Why Is the Aftercare Kit Important + What to Put in It

By Katarina V.| Last updated on April 30, 2024
Aftercare kit for PMU business
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Proper aftercare is crucial to clients’ health after PMU treatments, as well as the attractiveness of the final look.

That’s why artists have to give clients thorough aftercare instructions, and provide them with complimentary aftercare kits.

Once your clients leave the salon, you can’t control how they’ll care for their PMU, but you can at least provide them with the suitable aftercare products.

Here’s more info on the PMU aftercare kit, plus a list of products to include in it.

What’s the Purpose of the PMU Aftercare Kit?

Permanent makeup treatments entail a healing period during which the risk of infection is present. On top of that, freshly injected pigments are prone to premature fading and unattractive patchiness if the area isn’t properly looked after.

So it’s essential to give clients detailed aftercare instructions and quality products.

The primary purpose of the aftercare kit is ensuring proper healing, without any complications or excessive loss of pigment, by providing clients with products that won’t affect their PMU and which often aren’t available at the local drugstore.

If you don’t provide them with suitable products, chances are they’ll just grab whatever they have at home, which likely isn’t suitable for fresh PMU.

The other equally important purpose is showing the clients some extra love and appreciation!

Permanent Makeup Treatment Aftercare Kit

Image source: Instagram @atinsensu_permanentmakeup

What to Include in the Permanent Makeup Aftercare Kit

If you’re assembling your aftercare kits from scratch, or you want to improve your existing one, here is a list of essentials and most recommended products.


Adapt the content of the aftercare kit to the type of permanent makeup treatment done. Some products are more suitable for certain treatments than others, so if you do multiple services, prepare a kit for each.

1. Aftercare Instruction Card

Clients sometimes get too excited about their fabulous new look to remember all aftercare instructions on the spot.

So you should include instructions in the form of cards in the aftercare kit.

You can find templates online, pre-made or modifiable ones you can adapt to the aftercare routine you prescribe. Some templates allow you to include your logo.

Permanent makeup aftercare instruction card guide

Image source: Instagram @prettyyoungbrows

2. A Suitable Cleanser

After the treatment, it’s extremely important your client doesn’t immediately go back to their regular skincare routine.

In your aftercare kit, you should include a gentle, antibacterial cleanser which won’t irritate the treated area.

You can find some recommendations here, but of course, you can’t provide each client with a full bottle! If you can find minis of a suitable cleanser, or mini bars of gentle antibacterial soap, that would be perfect.

Some artists make diluted solutions to their clients, but this is not a practice we can advise, as it may not be legal and covered by insurance to give out repackaged products. 

Alternatively, you can provide them with special cleansing wipes, but sterilized water and a cleanser might be a better option.

3. A Healing Cream

The healing balm works in several ways to ensure safe and healing of what is essentially a wound.

It protects the area treated from contamination by making a thin barrier, secures pigment retention, reduces swelling, speeds up healing, and has an anti-inflammatory effect.

But not all healing balms are created equal – certain formulas are better than others. Look for formulas that are light so they don’t clog the pores and those that contain nourishing ingredients, ideally natural ones.

4. Hygiene Tools

To practice their aftercare routine, clients also need cotton rounds and q-tips. 

They probably have these at home, but it’s convenient if you also include them in the aftercare kit. It’s not a huge extra expense for you and it’ll improve their experience.

Just make sure they’re neatly packed, so they don’t get contaminated.

5. An Extra Special Surprise

All PMU aftercare kits should contain the essentials, but it doesn’t harm to put in some extra effort and include a little surprise that may not have anything to do with the treatment itself.

This simple addition doesn’t have to be expensive – makeup minis or samples of beauty products are cute, affordable, and everyone likes them.

If you have returning clients whose taste you know, include something you know they’ll love.

Everyone enjoys a goodie bag and if you make your aftercare kit resemble it, it adds a whole new layer of excitement. It makes the experience more memorable, and your service will definitely stand out!

6. Finally, Something to Pack All This In

You also need boxes or baggies to pack all this stuff in. Some artists use branded paper bags, which is a great option if branded packaging is not that huge an expanse for you.

Alternatively, you can explore packaging options on Amazon and get them for a steal. Our choice would be organza baggies – they can look really stylish, and your clients can reuse them, so it’s an eco-friendly option.

Just make sure you get a size that will fit everything in, and pick a color that matches your brand’s visual identity.

How a Goodie Bag-Styled Aftercare Kit Helps Your Business Grow

The secret behind the effectiveness of the goodie bag style aftercare kit is simple – everyone likes gifts!

In the sea of options, customers are more likely to spend their money where they feel appreciated and recognized as people, not just sources of income, and the goodie bag is the perfect way to show them you care and you aren’t just after their money.

Styling your aftercare kit as a goodie bag won’t only help their brows or lips heal, but will also make them smile. This assures they remember the experience and tell their friends about it, spreading your name and potentially attracting new clients.

PMU aftercare kit special surprises

Image source: Instagram @dank.lashesbysabs

The Aftercare Kit as an Opportunity for Raising Brand Awareness

Building the image of your brand is the only way towards growing your business, so take every opportunity you get to establish your visual identity.

Aftercare instruction cards are an opportunity for you to spread the visual identity of your brand through customization, so although there are many templates available for download online, it might be a good idea to make your own design.

Likewise, getting customized labels for aftercare products with your logo adds to your professional reputation, and strengthens the connection between your visual identity and quality service in the clients’ mind.

Just make sure the products are high quality before you put your name on them.

Of course, laws and regulations on whether you’re allowed to do this vary, so check that you do anything.

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