Postpartum Hair, Brows & Lashes Loss: What Causes it and How to Overcome it?

Postpartum Hair Loss: What Causes it and How to Overcome it? by

Even though pregnancy changes your body significantly, it seems that it is quite generous to your face and hair. It gives you that “pregnancy glow” and you will notice that your hair does not fall off at all.

Just when you get used to your new lush hair – bam! You start losing it! Your gorgeous mane is taken away. There is hair everywhere and you are starting to think that you will go bald.

You can’t believe what is happening – you haven’t got rid of baby weight, your breasts are changing due to breastfeeding, you have dark circles around your eyes because you haven’t had enough sleep and now this! One more thing a new mum has to deal with is losing hair.

Don’t worry – it is very common and normal. Here are the reasons why that happens and some tips to overcome that gloomy period.

When does postpartum hair loss start?

It usually doesn’t start immediately after you give birth. It takes some time for hormones to return to their usual state and that’s when you will start noticing more and more hairs on your brush. Approximately three months after giving birth you will start losing hair.

The medical term for postpartum hair loss is telogen effluvium. It affects most of the new mums, but those with thin sparse hair can be worried about their looks and lose their self-esteem.

Why does it happen?

Hormones are to blame for everything that happens to your appearance. Your hair normally falls off every day, but you most likely don’t notice it so much, since it doesn’t happen at once.

Then, during pregnancy, hormones promote hair grow and stop it from falling off. After giving birth, your estrogen level is back to normal and you start to shed extensively.

Don’t be alarmed – you are not going bald and the shedding will stop after your body completely recovers from pregnancy. Remember, nothing happens overnight and you will experience various side effects before you recover.  

can I prevent postpartum hair loss

Photo by Daria Shevtsova on Pexels

When does it stop?

Remember that postpartum hair loss is only temporarily. It lasts around 6 months. Some women stop shedding after 4 months, while others need to deal with hair loss for almost a year after they’ve had a baby.

Can I prevent postpartum hair loss?

Not really. Almost all the new mums struggle with it and you will probably not be the exception. Some shed extensively, while others don’t.

However, some things can help you reduce it:

#1 Healthy diet and regular protein and iron intake during and after pregnancy will help you.

#2 During pregnancy, your baby takes all the ingredients it needs to grow, leaving your body vitamin deficient. You need to intensify vitamin intake whether through your diet or some pills, or you might suffer later.

Take mineral and vitamin supplements both during and after your pregnancy.

#3 Cut your hair – if your hair is too long, it is better to cut it in order to make it healthier and somewhat reduce hair loss.

#4 Use natural hair products, rich in fish oil.

#5 Avoid using hairdryers and curling and flat irons – they will just do more damage to your hair.

#6 If your hair loss is severe and it affects your self-esteem, you should consider scalp micropigmentation. It is popular among balding men and women, and it is a great solution for women who deal with alopecia.

What about postpartum eyebrow loss?

Yes, postpartum eyebrow loss is a thing. Just like your hair, eyebrows growth is affected by hormones. A couple of months after you’ve had a baby, you might notice your eyebrows are thin and sparse. To be honest, this is not something new mums usually complain about, because there is not so much hair, so it is not that noticeable. However, some women have experienced a serious postpartum eyebrow loss.

Luckily, this problem is much easier to solve thanks to makeup. There is an even better solution – permanent makeup which will save you the trouble of applying makeup every day.

Microblading and its variations (such as microshading, ombre brows, powder brows, etc.) are a great option for mums who have lost eyebrow hairs.

If you don’t want any of this, try solving your problem by taking some vitamins. You can also pay a visit to a dermatologist who might prescribe some products for stimulating hair growth.

Is postpartum eyelash loss a thing?

It certainly is. It is one more unexpected change that pregnancy makes to your body. You might notice that your lashes become poor in quality and quantity after you give birth.

This problem is not hard to solve. Find a good mascara and eyeliner to camouflage the issue. Also, consider permanent makeup as a solution. Lash extensions and lash lift are popular treatments that will give you makeup look.

Babies require a lot of your time and attention, and sometimes you don’t even have time to apply mascara. With permanent makeup, you will look good the moment you wake up. 

Tips for new mums

Be patient – postpartum hair loss will stop and you will not go bald! 😊

Try to reduce it in order not to lose confidence by using more or less permanent solutions. Your body and hair will go back to normal, just give it some time to recover.


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