Permanent Ombre Lips – The Most Beloved Lip Blush Style

By Emily M.| Last updated on October 25, 2022
ombre lips
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Lip blushing comes in so many styles that anyone can get their favorite lip makeup look recreated in its permanent version. Okay, not literally permanent, because the results fade away after a couple of years, but until they do, you can say goodbye to lip products, except for maybe a chapstick.

Lip blushing can therefore keep up with trends in the makeup world, and lately, ombre lips have been one of the most sought-after lip PMU styles.

You probably already know what ombre in the makeup world means – a gradual transition from intense and dark into sheer and light. But how is this created on the lips? Let’s find out how an ombre lip tattoo is done and feast our eyes on some stunning examples!

What Are Ombre Lips?

Ombre lips are a style of lip makeup that implies coloring the outline of the lips – their edges – with a dark(er) product, and filling in the rest of the lips with a gradually lighter color, leaving the center of the lips the lightest. The transition is soft and nicely blended, so the whole thing looks really attractive.

The reason why people love the look is the illusion of fuller lips without fillers, and that’s definitely something we all want!

This look was popularized on Instagram (as they all are) by famous MUAs, and the trend quickly spread.

However, it turns out it takes ages to create nice and tidy ombre lips. You have to have products of just the right consistency, not too matte so they can’t be blended, and not too runny so that they’re hard to apply with precision. You also need a wide variety of shades, and that’s just a money pit.

The logical consequence – ombre lip tattoos! PMU artists quickly perfected creating the ombre effect with the lip blushing technique.

what are ombre lipsImage source: Instagram @_clinique_cosmedica_

How Is an Ombre Lip Tattoo Done?

Any lip blushing is done in the same way: an electric PMU device is used to make tiny punctures on the skin of the lips and fill them up with pigments. When the tiny pixels are drawn close together, you get the look of a solid color. The more pixels are done, the more opaque the color ends up looking.

With this in mind, the color opacity can thus be manipulated to create a wide range of lip tattoo looks.

With ombre lips, the artist adapts the pixel saturation to the ombre principle, and you can get the look you would create with regular makeup, more or less. The difference is, while you would use 2 or more colors to create ombre lips with makeup, ombre lip blushing is done using 1 shade of pigment, but manipulating its opacity.

The edges of the lips are outlined with high saturation, so they look the darkest. The artist will go over the outline in several passes, building up the color in this area the most. As they move towards the center of the lips, they will do free and fewer passes. As the number of pixels made decreases, the color will look gradually sheerer and sheerer.

The center of the lips doesn’t have to be colored in at all! Ombre lip blushing works with the natural color of your lips, creating a look that doesn’t cover it up, but rather integrates the natural rosiness.

If you want more information on the technique, check out our guide through lip PMU.

ombre lip tattooImage source: Instagram @kootsbykath

Can I Get Ombre Lips in Any Color?

Yes, but it’s better if it’s a shade compatible with your natural lip color, since the bare lip skin will peek through the pigmented areas.

The most popular shades are flesh-toned pinks or more dramatic reds, but on people with naturally pale lips the best option is going more delicate and sticking to a more natural palette.

ombre lips in soft color paletteImage source: Instagram @juanitasbeautysecret

Is Ombre Lip Blush the Same as Shaded Lip Liner?

Some say yes, some say no.

It’s a really thin line between shaded lip liner and ombre lips, since both imply creating a solid, defined outline, and shading it in towards the center of the lips. But if you’re really into defining stuff into neat categories, we could say that the difference is that the ombre effect stretches over the whole lips, and shaded lip liner only reaches about ⅓ of the lips.

Both give the lips an illusion of more volume, but ombre lips are slightly more dramatic.

Head over here to find an overview of all lip tattoo styles.

What If I Get Bored with the Ombre Effect?

Ombre lips are not everyone’s cup of tea, but if you impulsively get an ombre lip tattoo and decide you don’t like the look after a few months, don’t panic – there are easy solutions.

The obvious one is – you can just wait out until your ombre lip blush fades, and wear lipstick over it in the meantime.

But perhaps the more practical solution is to book another lip blush appointment and have the artist fill in the rest of your lips. You will refresh the color altogether, and get a different look, one that’s more neutral and easy to wear.

dark red ombre lipsImage source: Instagram @avartegroup

Final Note

Ombre lip blush is not exactly the go-to treatment for most people, so not all artists have equal experience performing this treatment. If you’re set on getting ombre lips, find someone who knows how to do this particular style, even if they’re a bit more expensive than average. PMU is an investment, and you don’t want to fish for bargains and end up with unsatisfactory results. It is a tattoo after all.

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