Eyebrow Tattoo Peeling: What Is Normal & What Is Not?

By Emily M.| Last updated on October 17, 2022
eyebrow tattoo peeling
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When you hear the term eyebrow tattoo, you may think of the old, blocky eyebrows, but it’s actually a much more sophisticated treatment nowadays, with visible hair strokes done with microblading, or a soft powdery effect achieved with powder brows.

But, yes, microblading, powder brows, nano brows and any other version are still brow tattoos. And when you get a tattoo, there is a healing period, which includes scabbing and peeling.

Let’s learn all about eyebrow tattoo peeling – how intense it is, how to care for your brows, what’s normal and what’s not.

How Long After the Treatment Does Eyebrow Tattoo Peeling Start?

The eyebrow tattoo peeling starts somewhere between days 3 and 5. It is all individual, how intense the peeling will be and when it will end.

How Much Eyebrow Tattoo Peeling Can I Expect?

Some minor flaking is normal, but heavy scabs can be problematic.

Small, light flakes will take some pigment with them and that is completely normal. It’s important to let them fall off on their own, so avoid picking and scratching your eyebrows (yes, they can feel itchy).

Some people may notice heavy, chunky scabs. They can be normal for some skin types, but they can also be easily avoided. It’s important to follow the aftercare instructions and wash your eyebrows regularly.

Keep your eyebrows dry on the first day (just remove the excess lymph) and start washing them gently from the second day on.

how much eyebrow tattoo peeling can i expect
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What Happens If I Don’t Wash My Eyebrows?

If you don’t wash your freshly tattooed eyebrows, the lymph, oil, and dirt will build up and create heavy scabs. Heavy scabs take a lot of pigment when they fall off and leave very little pigment beneath. So, yes, that can ruin your eyebrow tattoo.

How Long Does It Take for Eyebrow Tattoo to Peel?

The peeling period lasts approximately until day 7-10, but again, it’s individual. It can last a bit longer or shorter than that. If it lasts longer than day 14, something is wrong so you should contact your eyebrow tattoo artist.

Also, some people will experience only minor peeling. They may be worried that something is odd, but that is completely normal, even if there’s no peeling at all. It’s rare, but those of you who got lucky to experience barely any peeling, can expect great pigment retention.

how long does it take for eyebrow tattoo to peel
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How to Care for Your Brows During Eyebrow Tattoo Peeling?

Your eyebrow tattoo artists will prescribe certain aftercare. You need to follow it for 2 weeks after the treatment.

When the eyebrows start peeling, the most important thing is to let the flakes fall off on their own. If you pick them, you risk pulling out too much pigment, and ruining your eyebrow tattoo.

A lot of clients who follow the aftercare routine are worried about whether they are allowed to remove a flake that is barely holding on. It’s okay to gently remove it or cut it with small sterile scissors, but it will probably be gone when you wash your eyebrows anyway.

Washing eyebrows is a must. But not by splashing water onto them. Wash your brows with a bit of water and some antibacterial soap. Then, dampen a cotton pad and gently go over your eyebrows. Pat them dry afterwards and apply a prescribed ointment, to promote healing and reduce itching.

What Happens After the Eyebrow Tattoo Peeling?

After the eyebrow tattoo peeling stage, your eyebrows will probably look much lighter than immediately after the treatment. The eyebrows are supposed to lighten for up to 40% until the healing period is over.

After the eyebrows peel, the surface healing is over and you can stop with the aftercare routine. Pretty much everything goes back to normal while you are waiting for your touch up appointment. You can start wearing makeup and feel free to fill in your eyebrows if they are too patchy.

Just be careful with your skincare routinesome ingredients are exfoliants and they shouldn’t be used around the tattooed area. Remember that the brows are not completely healed yet – the entire healing period is 4-6 weeks long.

what happens after the eyebrow tattoo peeling
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But My Eyebrows Disappeared After Eyebrow Tattoo Peeling!

It’s rare but possible that your brows are too light after they’ve peeled. They may look like there’s no pigment left at all.

In this situation, there are 2 scenarios.

It may just be the ghosting phase, which is of different intensity for different people. Some will notice their brows are just a bit lighter, others will notice they’ve completely gone! The ghosting phase is a normal part of the healing process.

The skin is recovering and the new skin covers the pigment. It takes time until the pigment reemerges again. That’s why we say the healing period is not over after 2 weeks.

But what if the color doesn’t come back? Well, this is also possible for different reasons.

There may have been a problem with the artist’s technique, or something went wrong during the aftercare.

Or it’s just your skin – some people’s skin retains pigment better than others’. In case the pigment doesn’t reappear, you will consult your artist during the touch up and see if the touch up can make a difference.

To Sum Up

Eyebrow tattoo peeling is the most annoying and unattractive stage of the healing process. If you are lucky, you will experience as little peeling as possible. Make sure you don’t touch the flakes and follow the aftercare routine, to ensure great healing results.

If you notice your eyebrow tattoo peeling off in a weird way, contact your eyebrow tattoo artist for advice.

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