8 Tips on How to Grow Brand in the PMU Industry

By PMUHub Editorial Team| Last updated on April 29, 2024
how to grow brand
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When you complete your permanent makeup training and get certified and obtain the license you need, it’s time to start your own business and create your own brand. And, of course, work on growing brand awareness.

We’re bringing you tips on how to grow brand and become a name in the permanent makeup industry.

Recognizable Brand Identity

First, you want to choose the way you present yourself – branding is super important in the beauty world. You’ll need a logo for your business and it’s best to get a professional to do it if you are not very good at design.

Be consistent with your logo, colors and design wherever you appear. This includes your website, social media, and ads.

Then you’ll need to choose a tone you want to use when you communicate with your target audience, via your website and social media.

You can be witty and funny, but it’s also okay if you don’t feel comfortable with making amusing videos and posts online. You don’t have to.

It’s important to be yourself and be polite, understanding and seem trustworthy. And you’ll be trustworthy if you are open and honest with your future clients. Always be there for their questions.

As little as about a half an hour a day is enough to dedicate to your online community. People trust brands that they see very often, that are out there and approachable…

 how to grow your brand identity
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Social Media Presence

..which leads us to social media presence.

As said above, nowadays, almost any business requires an online presence. So creating social media pages is a must. Currently, the most popular platforms are Instagram and TikTok and both of them offer so many opportunities.

Besides pictures of your work, you can be creative with content. You can make interesting videos in which you share some tips for your clients to get the best possible results.

For instance, if you offer a brow tattoo service, whether it’s brow microblading or ombre powder brows or any other, they want to know some facts about the treatment: proper aftercare, how to make it last longer, or how to correct old work.

All of that will make you look knowledgeable and trustworthy and will attract new customers but will also increase awareness of your brand.

You can mention it quite often in your video, and of course, all of your images will have your logo.

Show your work, show your salon, show the products you are using.

Be Out There, Join the Community

Get yourself onto industry-related websites. You can offer to contribute to the permanent makeup community by sharing your knowledge and experience.

For example, the Write for PMUHub program on our website welcomes all the guest PMU artists who have some tips and tricks to share with fellow artists or future PMU clients.

Enrich the community with your contribution, and in return, get exposure to PMUHub readers.

When you become a more recognizable name, you can share a story of your brand and inspire beginner permanent makeup artists to follow their dreams.

Become a PMUHub contributor

Brand Partnerships

Your business can also be heard of if you connect with well-known brands.

For instance, if you completed a course with a reputable academy, it is something that will give you an advantage. You can connect with other established artists from the academy and they can support you.

Their support on social media will bring you more followers and a wider audience.

You can also connect with a brand of the products you use in your salon.

For example, if you use well-known pigments or you have a PMU machine to recommend on social media, make a video about that and you can get reposted and reach all their followers. This way you will increase brand awareness.

Assemble Your Aftercare Kit with Care

All of the permanent makeup treatments require certain aftercare. Most PMU artists give out aftercare kits with specially selected items inside.

Your aftercare kit can help you with how to grow brand. Include printed aftercare instructions with your logo. Also, you can give out aftercare kits in personalized bags with your logo on it.

Learn more on how an aftercare kit can help your business grow here.

PMU Aftercare Kit

Connect with Influencers

Micro influencers are people who don’t have too many followers but have built a strong community of people who trust them. You can offer a free service to some of them in exchange for an online recommendation.

Find out who the most trusted influencers in your area are and contact them via their social media. This is similar to a word of mouth but in the social media era.

Word of Mouth Referrals

Recommendations from friends and family are one of the most important sources of brand awareness. So, it’s smart to start a referral program to make more people hear about your business.

You can offer a discount to anyone who brings in or recommends you to a friend. Referral programs are one of the best ways of spreading brand awareness and you shouldn’t miss this opportunity.

grow your brand
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Expand Your Reach with PMUHub Find!

Grow your clientele by connecting with microblading clients through PMUHub Find, boosting your brand’s visibility and referrals.



One of the most effective ways how to grow brand awareness is to get paid Google and social media marketing. Google is the first place where clients will look up permanent makeup services in their area.

To reach a wider audience on social media, you can boost your posts from time to time, just so you appear faster on other peoples’ feeds.

Later, you don’t have to do that as much – quality content and interactions with your followers will help you reach a lot of people.

Unless you have some background in marketing, you’ll need a marketing agency to run your campaigns. SEMRail is a digital marketing agency that specializes in the PMU industry and has helped many artist grow their business. 

experts in digital marketing

Final Encouragement

Be patient – your brand cannot become well-known overnight.

But hard work, creativity, consistency and new, fresh ideas will speed up the process. Remember, hard work always pays off, and if you are dedicated to your business, people will recognize quality permanent makeup artists.

But to help you get a headstart, we’re growing our series of business-related articles that help PMU artists with different aspects of the job. Check it out here!

We’re rooting for you!

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