How to Start a Lash Business: 11 Crucial Steps

By Katarina V.| Last updated on March 14, 2024
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If you’re a lash tech or thinking about becoming one, then you probably dream of having your lash salon one day so you can finally be your own boss.

But then reality kicks in and you realize you’re just a hopeless little Cinderella who has no idea how the business world works or where you would even start.

Luckily, your PMUHub fairy godmother is here to help! Get your notes and read on to find out how to start a lash business in only 11 easy steps.

Step #1: Get Certified

As a self-employed lash tech, the first thing you need to understand is that your beauty business depends on you, your knowledge, and your skills.

That’s why it’s an absolute must for you to complete a comprehensive and accredited lash training, whether at a cosmetology school, through a lash coaching program, or an online lash certification course.

Also, most countries and states like Texas require you to have a specialist license.

So, make sure to look into your state’s board of cosmetology and get what you need to be able to legally perform lash services.


A lash license is not the same as a lash certificate!

A lash license is something you get from your state’s cosmetology board or health department and it means you’re legally allowed to practice lash extensions in a given jurisdiction.

You get your lash certificate upon successful completion of a lash extension training course.

On the other hand, if you already have some experience, it’s a good idea to refresh your skills, expand your expertise, and refine your personal style.

For example, if you’re skilled in classic lashes, take up a Russian Volume lashes training course. Or, if you’re already an expert in Volume lashes, elevate your skills with an advanced masterclass course.

Qualifications and certificates not only add credibility to your business but also validate charging premium prices for your services.

Read more about training and upskilling in our step-by-step guide: How to Become a Lash Tech.

Step #2: Choose Your Location

Where will be the official headquarters of your lash business?

There are two main options to choose from — you can either lease a space to transform into your dream salon, or you can redecorate one of the properties you already own.

This decision is not an easy one to make, so the best way to avoid regrets is to weigh your options against your budget, needs, and preferences.


Both salon and at-home set-ups will require you to purchase all the necessary lash extension tools, products, and eyelash extension supplies.

Lash Salon

Running a lash salon gives you the opportunity to build your brand identity and reputation in the industry.

This boosts your earning potential and allows you to invest even more in your supplies, training, and marketing.

Plus, you can even earn some extra money by promoting the products you use and sell in your salon.

lash salonImage source: Freepik

On the downside, a lash salon requires capital for setup, licensing, and insurance.

So, if you’re not in a position to make such a financially serious move, it’s a good idea to take baby steps and maybe start an at-home lash business first, and then upgrade to a lash salon.

Home-Based Lash Studio

Running a lash business from home is often the most convenient option if you’re a newbie lash tech still testing the waters or a working parent with additional responsibilities at home.

Obviously, setting up your salon at home will cost you less compared to a commercial space because it involves absolutely no overhead costs, no extra rent, and no new lease agreements.

However, you’re going to have some extra electricity and some extra heat, so expect a raise in your household bills.

Also, you’ll probably need to redecorate your space to make it more professional, attractive and comfy for your clients.

Check out this quick salon tour if you need inspo:

On the other side, having that work-life balance isn’t always going to be as easy as it sounds because your professional and private lives are going to be completely merged.

And most importantly, having strangers in your home as clients can raise security issues and may not be comfortable for you or your family.

Step #3: Build Your Brand

The two main things you need to consider here are your lash business name and the visual identity of your brand.

Here’s what to do if you want to slay in both of these tasks:

How to Name Your Business

Every business needs to have a memorable name that makes it stand out from the competition.

To find the one that fits your business perfectly, just be creative and stay true to yourself. And also, try to keep it as short and sweet as possible.

Play around with different associations and combinations of words that can reflect your identity and evoke your authentic style. This is the best way to reach your target clientele.

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Once you come up with a nice idea, research other lash businesses in your area to make sure your chosen name is unique and doesn’t create confusion with existing brands

And don’t forget to register your brand name to protect it from being used by competitors.

