Eyebrow Hair Falling Out After Lamination – What’s Normal & What’s Not

By Emily M.| Last updated on May 7, 2024
Eyebrow Hair Falling Out After Lamination
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Okay, you’ve had a brow lamination and you’re expecting the results to last 6-8 weeks. But in the days after your treatment, you notice your brow hairs are falling out!

Your first reaction might be panic. Were your brows damaged? Will you lose your entire arches?

But before you go down the spiral, allow us to explain what causes eyebrow hair falling out after lamination, and how to handle this situation.

Is Eyebrow Hair Falling Out After Lamination Normal?

If you’re losing a couple of brows hairs daily, that’s fine.

Your hairs have different growth cycles (otherwise, you’d be bald at some point!). Since each hair is in a different stage of its growth cycle, some hairs will start falling off a few days after the treatment.

Now, this doesn’t mean the hairs are falling off because of the brow lamination treatment. They would’ve fallen off anyways. It’s natural.

Only, when laminated, this change might be more visible. As the hairs fall out, they’ll start growing back in the usual direction, different from the one achieved by lamination.

After about 6 weeks, most of the hairs will probably have been replaced. But not all. Which means that, if the treatment is repeated, some hairs will have been processed twice (which isn’t great, but sometimes, it can’t be avoided).

But if you notice intense brow shedding with your brow arch getting visibly thinned out, it’s possible something went wrong during the treatment.

But My Eyebrow Hair Is Falling Out Immediately After Lamination!

This might mean your brows got damaged in the lamination process and now they’re breaking off.

A brow lamination is a chemical treatment after all.

Chemicals used are meant to break down the hair’s structure, reshape the direction of the bonds, and then fix them back into place. It’s essentially a perm for the brow hairs, so it does what any other perm does: damages the hair and makes it brittle and stiff.

Especially if you do it regularly.

This process is additionally damaging if the brows are tinted at the same time, which is often the case since the chemical solution can tend to lighten the brows slightly. Adding another chemical process on top of the perming can make the brows even more fragile.

So What Went Wrong?

There are several causes for eyebrow hair falling out after lamination.

The first and most often cause is that the lamination solution was left on for far too long. The hairs were overprocessed and basically burned off. And there might’ve been too much product used.

The second reason is that the hairs might’ve been brushed wrong. The hairs are brittle and if you change the direction a few different times, they might break off. This is a very common thing with at-home treatments where people try to reshape brows a few times, without knowing the consequences of it.

Plus, if they’re using little plastic combs that come with most DIY brow lamination kits, pressing them too hard can also remove some of the hairs.

The third and final reason it might come to eyebrow hair falling out after lamination is that the third and final step of the treatment – nourishing oil – might have been skipped. Not giving the nutrients back to the eyebrow is detrimental to the health of the hair. But this isn’t always the technician’s fault.

You need to take proper care of your brows after the treatment!

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How to Prevent Eyebrow Hair Falling Out After Lamination

To prevent eyebrow hair falling out after lamination, you need to take good care of your brows and keep them nourished – both before, and certainly after the treatment.

If you’re a fan of this procedure and someone that gets them done regularly, make sure you give your brows a break sometimes. Allow them to regenerate by leaving at least 4 (ideally 6) weeks between each session.

Will My Brows Grow Back?

Yes! The brow hairs grow in a 6-8 weeks cycle. But as we age this process slows down so for some, it may take 12, even up to 15 weeks for the cycle to finish.

There are some things you can do to help with brow hair regrowth. Applying natural oils or hair regrowth serums can speed up the process quite a bit.

There are a few natural remedies praised for their regrowth benefits.

Primarily, castor oil and vitamin E oil, but almond and olive oil are also quite commonly used. Gently massaging these oils into your brows, or better yet brushing them on with a spoolie, will provide much-needed nutrients to the brittle brow hair.

If you prefer to use serums rather than oils, there are plenty of eyebrow conditioners on the market. Please keep in mind that these products take some time to work so don’t expect to see the results overnight. Consistency is  key here.

Here are a few product recommendations:

In Conclusion

Brow lamination is a great alternative to styling your brows daily. But this treatment can take a toll on your brows if done non-stop.

So make sure you give some nutrients back to the brow hairs post-treatment. Also, the biggest thing in preventing eyebrow hair falling out after lamination is doing the process properly! Not leaving the solution on for too long and not overbrushing are the key here.

So when booking your appointment, make sure to do it with someone experienced. If you’re DIY-ing it, be super precise with timing!

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