Eyebrow Tint Aftercare - Rules and Maintenance Tips

By PMUHub Editorial Team| Last updated on March 7, 2023

Find out everything about eyebrow tint aftercare – general recommendations, specific strategies, and more.

eyebrow tint aftercare

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Brow tinting is a simple, highly popular treatment for eyebrow enhancement. It’s closely related to henna brows and rather similar to dyeing your hair. The difference is that it’s done with dyes specifically formulated for the eyebrows.

The tinting lasts about 4-6 weeks, but the accompanying shading on the skin lasts only a few days. To make sure your brow tint lasts as long as possible and looks its best throughout, you need to follow some rules of eyebrow tint aftercare.

PMUHub put together a comprehensive brow tint aftercare guide, including general advice, specific strategies, and some extra tips.

Note: This guide explains the aftercare for eyebrows tinted with chemical eyebrow dyes. If you’d like to learn more about aftercare for brows tinted with henna, we have a guide specifically on that topic right here.

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General Aftercare Advice for Eyebrow Tinting

You should avoid exposing the brow area to any moisture for the first 24 hours.

In the first 12 hours, don’t wash your face at all. If you feel like you must do some hygiene maintenance, opt for a gentle cleanser and be careful where you apply it.

Not only should you keep it away from the eyebrows themselves, you should avoid the general brow area. Products can run and get into the eyebrows despite your best efforts.

Make sure to skip any oil-based cleansers and exfoliating products in this period too.

In the first 24 hours after your eyebrow tinting treatment, your skin is more prone to post-tint irritation. You can prevent it if you keep your hands away: don’t touch your eyebrows, don’t rub, scratch, or pick at your skin in the general brow area.

In addition, keep your brows away from sweat, steam, and especially chlorinated water and saltwater.

That means no vigorous exercise, no saunas, no steamy hot showers, no swimming in pools, the sea, or the ocean, no saltwater spas, etc. Of course, you can do all these things, but know that they may fade the brow stain from your skin.

In the summertime, brow tint aftercare also includes moderating your sun exposure. UV rays cause the color to fade faster, and being in the sun could cause excessive sweating in the brow area.

If you must go outside, wear a wide-brimmed hat or similar protective accessory.

general aftercare advice for eyebrow tinting
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Brow Tint Aftercare Instructions

Since tinting your brows is basically the same as dyeing your hair, there isn’t any eyebrow tint aftercare in the sense of, for example, permanent makeup treatments. There is no healing stage to go through or any significant downtime.

That said, there’s still a chance that an eyebrow tint could go wrong, especially if your skin is generally sensitive.

Here are some tips you should follow if you want to minimize risk and keep your tint looking fabulous for a longer time:

  • Keep your eyebrows and brow area dry for the first 12 hours
  • No touching, rubbing etc. in the first 24 hours
  • No exfoliating skincare products in general
  • No anti-age skincare products in the brow area (they usually contain retinol or acids which have a brightening effect)
  • No oil-based facial skincare products
    Avoid excessive brushing (no more than once per day)
  • Avoid swimming in saltwater or chlorinated pools (unless you keep your eyebrows dry throughout)

As an extra form of aftercare for brow tint, stay away from spray-tans and self-tan products. We realize this might be a bit of an adjustment if you’re used to using them.

However, there’s a chance that the tan products can react with the dye, which would turn your brows an unappealing greenish color.

brow tint aftercare instructions
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Pro Tip

There are special serums on the market tailored to eyebrow dye, meant to keep your brows looking their best. If you include eyebrow tint aftercare products in your maintenance routine, they might make the tinting last slightly longer.

How Often Can You Refresh Your Eyebrow Tint?

Even with the best eyebrow tint aftercare routine, remember that the results will eventually fade away.

But the brow tint procedure actually has two effects, which don’t have the same lifespan.

First, there’s the dyeing of the eyebrow hairs. This effect stays in place for about 4-6 weeks. This is how long it takes for the brow hairs to grow out, so you’ll most likely notice a gradual change in their color over this period.

Second, eyebrow tinting also slightly stains the skin beneath the brow hairs with the dye. This strengthens the illusion of fullness and improves the visual density and definition of your brows, as well as giving them extra dimension.

The stain on the skin disappears much sooner, usually after only a few days. It will slightly vary depending on your skin type (tints fade faster from oily skin).

With these two considerations combined, you can expect your natural eyebrow color to start becoming noticeable after approximately 3 weeks post-tint.

You can contact your stylist and ask for a refresher appointment as soon as your natural color grows out enough for you to see, or you can use eyebrow makeup to tide it over and wait for the full 4-6 weeks.

Just make sure to keep track of the state of your brows – tinting them too often can dry them out and make them brittle.

eyebrow tint aftercare rules
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Eyebrow Tint Aftercare – Main Takeaways

Eyebrow tinting is a simple and convenient way to make your brows look fuller and more defined. It’s not a permanent solution, but you still want to get the most out of your brow tint treatment.

Follow eyebrow tint aftercare guidelines to make it last as long as possible. In particular, keep your brows dry, protect them from sunlight, and avoid anything that could remove the pigments, such as swimming, oil-based skincare, and any form of exfoliation.


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