Lash Aftercare Kit – Essential Items to Give to Your Clients

lash aftercare kit
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As a lash technician, you’re already familiar with the two most important factors that determine how your clients’ lashes look after treatment – retention & aftercare.

While retention directly depends on your skills and the products you use, following the proper aftercare guidelines depends solely on your client.

So, in order to help them maintain the look of their new lashes, giving out a curated lash extension aftercare kit comes in handy.

Read this article to learn more about the lash aftercare kit, which items it should contain, and which products to buy.

Why Should You Give Out Lash Aftercare Kits?

By creating and giving your clients lash aftercare kit bags, you can help them extend the life of their extensions and keep them healthy at the same time. This also means that their lashes will be prepped and ready in time for an infill.

For your clients, lash care kits create a feeling of being appreciated and taken care of, which means they’re likely to come back to your salon over and over again.

It’s up to each individual lash tech to decide whether to give out lash aftercare kit bags for free or to sell them. Some technicians include a lash kit as part of their service, while others sell them separately, which can be great for increasing profit.

give your clients lash aftercare kits
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What Products Should a Lash Care Kit Contain?

Lash extension aftercare kits are only as good as the thought and care that goes into making them. It’s not just about including small trial-size samples, it’s providing aftercare products your clients can and will use (and hopefully even rebuy).

On that note, let’s take a look at the must-have items to include in your lash aftercare kit:

  • An aftercare instruction card
  • Lash foam cleanser or shampoo
  • A dense lash cleansing brush
  • A spoolie or clean mascara wand

If you want to give your clients a well-rounded lash aftercare kit, you can add some more products and items besides the essentials, that can help extensions keep their shape. Here’s a list of products that can be beneficial, especially for new clients:

  • Lash coating sealant
  • Sleep eye mask
  • A loyalty card with a special discount

You can also add a special touch to your eyelash aftercare kit by adding some surprise gifts for your clients. This simple addition doesn’t have to be expensive – makeup or beauty samples are cute, affordable, and everyone likes them.

So, here are some of our suggestions:

  • Undereye patches with nourishing properties
  • Lip care products like masks and balms
  • Chocolates and sweets

What to Write on Your Aftercare Instruction Card

Aftercare instruction cards are probably the most important thing to have in your kit. They give your clients all the information on how to maintain their lashes once they go home.

Printing out these instructions is much better than just telling each individual client how to take care of their extensions because it gives them a physical reminder to check when they feel like they’ve forgotten something.

Let’s take a look at all the important information to feature on your aftercare instruction card:

  • Keep your extensions dry for 24-48 h after the appointment.
  • Avoid pools, saunas, and excessive sweating for at least 24-48 hours.
  • After the first 24-48 hours have passed, wash your lashes daily.
  • Brush your lashes regularly with a clean spoolie or mascara wand.
  • Avoid using oil-based products.
  • Avoid wearing mascara and using eyelash curlers.
  • Avoid rubbing or tugging on your lashes.
  • Don’t attempt to pull out or remove your extensions by yourself.

What About Loyalty Cards?

Loyalty programs are probably the most effective way to keep your clients happy and coming back. By offering exclusive and custom promotions, they’ll not only feel like they’re getting more than what they paid for, but they’ll feel appreciated as well.

Your loyalty card can include a simple thank you and a discount which they can use during their next appointment, or you can create a punch card and give a stamp for every appointment.

By collecting 10 stamps, for example, your clients will receive a 20% discount.

loyalty cards for lash salons
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How to Create a Personalized Lash Extension Aftercare Kit

Creating a lash aftercare kit DIY is easy when knowing exactly what are the most important aftercare products for your clients, especially in the first few weeks after their treatment.

Besides the aftercare instruction and loyalty cards, here are all the product essentials and extras for creating a truly amazing lash aftercare kit:

Essential Items

First, let’s take a look at the essentials.


The packaging you choose for your lash aftercare kit should always reflect your brand and your taste. Still, we would recommend opting for something classy and simple, that your clients can reuse in the future.

A clear, or colored mesh bag gives your clients a look into the featured products, and looks neat and trendy at the same time.

Personalized plastic or paper bags with your salon logo or a lash-related design are easy to carry, plus they can serve as a way to promote your business.

Lash Foam Shampoo

Cleaning lash extensions 24-48h after treatment is necessary to prevent oil and bacteria buildup – that’s why your clients need a reliable, eye-safe lash foam cleanser.

