Permanent Eyeliner Healing Process Day by Day

The permanent eyeliner healing process lasts 6 weeks in total. Read about different stages your eyeliner tattoo will go through.

Permanent Eyeliner Healing Process Day by Day by PMUHub

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Permanent eyeliner is a life-saving treatment for people who wear eyeliner every day. It saves you time and energy and gives you a bespoke enhancement that will last for years. But as with any permanent makeup procedure, it entails a healing period that lasts for a few weeks and can get a bit annoying.

So we’ve put together a permanent eyeliner healing schedule that will guide you through different stages of the process.

Keep reading to prepare yourself mentally and get a sense of what to expect.

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What Is the Permanent Eyeliner Healing Process?

Although it is generally considered a non-invasive procedure, permanent eyeliner implies breaking of the skin surface, after which the skin needs some time to recover and close up the micro-wounds. This period is referred to as the permanent eyeliner healing process, and it’s an inevitable part of the procedure.

Eyelids are a sensitive part of the face, and the skin around the eyes is very delicate. So eyeliner tattoo healing may not be the most comfortable time in your life, but it’ll definitely be worth it once the pigments settle and you get to enjoy smudge-proof eyeliner for years.

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What Is the Permanent Eyeliner Healing Process?Image source: Instagram @permanentmakeup_gulgun

Permanent Eyeliner Healing Schedule

The permanent eyeliner healing process features all the stages any PMU treatment brings about. It has two aspects – skin recovery, and pigment settling.

Everyone’s skin and system are unique, but here’s a general permanent eyeliner healing schedule day by day:

Day 1

Since the skin has been pierced over and over again, you can expect some soreness, swelling and irritation on the first day, or even longer. You can relieve the discomfort with a cold compress, just don’t press too hard. Everyone’s skin reacts differently, so give it some time. If the swelling doesn’t subside within a few days, contact your artist and have them assess the situation.

You can also expect lymph buildup, which you need to clean according to the aftercare plan your artist prescribed.

Your freshly done eyeliner looks very dark and that can make you regret getting it. Don’t panic! The pigment will fade up to 50% until the permanent eyeliner healing process is through. The true color will only emerge after about 3 weeks.

Day 2

The swelling on your eyelids should be better by now; it may even subside completely. Your eyelids feel tight and the lash area is sensitive. Don’t touch it, just clean the area gently and apply an ointment if recommended.

Day 3-4

The scabbing and flaking stage starts. Most people experience it and it is a perfectly normal part of the permanent eyeliner healing process – it means your skin is closing up the wounds.

Never pick at the scabs no matter how itchy they get! A certain amount of pigment gets caught in the scabs and if you rip them off before the pigments settle, you’ll create non-pigmented patches. Let the flaking and peeling stage proceed at its own pace.

This is the hardest stage to deal with. The area is itchy and it doesn’t look very attractive. Luckily, it doesn’t last too long, and you can relieve the itchiness with an aftercare ointment if your artist approves it.

Days 5-10

Flaking continues and at the end of it, the eyeliner looks faded. Don’t panic and think that the pigment’s disappeared. The color will return. Proceed with your aftercare routine.

Days 11 – 15

At this point, you probably won’t have to follow the strict aftercare routine anymore. You should still refrain from wearing eye makeup, though.

Days 15 – 41

Your permanent eyeliner healing process will continue for a few more weeks, but you won’t see the unattractive symptoms anymore. The color may gradually soften a bit further.

You can now start wearing eye makeup again, but make sure to get fresh products – old mascara tubes, pencils, eyeshadow containers and brushes inevitably have germs in them which your freshly tattooed skin can’t handle. You risk developing an infection.

Day 42

Your permanent eyeliner healing process is now officially over. Congrats, you’ve made it! You can now schedule a touch up appointment.

When Can I See the Final Results?

Technically, you can only see the final results of your permanent eyeliner treatment after the touch up healing process is over. But you should get a good sense of what they’ll be after approximately 3 weeks.

The speed of healing depends on the skin type and many other factors, so every person heals differently. Some people will not even experience scabbing of the treated area, while others will have to deal with flakes for as long as 10 days. It’s all very individual.

However, if your skin feels significantly irritated and painful after the treatment and you experience some unusual side effects, contact your permanent makeup artist immediately.

When Can I See the Final Permanent Eyeliner Results?Image source: Instagram @thecosmetictattoostudio

What Do I Do if My Permanent Eyeliner Gets Infected?

First of all, to lower the chances of this happening, you need to choose your permanent artist carefully. Check their background i.e. experience, reviews, website. Ask for recommendations either from people you know or online. Make sure your artist works in sterile conditions and with proper equipment.

In the days after the treatment, it’s all up to you. You need to be extra careful not to contaminate the area and follow aftercare tips religiously.

If you do end up getting an infection anyway, contact your PMU artist right away. If it’s serious, you might need to see a dermatologist and get some antibiotics.

However, this is not a common complication and you can take steps to prevent it.

How Do I Maintain My Permanent Eyeliner Once It’s Healed?

Permanent makeup pigments are formulated in a way that allows them to fade over time. This is a good thing because you’re not stuck with the same look forever – you can modify it, or let it disappear if you get tired of it.

If you want your permanent makeup to last longer, avoid sunlight exposure because it will speed up fading. Also, be careful about which skincare products you use. Harsh skincare ingredients can speed up fading, too.

Regular touch ups are very important if you want to prolong the life expectancy of your eyeliner and keep the color vivid. The first touch up is mandatory. It’s an opportunity to fix any imperfections that appeared throughout your permanent eyeliner healing process.

PMU Eyeliner Healing Process Day by Day

Permanent Eyeliner Healing Process – Main Takeaways

The permanent eyeliner healing process can be annoying and tiresome, we know.

To make things as easy as possible, study the permanent eyeliner healing schedule and prepare for each of the stages mentally. The first 10 days are the most uncomfortable part – once your eyeliner starts taking shape and its true color emerges, you’ll forget all about the soreness, the scabbing, and the flaking.

Just make sure you follow your aftercare routine closely in order to stay safe and healthy and ensure maximum pigment retention.



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