How to Create Your Brand

Your business name is just one part of your overall lash brand. The other one includes the visual identity of your brand — your logo and your colors.

Unless you’re a graphic designer yourself, you’ll probably need some help from a specialist to make your logo look more professional and polished.

When choosing your colors, limit your palette to a maximum of four colors that complement each other and align well with your logo design.

Once you get the work done, you can use your logo and your colors in all your online and offline marketing materials and activities.

Step #4: Buy Your Lash Equipment

Besides the decor you need to create an esthetic and pleasant work environment, you also need to invest in the following equipment:

Lash Bed

Since this is where all the magic will be happening, you want to pick a quality piece of furniture that can last, provide enough room for your clients, and match your budget.

Here’s one of the most popular picks from Amazon:

And here’s how to set up your lash bed to be extra comfy for your clients:

Sanitary Covers

Don’t forget you’ll also need some sanitary covers for your lash bed to keep your clients comfortable and your furniture clean.

These covers are reusable and waterproof, so you can easily wipe them within minutes, saving both time and money:

Portable Lighting

You will need bright, high-quality portable lighting to make sure you can clearly see every little detail on your client’s lashes.

This a nice example of what you should be going for:

Comfy Chair

When booked and busy, you’ll be spending hours in your lash chair. So, you want to pick the most comfortable chair you can find out there.

Here’s one of the lash artists’ top choices:

Lash Cart

This one you need to keep all your extensions and lash supplies in one place, always close and within arms reach.

You can use any rolling cart that matches the aesthetics of your studio. Here’s one of the best finds on Amazon:

To keep your cart tidy and organized, get some plastic organizers like these:

Lash Extension Tweezers

Lash tweezers are essential tools for precision during your treatments.

They are designed for specific purposes such as isolation, volume, curved, angled tip, dolphin, S-curved, and more.

Each style serves a unique function, so you can choose the best applicator for your services.

Learn more about lash extension tweezers and find your holy grails here.

Here’s a kit from Amazon that offers you a fair degree of versatility:


Make sure your tools are always clean before you use them on your clients.

To avoid the risk of cross-contamination, you can pick one of the high-temperature autoclaves from Amazon. This one is a nice overall pick:

Step #5: Find Premium Supplies and Stock up

If you’re already an active lash artist, you probably have a sufficient supply and a good idea of what products to stock.

However, if you’re a new lash tech, you should better secure a starter kit with premium lash supplies for a solid start.

Here’s a lash kit you can buy on Amazon and use for all extension techniques:

If you’re looking for a lash vendor, make sure you set your budget because premium lashes can be pricey. That’s why it’s a good idea to order samples first, and then decide whether you’ll proceed with your purchase or not. Watch this video and take notes for some extra tips and tricks:
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When possible, you can opt for bulk purchases because that way you can get discounts and build your lash and adhesives inventory cost-effectively.

However, it may be better to start with a smaller quantity and evaluate the time it takes to deplete your stock based on client demand. This will minimize your losses and keep your profit margins safe.

Step #6: Set Your Prices

This step holds significant weight because it directly affects your revenue and clientele.

On one side, overpricing your services has the potential to deter potential clients, while on the other side underpricing undermines the value of your work.

That’s why you want to strike the right balance and avoid the extremes of overpricing and underpricing.

So, try to align your prices with the market standard, or even start slightly lower to create a solid foundation.

Here’s a short guide on lash extension cost to help you set up your pricing system.

Over time, as you gain expertise, you can make gradual adjustments and level up your prices to match your expectations.

Step #7: Define Your Cancelation Policy

Whether your lash business is salon- or home-based, it’s important that you have a clear cancellation policy.

The truth is, your clients will cancel their lash appointments or they’ll simply fail to show up for one reason or another, leaving a giant hole in your schedule you can’t possibly fill in on such short notice.

