Tattooed Eyebrows After a Week: What to Expect?

By Katarina V.| Last updated on March 29, 2022
Tattooed Eyebrows After a Week: What to Expect?
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People who decided to get an eyebrow tattoo usually say that it’s one of the best decisions they’ve ever made. Having perfectly shaped, low-maintenance, water-proof eyebrows is such a blessing. A lot of them also claim that you don’t really need much makeup once your brows are on point.

But, since it’s a tattoo, it requires a relatively short healing period and you should get familiar with all of the stages your brows will go through before they take their final look.

A lot of clients want to know what tattoo eyebrows after a week will look like. Let’s find out.

Tattooed Eyebrows After a Week: What Do They Look Like?

One week after the treatment, you can expect that your eyebrows are in the scabbing stage.

But let’s start from the beginning.

On the first day, your eyebrows probably look great (hence all of those before/after photos that artists post), but they will start oozing lymph, which needs to be removed.

On the second and third day, they will probably look a bit too dark, much darker than they will be after the healing period is over.

Somewhere between days 3 and 5, you may notice scabs that are forming. How thick they will be, depends on many factors. One of them is aftercare. Even if you were prescribed dry healing, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t wash your eyebrows. If you just leave them be, dust, dirt, and oils will accumulate and form big scabs that will pull off the pigment with them as they fall off.

Light and moderate scabbing is normal. Some pigment will go as the scabs fall off, and you may notice that the eyebrows are left patchy.

Everybody heals differently and for some people, scabbing will be over by day 10, while others will have it a little bit longer. If the peeling continues after two weeks, contact your eyebrow tattoo artist.


The timeline of the healing process is individual and your experience may deviate from this schedule.

Tattooed Eyebrows After a Week: What Do They Look Like?Image source: Instagram @meghasbeautyatelier

The Aftercare for Tattooed Eyebrow After a Week

During and after the treatment your eyebrow tattoo artist is supposed to tell you about the healing process, what to expect from the tattooed eyebrows after a week and how to care for them in the first days.

What’s important to remember is to remove the excess lymph and to start “washing” your eyebrows from day 2. By washing them, we don’t mean splashing them with water and wiping them with a towel. No. Wash your eyebrows gently and thoroughly, best with a damp cotton pad and green soap. Pat them dry afterwards.

If you were advised to wet heal them, apply the recommended ointment. Most artists nowadays recommend products that don’t contain petroleum, so stay away from it.

Keep that routine until all the scabs are gone. Also, stay away from extreme heat and water in the first days of the healing process.

The Aftercare for Tattooed Eyebrow After a WeekImage source: Instagram @thearcherymn

What Happens After the Scabbing Phase?

When your eyebrow tattoo is free of scabs, the color of them can look too light, they can be patchy and for some people, it may even seem like there’s no pigment left at all.

This is called the ghosting phase and it’s pretty normal. The pigment is supposed to reappear and your brows will continue healing for at least 2 more weeks.

If, for some reason, the pigment didn’t retain, there may have been a mistake in the application or during the aftercare.

Learn all about the ghosting phase in this article.

What Happens After the Eyebrows Tattoo Scabbing Phase?Image source: Instagram @microbladingla

What If Something Goes Wrong with My Tattooed Eyebrows After a Week?

If you choose a certified, licensed and experienced eyebrow tattoo artist, the risk of something going wrong is minimal.

But, yes, sometimes the healing process may not go as planned and some complications may occur. Here are some unlikely possible scenarios and what to do:

  • My eyebrow tattoo disappeared after a week

It’s a bit early for the ghosting phase, which usually comes after the scabs fall off, around day. But if your eyebrows look like they haven’t retained any pigment, there may have been a problem in the implementation – the artist tattooed too shallowly. Or you messed up your aftercare and exposed your brows to too much sweat and water.

Read this article to find out more.

  • You picked the scabs

If you listened to the aftercare tips you need to know that you should never pick the scabs – let them fall off on their own. If you accidentally scratched your brows, let your artist know so they can fix it at the touch up.

  • The brows are too itchy

Never scratch them. You can try cooling them off by pressing something cold on them and the healing ointment should subside the itchiness.

Learn more here.

  • You developed an infection

If your eyebrow tattoo looks inflamed and it’s too itchy, followed by big scabs, you may have developed an infection. Contact your artist as well as a dermatologist.

What If Something Goes Wrong with My Tattooed Eyebrows After a Week?Image source: Instagram @laddamua

To Sum Up

Tattooed eyebrows after a week are in the scabbing phase. What you need to do is to be patient – this is the most unpleasant and unattractive part of the healing process for everyone. Once it’s over, the brows will continue to heal and it’s time for a mandatory touch up to fill in all the gaps, add more color if needed, and to make sure your brows get the desired look.

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