesired shape or color (or both) of your eyebrows – they just don’t suit your face. Your brows may be uneven, and you are desperate. This is usually because the artist’s skills are just not good enough – the artist isn’t good at mapping, outlining, or the tattooing itself.

Sometimes, it’s because of poor communication between the artist and the client.

What to do:

  • First, you will need to decide how great the damage is. If the shape and the color are good, but you just don’t like them and think they don’t suit your face, maybe you are experiencing a brow shock, and you just need some time to get used to your new brows. Bear in mind that they will fade and shrink after the healing period is over.
  • If they are too dark even after healing, and the shape is good, there are some ways to fade them at home – try retinol or hydrogen peroxide paste.
  • If they are a little bit uneven, you can fill them with makeup until you are allowed to book a touch up. The touch up is done 6-8 weeks after the initial treatment. However, you can’t wear makeup in the first 2 weeks after the treatment – the brows are an open wound and you risk getting them infected.
  • If they really look disastrous and you feel there’s no saving your tattooed eyebrows gone wrong, you can do an emergency removal with saline, but only in the first 48h after the treatment. Otherwise, you will need to wait for them to heal completely and start a removal with saline, glycolic acid or laser.

Your Eyebrow Tattoo Is Completely BotchedImage source: Instagram @newfacebychristine

You messed up the aftercare so your tattooed eyebrows gone wrong

No matter whether you choose to get microblading, powder brows, nano brows, or any other treatment, they all require following an aftercare routine and the instructions are pretty strict, especially in the first 2 weeks. However, they are not that hard to follow.

Not doing what your artists advised you to, you risk getting your eyebrows infected, losing all the pigment and your tattooed eyebrows gone wrong. That is why you need to clean your eyebrows regularly, avoid excessive sweating, swimming, saunas, use the prescribed ointment and most importantly, not pick the scabs.

What can happen if you mess up the aftercare?

You can affect pigment retention and all the work can be damaged. Picking the scabs can lead to permanent scarring as well. Contact your artist and they will tell you what to do. If the damage is not too bad, they can fix it at the touch up appointment.

The pigment is all gone after the scabbing ended

The scabbing stage, which starts 3-5 days after the treatment, is the most annoying. Scabs form and then they peel for up to 7 days. After the peeling is over, you will notice your eyebrows look much lighter. For some people, they may even look as if there’s no pigment left at all, which can make them think their tattooed eyebrows gone wrong.

What to do?

This is called the ghosting stage or the light stage and it is completely normal – in most cases, the pigment is back until the healing period is over. But sometimes, although very rarely, it doesn’t.

To find out all about the ghosting stage and what to do if the pigment doesn’t reappear, read this article.

You got an infection

Getting an eyebrow tattoo nowadays is a pretty safe procedure, but the risk of getting an infection is always present when the skin is being opened. It can happen during the treatment if the artists used unsterile tools. That is why it’s important to research the artist carefully before you book a treatment.

Some people get their brows infected during the healing period. To avoid this, take care of your brows as advised.

If you somehow end up with an infection, consult your artist as well as a dermatologist immediately. You may need antibiotics.

How to Avoid Tattooed Eyebrows Gone Wrong?

As mentioned above, you should choose an eyebrow tattoo artist carefully. It should be someone who is certified, meaning they have completed their training, and licensed, meaning their salon has been inspected and approved by the health inspection.

Also, it should be someone who is experienced. The best way is to get a recommendation from someone you know, but if that’s not possible you should look them up. Check out their online reviews and social media before and after pictures.

How to Avoid Tattooed Eyebrows Gone Wrong?Image source: Instagram @tifanyphibrows

To Sum Up

Tattooed eyebrows gone wrong can happen and it is mostly because brow PMU is still not regulated properly. This is why there are so many new artists with poor training, whose low prices seem attractive. If you really can’t afford someone reputable, look for a talented beginner, but check their certificate and license.

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