Sooner or later, something like this will happen, and it’s completely down to you to protect the integrity of your business.

If you’re a home-based lash tech, the best option is to be very specific about your deadlines for cancellations.

As a piece of insurance, have your clients place their deposits before the treatment, and set up an after-hours fee.

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If you’re a salon-based lash tech, consider incorporating non-refundable booking fees and contracts to mitigate potential losses due to last-minute cancellations or no-shows.

@kaylahertz Replying to @blonde_gorl_ my no show / late cancellation policy for my lash business. I have clients sign + agree to my policies before their first service. I firmly believe in uo front communication + setting boundaries from the beginning! Clients should resign policies each year so you always have an updated copy and in case they “forget” 😅 Remember, the policies you have for your beauty biz are up to you! It’s not one size fits all. Your business your rules BABY! 🙌🏼💯 #lashpolicy #beautybusinessmentor #lashcontentvideos #lashclientele #beautybusinesseducation #beginnerlashartisttips #dayinthelifeofasmallbusiness #beautybusinessowners #businessmindsettips ♬ original sound - kaylahertz

Step #8: Build Your Online Presence

If you want to expand your business reach, get more bookings, and stay on top of the industry trends, building a strong online presence is a must for you.

As a lash technician, you need to be on social and business platforms where you can promote your services and your work.

PMUHub Find is the perfect place for you to start as a new lash business owner! Here, you can showcase your talent without creating a separate website.

Also, you can be sure your lash business is in good hands. PMUHub Find is fully operated by PMU industry experts who create strategic promotions to get you more clients and keep you booked and busy.

Having a strong support system is important, especially when you’re trying to build your own lash empire.

Join PMUHub Find and let us help you achieve all your business goals.

Step #9: Set Up a Business Bank Account

One thing that will make your life easier in the long run is a business bank account.

Whether you hire a professional or manage your finances yourself, the business account simplifies bookkeeping and accounting tasks, making it easier to monitor the financial health of your lash business.

Not to mention the tax season, where your business account will make the process of reporting income and expenses a thousand times easier for you.

Also, in many jurisdictions, running a business without a separate business bank account may be against the law.

So, having a separate account ensures that you are complying with legal and regulatory requirements for businesses.

Here’s a quick tutorial on how to organize your business account like a pro:

Step #10: Get Insurance for Your Lash Business

Insurance offers you liability protection in case your client experiences a bad reaction or injury during or after the lash service.

Plus, it can cover the cost of repairing or replacing your lash equipment, supplies, or studio space in case of damage or theft.

Look for insurance providers that specialize in beauty and salon insurance, and then compare policies to find one that covers your business size, services, and potential risks.

Whatever you choose, always make sure that the insurance coverage you choose complies with local regulations and licensing requirements for lash businesses in your area.

Step #11: Register Your Lash Business

This is the point where you get to make your lash hustle official!

Depending on your location, there are a couple of ways you can register your business.

We’ve prepared details for the US and Canada:

How to Register a Lash Business in the US?

If you’re a US-based lash business, you have to register your name with the state and local governments.

Typically, there are different levels of name registration for different businesses, so make sure to choose the best way to register your lash business.

Find more information on the U.S. Small Business Association website.

How to Register a Lash Business in Canada?

In Canada, you can register your lash business online by the Government website.

However, before you make your business official, make sure to have a decision on your lash business name and your location ready.

Starting Your Lash Business May Be Challenging, but We’re Here to Help You!

With so many lash professionals competing for client’s attention, you’ll soon realize it’s hard to get discovered, seen, and recognized.

But, we can help you elevate and stand out as an artist.

Following our 10-step strategy, you can be confident that you’ve covered your bases both as a new lash tech and beauty business owner.

And if your road gets bumpy from time to time, know that it’s all just a part of your journey to becoming a supreme lash artist!

Still don’t know where to start? Join the PMUHub community today to reach more clients and get more bookings.

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