10 Essential Items for Your Eyelash Extensions Kit

By Emily M.| Last updated on February 14, 2024
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Starting a career in the lash industry can sometimes be overwhelming, especially when you start browsing through the equipment you need to complete your lash arsenal.

PMUHub has put together the ultimate overview of essential eyelash extensions kit tools and supplies to help jumpstart your lash tech career.

Lash Extensions Kit Checklist

To offer top quality service to all your valuable customers, you’ll need your lash extension products to be durable, organized, and carefully selected.

To help you start lashing, here’s a shopping list:

High-Quality Lash Extensions

Investing in a variety of high-quality eyelash extensions is essential for making custom sets that you can easily adjust to each of your client’s eye shapes and needs.

Get started with a tray of classics and volumes in different length varieties. Make sure they are easy to apply, but also easy to maintain and light on your client’s eyes to keep them coming back to your salon!

You can choose between different types of lash extension in terms of material, with vegan extensions being the most popular.

Lash Adhesive

Lash adhesive is probably the most important part of your service, so choosing the most reliable one is crucial for long-lasting results and optimal lash retention.

If you’re just starting off your career, you’ll probably want to try a slow-drying adhesive formula first. And if you’re a more experienced lash tech, we recommend using a pro adhesive that dries in five seconds or less.

A Set of Tweezers

Having the right set of tools in your lash extensions kit will help you find your lashing style faster and make your appointments much quicker. As a new lash artist, the first thing you will need is a set or two pairs of tweezers for your service.

First, you should get a pair of straight, isolation tweezers with fine tips to properly isolate the natural lash and ensure a clean application.

The next set of tweezers you should get are lashing tweezers with an L-shaped curvature at the tip. These tweezers will allow you to pick up and grip multiple lash extensions at once, which is excellent for volume lashing.

Foam Cleanser

Foam cleansers or lash shampoos are used to clean your client’s eyelids and eyelashes before the lash extension treatment. They are a great way to rid the eye area of oils and makeup residue, and to keep your client’s extensions bacteria-free.

It is important to invest in a gentle, oil-free formula that won’t irritate your client’s eyes or in any way impact the lash extension bond. For quick and thorough cleaning, make sure to use a large, dense cleaning brush with your foam cleanser.

Lash Primer

Every eyelash extension session begins with priming and prepping your client’s lashes after they’ve been cleaned with a lash foam cleanser.

A good quality priming solution can make a huge difference in your client’s retention and ensure that all oils, debris, and makeup residue are stripped from the lashes before applying extensions.

Lash primer is usually applied with microbrushes, not q-tips, to minimize dripping, since most lash primers can cause irritation if they end up in your client’s eyes.

Gel Eye Pads & Lash Tape

Eyelash gel pads secure the lower lashes tightly in place before you start applying extensions, but also make the whole experience more comfortable for your clients.

Lash tape is used prior to lashing to hold down the lower lashes and keep them from intertwining with the upper lashes and getting adhesive on them. Medical safe tape that’s gentle to use around the delicate eye area is best.

These two products are generally used in combination, since the gel eye pads contour better to the human eye and thus create a more soothing and relaxing experience than using just tape.

Eyelash Brushes

Having disposable eyelash brushes at hand is really important for a well-rounded eyelash extensions kit, so getting a bundle of 100 pieces or more is proven to be most cost-effective.

Lash brushes are great for many different reasons, but their number one purpose is to make sure everything stays separated and well-adhered. They are perfect for catching stray lashes and allow you to check if you need more adhesive.

Lash Adhesive Remover

Having the proper tools to remove your client’s extensions is also very important. When a client wants a clean slate, a lash adhesive remover is just what you need in your lash kit.

Ensure the remover you select is gel-based and remember to shake it well before use. Your lash adhesive remover should be able to easily break down the adhesive bonds while leaving your client’s natural eyelashes unstressed.

Glue Ring

Glue rings are just one of those simple and small, but essential items to have before you start your lash extension business.

It is perfect for use during application since it doesn’t take up any space. Also, it is a very versatile tool since it can be used to hold your adhesive, primer, or lash adhesive remover.

Nano Mister

A nano mister is a great little tool to have in your eyelash kit.

It is a small, handheld device that sprays water droplets from its nozzle in the form of mist. This can significantly speed up the lash adhesive’s curing process, but also be quite relaxing for your clients.

What About Pre-Made Eyelash Extension Kits?

If you’re a beginner in the lash extension industry, you will find pre-made kits to be very useful, especially if you still haven’t quite figured out which types of tweezers or which adhesive works best for you.

These kits usually contain classic lash extension sets, practice lashes, tools like tweezers, glue rings and brushes, a lash adhesive, and a mannequin head for practice.

1 Bonus Product for the End

Now that you’ve got all the essential tools & supplies, here’s one that you can live without, but will certainly make your job easier – magnifying glasses!



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