Ombre Eyeliner Tattoo – Is it Versatile Enough? All Your Questions Answered

By Emily M.| Last updated on October 17, 2022
ombre eyeliner tattoo
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Permanent eyeliner can be the perfect solution for a makeup lover that can’t find the time to do their eyeliner every morning. Knowing that your eyeliner won’t smudge or run down your face as soon as it rains is also a great feeling, plus you decide on the eyeliner style you want to get.

With eyeliner trends going in and out of style, we decided to reflect on the popular ombre eyeliner tattoo – what is it, how long does it last, and is it versatile enough to wear on a daily basis?

Read this article to find answers to all your questions about ombre eyeliner tattoo!

What Is an Ombre Eyeliner Tattoo?

The ombre eyeliner tattoo is one of the most popular permanent eyeliner tattoo styles. This treatment is also known by the following names: shaded eyeliner, designer eyeliner, and smokey eyeliner.

Unlike the classic eyeliner look, ombre eyeliner doesn’t consist of just one solid, evenly opaque line. Instead, a shading technique is used to create a gradually faded effect from the wing to the center part of the lash line, blending together with the initial line along the lash line.

Example of an ombre eyeliner tattooImage source: Instagram @parya.goodarzi

What Does the Procedure Look Like?

The ombre eyeliner tattoo procedure is done with an electric PMU device, specially designed for cosmetic tattooing, where semi-permanent pigments are applied to the skin of the eyelids. It’s a lot like tattooing, but the marks fade within a few years.

Permanent eyeliner is generally considered to be a non-invasive procedure since it doesn’t require any serious downtime, just a simple aftercare routine.

However, it is important to mention that the healing process after ombre permanent eyeliner lasts about 6 weeks and involves stages of scabbing, flaking, and pigment ghosting.

Does Ombre Eyeliner Tattoo Hurt?

Just like any other permanent eyeliner procedure, getting an ombre eyeliner tattoo is just somewhat uncomfortable and not necessarily painful.

Before the procedure begins, your PMU artist will apply a numbing cream to and above the lash line to make the whole process more bearable. You might still feel some pressure, vibration from the tattoo machine, or a light scratching sensation but this is to be expected.

After the procedure, you will probably experience soreness, swelling, and irritation that should subside after the first couple of days.

Here’s more info on what the treatment feels like.

Ombre eyeliner tattooImage source: Instagram @karolinabasta.pmu

How Long Does it Last?

The results of an ombre eyeliner tattoo can last up to 3 years or even longer, with a touch-up needed in the first year after the initial procedure, usually at 18 months.

When compared to eyelash enhancement or a very thin classic eyeliner, ombre permanent eyeliner tends to last longer because more pigment is implemented and on a wider surface.

If you wish to prolong the effect of your ombre eyeliner tattoo, you should:

  • Follow the correct aftercare routine
  • Avoid excessive sweating during healing time
  • Avoid exposure to direct sunlight

Is Ombre Eyeliner Suitable for Versatile, Everyday Look?

To put it simply, ombre eyeliner is not the most versatile permanent eyeliner look you can get.

It’s difficult to cover up and manipulate with makeup if you grow tired of it – that’s why we wouldn’t recommend it to anyone who is not ready to rock this look all the time.

However, an ombre eyeliner tattoo is a great option for aging eyes, since the shaded, smokey effect neatly camouflages creases and fine lines. It is also a good option for anyone who enjoys bolder, more dramatic eye looks in general.

Is Ombre Eyeliner Tattoo the Same as Permanent Eyeshadow?

Yes. Ombre eyeliner tattoo is done by creating a line along the lashes, and extending it toward the crease with shading, so technically it is a form of permanent eyeshadow.

Both the initial eyeliner and the shading effect can be customized to create a smokey eye effect that suits the client best. It can be as sheer or as opaque as the client wishes, but it’s important to keep in mind that it can only be extended up to the crease of the eye.

Permanent eyeshadow and eyeliner tattooImage source: Instagram @negura.anastasia.pmu

So, Should You Get an Ombre Eyeliner Tattoo?

Ombre eyeliner tattoos are a great way to look sultry and put together on a daily basis. It can minimize the need for daily makeup application, save you some time and money along the way, plus it won’t smudge or run down your face while swimming or exercising.

It’s important to note that this look might not be suitable for everyone, especially those who enjoy a more casual daily style, since it is pretty hard to camouflage with makeup. If you have aging eyes, this is one of the best permanent eyeliner options for you if you like wearing bolder makeup.

To learn more about permanent eyeliner styles that best suit your eye shape, click here.

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