How Can Aftercare Kit Help Your PMU Business Grow?

How can the aftercare kit help pmu business grow

Proper aftercare is crucial to clients’ health after PMU treatments, as well as the attractiveness of the final look. That’s why all artists should take the time to give clients thorough aftercare instructions, while many salons give out complimentary aftercare kits.

The benefits of the aftercare kit are numerous. The most obvious one is ensuring the health, safety, and satisfaction of your clients, but the potential of the goodie bag to ensure returning customers and build clientele cannot be overlooked.

What's the purpose of the PMU aftercare kit?

As all artists know, whenever the skin is broken there is a healing period during which a risk of infection is present. On top of that, freshly injected pigments are prone to premature fading and unattractive patchiness if the area isn’t properly looked after.

So it’s essential to give clients detailed aftercare instructions and quality products. The primary purpose of the aftercare kit is ensuring proper healing and providing clients with products which often aren’t available for purchase elsewhere.

The other equally important purpose is showing the clients some extra love and appreciation!

Permanent Makeup Treatment Aftercare Kit

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Essential products to include in the permanent makeup aftercare kit

If you’re just now contemplating including the aftercare kit in your service, here is a list to help you get started.

All PMU aftercare kits should contain the essentials, but it doesn’t harm to put in some extra effort and include instruction guidebooks and even little surprises that have nothing to do with the treatment itself.

Note: Adapt the content of the aftercare kit to the type of permanent makeup treatment done. For example, since lips need extra moisturization after PMU, include a mini packaging of Vaseline or coconut oil in the kit. It will show you appreciate every client and don’t just give out pre-made kits.

1. Aftercare instruction card or guidebook

Clients sometimes get too excited about their fabulous new look to remember all aftercare instructions on the spot. So it’s a great idea to include instructions in the form of cards in the aftercare kit.

Some artists include information on aftercare apps that help the client track the healing process and identify the phases.

Permanent makeup aftercare instruction card guide

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2. A gentle cleanser

After the treatment, it’s extremely important your client doesn’t immediately go back to their regular skincare routine. In your aftercare kit, you should include a gentle, antibacterial foaming cleanser which won’t irritate the treated area.

3. Healing balm

The healing balm works in several ways, so it can replace other products. It protects the area treated from contamination by making a thin barrier, secures pigment retention, reduces swelling, speeds up healing, and has an anti-inflammatory effect.

Of course, there are differences between balms from different manufacturers, so it’s important to choose a quality brand. Look for formulas that are light so they don’t clog the pores and those that contain nourishing ingredients like natural wax, oils, or butter.

The Arnica Montana plant extract is another potent ingredient that speeds up healing.

Permanent makeup aftercare cleanser and ointment

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4. Aftercare ointment

The aftercare ointment or cream is similar to the balm, but the client should be given both formulas. Ointments reduce itching and scabbing, and are often enriched with vitamins A and D which are very beneficial in the healing process.

5. Special surprises

Some artists include special tokens of appreciation in their kits. This simple addition doesn’t have to be expensive – from candy to makeup minis or samples of beauty products.

If you have returning clients whose taste you know, include something you know they’ll love.

Clients report that the anticipation of unwrapping a goodie bag adds a whole new layer of excitement to get permanent makeup. It makes the experience more memorable, and your service will definitely stand out!

PMU aftercare kit special surprises

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How can the aftercare kit increase customer loyalty?

The secret behind the effectiveness of the goodie bag style aftercare kit is simple – everyone likes gifts!

Combined with the fact that, in the sea of options, customers are more likely to spend their money where they feel appreciated and recognized as people, not just sources of income, the goodie bag is the perfect way to show them you genuinely care and you aren’t just after their money.

Treating your clients with a goodie bag won’t only help their brows or lips heal, but will also make them smile. This assures they remember the experience and tell their friends about it, spreading your name and potentially attracting new clients.

Using branding to enhance your clients' experience

Building the image of your brand is the only way towards growing your business, so take every opportunity you get to establish your visual identity.

Instruction cards are an opportunity for you to spread the visual identity of your brand through customization, so although there are many templates available for download online, it might be a good idea to make your own design.

Likewise, getting customized labels for aftercare products with your logo adds to your professional reputation, and strengthens the connection between your visual identity and quality service in the clients’ mind. Just make sure the products are high quality before you put your name on them.

Final note

Getting your name out there is the only path to growth, and the relatively small investment into goodie bags will pay off before you know it.

For more tips on starting and growing your permanent makeup business, check out our detailed guide!




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