10 St. Patrick’s Day Nails for Painting the Town Green

By Katarina V.| Last updated on March 13, 2024
st patricks day nails
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It’s that time of year again when everything turns green and feeling merry and cheerful at least for one day becomes imperative.

From shimmering clover French tip extensions to light green chrome almond nails, there’s something for everyone to choose from this St. Patrick’s Day.

So, if you’re feeling lucky like a four-leaf clover, choose one of our favorite St. Patrick’s Day nails for your next salon visit – we’re certain green looks good on you!

Shamrock Nail Art

If you prefer to keep your nails short but still want to show off some St. Patrick’s Day spirit, check out this stunning nail design!

These chic, round-shaped nails feature a forest green base with delicate, shimmering glitters to add a touch of glamour.

The perfect finishing touch to elevate your St. Patrick’s Day look is a white four-leaf clover on one nail, symbolizing luck and prosperity. So, it’s a perfect blend of modern trends and traditional elements.

st. patrick's day nailsImage Source: Instagram @diva_luxury_salon

Clover French Extensions

If you are a fan of French manicures but want to add an element of uniqueness to your nails this season, we have the perfect solution for you!

You can maintain your signature style while incorporating eye-catching details like 3D clover nail embellishments in the style of Van Cleef. However, if this isn’t exactly your cup of tee and you prefer a more minimalistic design, continue reading!

Clover French Extensions
Image Source: Instagram @jannalo_

Classy St. Patrick’s Day Nails

If you’re looking for a subtle way to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day, this French manicure is a combination of elegance and a festival twist. It might inspire you to try more adventurous designs in the future!

Embrace this different yet classy look, and take the first step towards trying more extravagant designs next year!

Classy St. Patrick's Day Nails
Image Source: Instagram @cndworld

Forest Green Square Nails

If you’re a minimalistic girlie who likes her nails short and sweet, we highly suggest opting for emerald or forest green nails this St. Patty’s Day!

Sometimes, less is more, and this color perfectly complements any festival outfit for a perfect day of celebration.

Forest Green Square Nails Image Source: Instagram @matejanova

Gold-Green Short French Manicure

Medium-length square nails with a nude base are an excellent choice for anyone. On the other hand, a green French manicure can add a subtle St. Patty nails vibe.

You can even top off this look with discrete golden accents. This nail design is perfect for trendsetters who want an ideal blend of sophistication and festivity.

Gold-Green Short French ManicureImage Source: Instagram @beautybychloemayboyce

Green Chrome Square Nails

Are you looking for the perfect medium-length square nails to go with your St. Patrick’s Day outfit? Opt for a fir green shade with an edgy chrome effect to really draw attention to your nails!

This shade also doubles as the perfect Christmas tree-inspired manicure so make sure you save it as your inspo for holidays to come.

chrome st patrick's day nailsImage Source: Instagram @beautyspace_charlotte

Glitter St. Patrick’s Day Nails

Continuing with Xmas-inspired nail ideas, green glitter ombre nails are another versatile look that you can rock for both the holiday season and St. Patty’s!

The nails’ long and sharp almond shape adds an elegant, elongating touch to your fingers. So, consider giving this design a try!

Glitter St. Patrick's Day Nails
Image Source: Instagram @allisondoesnails

Acrylic Nails for St. Patrick’s Day

If you’re in the mood for something daring, try out long green jelly acrylic nails and bring out your bold side.

The translucent jelly finish adds a playful touch, making them perfect for parties and vibrant celebrations. Make a statement with this eye-catching and trendy nail art that will turn heads and elevate your party look!

Acrylic Nails for St. Patrick's Day 
Image Source: Instagram @noodle_yess

Light Green Chrome Almond Nails

This fantastic nail look is all about the fresh and radiant light green shade kissed by sunlight. The chrome finish adds a nice modern edge and shines like a mirror.

Best of all, this St. Patty’s Day nail look is a perfect choice for the upcoming spring nail trends of 2024!

Light Green Chrome Almond Nails
Image Source: Instagram @stella.fairynail

Irish Nail Art Designs

Last but definitely not least, get your nails on St. Patrick’s Day ready with a delightful palette of greens and whites with lucky charms.

You can also add a unique twist to your nail art by incorporating tiny 3D water droplets, which glisten like dew on fresh leaves.

This St. Paddy-inspired nail art perfectly blends nature and celebration, making it suitable for festive occasions and everyday wear.

Irish Nail Art Designs Image Source: Instagram @bonita_nails_utah

So, Which St. Patty’s Nail Design Is Your Favorite?

We’ve discussed various classic yet eye-catching St. Patrick’s Day nail designs. However, if you’re still undecided, why not make it a fun experience?

Share these elegant designs with your friends, initiate a creative brainstorming session, and explore new ways to express your St. Patrick’s Day style together.

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