Microblading Disappeared After Scabbing: Why This Happened & What to Do

By Katarina V.| Last updated on December 6, 2022
microblading disappeared after scabbing
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Microblading is currently the most advanced and the most popular brow enhancement method, and the natural results it gives are outstanding. This cosmetic eyebrow tattoo is so loved because it is the best way to get perfectly shaped, natural-looking, dense brows that won’t come off or smudge.

So, as microblading is a brow tattoo, it includes breaking the skin, therefore, it takes some time to heal after the treatment. The healing period lasts up to 6 weeks and it includes a scabbing stage, and some people will notice their microblading disappeared after scabbing.

So before you freak out and burst into tears, thinking you wasted your money, read this article! You will learn why this happens, that it is completely normal and what to do when your microblading disappeared after scabbing.

Why My Microblading Disappeared After Scabbing

Microblading eyebrows include making incisions in the skin, then filling them in with pigment. So for a few days, your eyebrows will be an open wound that needs to heal and it will require a special aftercare routine.

When your eyebrows start healing, scabs or flakes will form and they will fall off, taking some pigment with them. This will start happening approximately 5 days after the treatment and usually lasts for 7 days.

Here are the things you should not forget when you face the scabbing stage:

  • Healing is not the same for everyone, so some people experience mild flaking, while others have to deal with heavier scabbing.
  • Under no circumstances should you touch or pick the scabs, they need to fall off on their own.
  • Don’t forget your aftercare routine. Clean your brows regularly and apply the ointment if your microblading artist recommended so.

After all the scabs or flakes fall off, some people may notice that their microblading disappeared after scabbing.

Why Is Microblading Disappeared After Scabbing Image source: Instagram @permabeautyllc

Is It Normal That My Microblading Disappeared After Scabbing?

Yes, it is. This is called a ghosting stage. It is a part of the healing process and the scabs will take some pigment as they fall off. The skin is healing and the pigment will reappear, but it will be 30%-50% lighter than after the treatment.

So, don’t panic if your microblading disappeared after scabbing. Wait until the healing process is finished and only then you can see whether your microblading was successful.

Is It Normal That My Microblading Disappeared After Scabbing?Image source: Instagram @beautyandthebrowsbytara

What to Do When My Eyebrows Disappeared After Scabbing?

First of all, stay calm and be patient. You need to wait and as microblading artists say trust the process. That means that if your microblading disappeared after scabbing, it is a normal part of the process and the pigment will reappear.

Continue taking care of your brows and keeping them clean. Your eyebrows will be completely healed after 6 weeks and it is only then that you can judge the results. If your eyebrows are still too light, you will make corrections at the touch up appointment, which is done 6-8 weeks after the initial treatment.

Extra Tip

If you notice heavy scabbing, followed by itching and inflammation, you may have developed an infection, so contact your microblading artist immediately.

Microblading Scabbing Day By Day

What If the Pigment Doesn’t Reappear?

Another possible scenario is that the pigment doesn’t reappear and your microblading just didn’t take, but it happens rarely. Here are the reasons:

Reason #1

The artist microbladed too shallow, so the pigment didn’t take.

Solution: Your artist will go deeper at the touch up session.

Reason #2

The artist went too deep and overworked the skin, so the heavy scabs were formed and pulled out all the pigment.

Solution: Again, the artist needs to make corrections once the skin is completely healed.

Reason #3

Poor aftercare – you didn’t clean your eyebrows properly (this is very important). Some artists say that you shouldn’t get your eyebrows wet, but this only applies to the first day, when you just need to just blot the lymph. Starting from day 2 you need to wash your eyebrows regularly, to avoid lymph build-up and heavy scabbing. Also, picking the scabs is a no-no and it can ruin everything.

Solution: If it is your fault, i.e. you didn’t follow the aftercare tips religiously then you will have to repeat the treatment, but only when the skin is completely healed.

Reason #4

You used wrong skincare products. Retinol and acids can affect the microblading pigment.

Solution: This is also inadequate aftercare. You mustn’t use certain skincare products. The treatment will need to be redone.

Reason #5

You developed an infection, which affected the healing process and your microblading disappeared after scabbing.

Solution: This is also because of poor or wrong aftercare. The whole process needs to be done again, once the brows are completely healed.

Reason #6

Your skin is too oily – people with extremely oily skin are not good candidates for microblading and may have problems with pigment retention.

Solution: Try some other treatment that is more suitable for oily skin, such as adding microshading to the microblading or going for super popular powder brows.

Reason #7

Your skin simply rejects the pigment – this is very rare, but it can happen. Some skin just can’t be microbladed, which is very very uncommon.

Extra Tip

Your microblading artist should be supportive and open to your questions, in case you have worries. If not, look for another microblading artist next time, one that you can rely on.


If your microblading disappeared after scabbing, it is a normal part of the healing process and it will reappear after the brows are healed. If that doesn’t happen, contact your artist (you will do it anyway for the touch up) and discuss what went wrong and how to fix it.

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