Itchy Eyebrows After Microblading – Is It Normal and What Can I Do About It?

By Emily M.| Last updated on May 25, 2022
Itchy Eyebrows After Microblading - Is It Normal and What Can I Do About It?
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Microblading is a form of tattooing, and as such, it implies breaking the surface of the skin to implant pigments into it. It’s done by creating thin incisions that imitate the thickness of brow hairs, and as tiny as those micro-wounds are, the skin still needs to close them up.

The period of skin recovery after the treatment brings about a range of side-effects and symptoms of healing which are not that serious, but can get annoying. One of them is itchy eyebrows after microblading.

Is this normal? Can I scratch my brows? How do I know if something’s wrong? We answer all your questions about itchy eyebrows after microblading.

Are Itchy Eyebrows After Microblading Normal?


Freshly microbladed skin is a wound, no matter how thin the incisions are. It will heal just like any other cut, nick or scratch – the body forms a scab in order to close up the opening until it can repair the skin underneath, preventing bacteria and dirt from getting into the system.

As the skin is being repaired through the formation of new skin cells, which fill in the gap, so to say. The emergence of new cells stimulates the nerves, and this stimulation is translated as itching by our brain. So itchy eyebrows after microblading are actually a signal that recovery is going according to plan, and that your skin is healing successfully.

Mild itching, that is. Extreme, unbearable itching can signal an infection developing, or an allergic reaction.

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When Does Itching Start and How Long Does It Last?

Itching starts around the time scabs form over the wound.

Skin recovery is unique for everyone, and some people’s skin heals faster than others’. Generally, scabbing starts around day 3 for most clients, and the itching follows closely behind. Day 5 is the peak of itchy eyebrows after microblading for most clients, and after that, the scabs should start flaking off.

It’s not really possible to say with certainty when your brows will start itching, but expect it around day 3 to 5. Likewise, we can’t tell you when they’ll stop, but it should end within a week after the treatment.

If you notice our brows are still itchy past day 7, contact your artist. You might be developing an infection, or having an allergic reaction.

Microblading Scabbing Day By Day

My Brows Are Extremely Itchy After Microblading – Is Something Wrong?

If you experience slightly itchy eyebrows after microblading that ends within a week after the treatment, this is normal and there’s no cause for concern. However, if you experience extreme itching, especially if it’s accompanied by:

  • redness
  • pus
  • soreness
  • fever
  • swollen lymph nodes

you are most likely dealing with an infection.

Contact the artist who performed the treatment. Send them pictures of the area and describe your symptoms. They’ll tell you how serious the situation is and whether you should contact a dermatologist.

How Can I Relieve My Itchy Eyebrows After Microblading?

Here’s the thing – no matter how itchy eyebrows get after microblading, you mustn’t scratch them.

In the hours after the treatment, your brows are still an open wound. That means it can get infected easily and no surface which isn’t sterile can come into contact with the treated area. This includes your fingers.

Once the scab forms, you still have to refrain from touching your brows, because ripping of the scab can cause pigments to be pulled out, so you risk ruining the results. You can also cause permanent scarring, because the skin underneath hasn’t recovered.

So you need to keep your hands to yourself throughout the microblading healing process in order to prevent infection and get the best possible results. You will need to be very disciplined and not touch your brows.

Here’s another catch – you can’t apply any products you’d use to relieve itchiness from, say, an insect bite onto the area, because different products could react with the pigments and affect the results by fading them.

But how do you relieve the itchiness then? Well, your artist will prescribe an aftercare ointment you need to use while your brows are healing. Covering the area with a thin layer of the prescribed balm will protect the wound and minimize scarring, but also moisturize the area and stop it from feeling dry, tight and itchy.

If this doesn’t help much, you could try applying a cold compress, but the problem is that you shouldn’t get your brows wet outside of the daily washing. So perhaps try cooling a spoon in your fridge and pressing it against your brows, but always place sterile gauze between them, and press only very gently.


If you’re dealing with itchy eyebrows after microblading, don’t panic, this is completely normal and it means your healing process is going well. Unless, of course you’re experiencing extreme itchiness accompanied by discharge, redness, or soreness. In that case, contact your artist or a dermatologist.

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