5 Reasons Why Your Lash Lift Didn’t Work, and How to Fix It

By PMUHub Editorial Team| Last updated on May 8, 2024
reasons why your lash lift didn't work
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Lash lift is a treatment that is getting more and more popular. It is completely non-invasive, simple, and perfect for your summer vacation!

But just like with any other beauty treatment, there are a number of things that can go wrong with a lash lift, both if you’re a professional tech or if you’re DIY-ing your own lift with an at-home kit.

Don’t worry, we are here to help! Keep reading if you want to find out why your lash lift didn’t work and what you can do to fix it.

1. Not Cleansing the Lashes Properly Beforehand

This is the first step in your lash lifting treatment and it’s an important one. If done poorly this step can impact the whole result so you need to make sure it’s done properly.

Any leftover dirt, oil, makeup, or dead skin cells can affect the process and stop the solutions from curling and lifting your lashes properly.

Use an appropriate, gentle cleanser to prep the lashes. You can use micellar water, or look into products recommended for lash extensions aftercare – they provide a thorough cleanse while being formulated specially for the eyes.

Here’s what we recommend:

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Tip for Pro Lash Artists:

Tell your clients not to wear mascara for at least a day before the treatment, especially waterproof ones. It will take less time and effort to remove the residues.

2. You Applied Too Much Glue

A lash lift needs glue to work, it keeps the lashes separated and in place for the whole treatment. But too much glue can stop the solutions from working the way they should and therefore ruin your lash lift.

Extra Tip:

Don’t go overboard with the glue – use just enough to stick the lashes in place against the lash lift pad, and make sure to wait for it to dry before applying the next step.

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3. You Worked on Damaged Lashes

If your or your client’s lashes are dry, brittle, or damaged in any way, it would be best to not do the lash lift on them until they recover.

Especially because the lifting solution can further damage them.

If you apply drying solutions to already-dry lashes, this can lead to breakage and frizzing, which is definitely a lash lift gone wrong scenario.

why is your lash lift too curly
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Pro Tip

Dry, damaged lashes need a break from lash lifts or extensions, and a good serum to recover them. After some time, assess whether the situation has improved and if you can go through the treatment.

See our top 5 lash serum picks.

4. You Used a Shield That’s Too Small or Too Big for the Eyelashes

A lash lift needs to be personalized to everyone. A larger shield can give a softer, more natural curl, and smaller ones will offer a more dramatic curl.

But shield size is relative to the length of the lashes.

If you use a shield that’s too small, it can over-lift the lashes and cause an unnatural curl.

Here’s how to handle an over-curled lash lift.

If you use one that’s too big, the curl will be too soft, you won’t get a visible lift, and you will get the impression that the lash lift didn’t work.

Pro Tip

Most people’s lashes will require a small or medium size shield for their treatment, but make sure to measure the lashes and choose the shield that fits best. This way you will get a natural looking lash lift. Learn how to choose the right size here.

5. You Applied the Lifting Solution to the Whole Lash Length

It’s important to know that the perming solution should only be applied to the middle of the lashes, not the entire length.

Applying it to the tips of the lashes, which are thinner, can over-process them and it’s unnecessary for the lashes to be lifted. The general rule is to apply it to the bottom third to middle of the lashes, starting a bit above the root.

Here’s the proper way to apply the perming solution, the fixing solution, and the tint:

Image source: Instagram @enhancedbeauty_bymel

Lash Lift Didn’t Work – Can You Redo a Failed Lash Lift?

If you’re a professional trying to provide your client with a satisfactory service, you might be tempted to fix your mistake by re-doing the lift immediately after the first, failed round.

Whether or not you should try to do this depends on the state of the lashes.

If they look at all dry and damaged, don’t do it – you’ll just make the situation worse. If they look as healthy as they did before the initial lift, it might be okay to go again, but cut the processing time.

In general, it’s best not to risk it and have your client come back after a couple of weeks, but if your professional judgment says it should be fine, and you know the products you’re using are not too aggressive, you might get away with it. But it’s on you!

If you’re DIY-ing your lash lift with an at–home kit, we advise you wait a couple of weeks. You don’t have the experience to assess whether your lashes can handle another round, and you should give them a break. Otherwise, you risk over-processing them.

More Tips for Achieving the Perfect Lash Lift Every Time

  • Remember the lash lift needs to be personalized, so in the case of very thick or straight lashes, you will want to leave the lifting solution on for a little longer than on thin lashes.
  • Use good quality products and always make sure to check they’re not expired!
  • Use a dry cotton pad to remove the perming and fixing solutions. If the pad is dampened with anything, it can mess with the chemical processes!
  • You can use a timer to make sure you don’t leave the product on for too long.
  • Using makeup for the first 24 hours after the lash lift needs to be avoided, especially waterproof mascara.

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Key Takeaways

Hopefully after reading this text you know what exactly went wrong with your lash lift and how to fix it. It’s important to pay attention to every step and not rush the process in order to get a satisfactory result.

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