Using a lash foam shampoo removes makeup, dead skin, and sebum from the client’s lash extensions and improves retention.

Serious conditions like blepharitis and eyelash mites can also be treated and prevented by the regular use of lash foam shampoo.

Since some lash foam cleansers can be pricey, you can invest in a bulk-sized one and pack it in smaller containers to distribute to your clients. Just make sure local regulations don’t prohibit you from doing this.

Lash Cleansing Brush

A dense lash brush can be used as a way to apply the foam cleanser and effectively clean the extensions. This is a much safer option for your clients than them rubbing and accidentally pulling out some of their extensions.

Make sure to invest in a large quantity of individually packed lash brushes, to keep everything as hygienic as possible for your clients.

Lash Wand or Spoolie

Lash spoolies come in a range of colors and designs and are a must-have tool for your DIY kit since regular brushing is an important part of your clients’ aftercare routine.

The best thing to do is to get them pre-packed in clear plastic tubes with an airtight seal. This way you’ll ensure they stay clean and tidy before use.


If you want to go the extra mile and make a premium lash aftercare kit, you can add:

Lash Extension Sealer

Including a lash extension sealer in your kit will add a touch of luxury that your clients will appreciate. It isn’t exactly necessary, but it does make a difference in prolonging retention.

It is usually made of natural ingredients and it’s also oil-free, so your clients can safely use it 2-3 days after their treatment. Plus, lash extension sealers can add color and shine to their extensions, making them appear more defined.

Sleep Eye Mask

If your clients have trouble sleeping on their back after they get their lashes done, including a sleep eye mask that won’t affect their extensions can be very helpful.

The dome forms that are a part of the design are precisely contoured to aid clients in maintaining their lash curl, even when sleeping on their side.

By giving sleep eye masks to your clients, you’ll be able to show how much you care about maintaining their results.

Under Eye Masks & Lip Masks

Under eye masks and lip masks are surprise items that will make your clients feel appreciated. Everyone enjoys a goodie bag and if you make your lash aftercare kit resemble it, it adds a whole new layer of excitement.

Best Pre-Made Lash Aftercare Kit Bags

If you’re not particularly fond of making your own lash aftercare kit or just can’t find the time to do so, there are pre-made kits on the market that you can customize or give to your clients as is. Here are some of our premade lash aftercare kit choices:

EMEDA Lash Cleaning Kit

The EMEDA lash cleaning kit is simple and easy to use, especially for first-time clients. It contains 4 highly rated, essential aftercare products for daily cleaning and maintenance.

Your clients will get a lash shampoo, a dense lash cleaning brush, a spoolie, and a rinse bottle – which is basically all they need for proper aftercare. Plus, you can easily add your own spin to it by including some sweets or by customizing the clear packaging it comes in.

Novalash Aftercare Kit

The Novalash kit is a great thing to offer in your salon, especially for clients that just can’t stop wearing mascara after getting their extensions.

This lash care kit comes with 50 cleansing pads enriched with pomegranate seed extract, so they basically clean and condition your clients’ lashes.

Plus, the Novalash kit includes a specially formulated mascara that is glycol and carbonate-free and safe to wear on lash extensions. An extra mascara wand and an aftercare instruction card are also included in the packaging.

When to Give Out Your Lash Extension Aftercare Kit?

Of course, giving feels good, but knowing how and when to do it is key. As a lash technician, your focus should always be on bettering your skills but also on customer satisfaction.

Coming up with small gifts that will show your recurring clients that you value their loyalty can go a long way. But, as a lash tech, you can’t give out free gifts to each client, all the time. Doing this can hurt your profit margin if you’re not careful.

So putting together a lash aftercare kit and giving it out on special occasions like Christmas or Mother’s day can show clients you care without making a huge impact on your revenue.

If you put a lot of thought and effort into creating your eyelash aftercare kit, you can have it on display in your salon at all times and sell it to your clients for a reasonable price.

In Conclusion

The correct lash extension aftercare routine can benefit both the lash tech and the client.

So, by offering a lash aftercare kit in your salon, you’ll be able to provide value to clients and ensure they are properly taking care of their lashes. Plus, it can be a great way to nurture your relationship with them and show how much you care.

On the other hand, selling lash aftercare kits can provide an additional source of revenue for your salon and open up the door for future sponsorships with recognized brands – now that’s something to look forward to!



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