Brow Lamination After 1 Week – What to Expect

By Emily M.| Last updated on April 30, 2024
brow lamination after 1 week
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Everybody loves a good brow lamie! It’s a great solution for fluffing up the brows, giving them a trendy shape, and minimizing the effort you have to put into them each morning. After a brow lamination, you can say goodbye to brow makeup, at least for a few weeks.

But we’re so used to seeing those glossy, snatched, freshly laminated before and afters that clients are sometimes not aware that brow lamination doesn’t look like that throughout its lifespan. Which is an important thing to know if you like to plan your beauty looks in advance.

In case you’re planning on getting a lamie for a special occasion or a vacation, let’s explain what you can expect from brow lamination after 1 week.

What Will My Brow Lamination After 1 Week Look Like?

It will look more subtle compared to when you just got it done, and it’ll require a bit of daily maintenance.

At your appointment, your tech will laminate your brows and brush them into the perfect shape. They’ll apply an oil or a conditioner that will give the brows that glossy look. You’re not supposed to touch them or get them wet for 24 hours.

Once you start washing your face, your brows will lose the shape your tech gave them, but it’ll be super easy for you to restore it.

So, your brow lamination after 1 week will look more relaxed and less sculpted, but you can just brush your brows upwards and sideways to achieve the original look. The hairs will still be fluffy and feathery.

Learn more about how brow lamination works here.

what will my brow lamination after one week look like
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What About the Tint?

If you had your brows tinted as an add-on, the brow hairs will still have the color they had right after the appointment. However, if you also had a bit of a stain on your skin underneath the hairs, it’ll probably look faded or even disappear after 1 week.

This depends mostly on your skin type but also on the products you use to wash your face.

brow lamination and tint after a week
Image source: Instagram @lebeautyaus

What Do I Do to Maintain the Laminated Look?

As we said, your brow lamination after 1 week will lose its shape a bit, but it will still be super easy to manipulate.

It’s important for clients to understand that brow lamination is low-maintenance, but not no-maintenance, and that they’ll still need to put some effort into styling their brows, but it literally takes less than a minute.

Here’s what you need for styling your brow lamination after 1 week:

What You Need for Maintaining Your Brow Lamination

1. A Spoolie

You need a clean mascara wand. Your brow tech may provide one, but if they don’t, these cute little pink things you can get on Amazon are great because they come with a cap, so they stay clean and you can just pop them in your bag and take them with you.

2. Or an Interdental Brush

A handy alternative for those who want ultimate precision is an interdental brush. The short bristles enable you to brush each and every hair into place. They’re cheaper and if you get a whole pack, you can use one for your teeth – a super useful addition to your dental routine!

3. A Nourishing Oil

If you had a professional brow lamie, your tech will probably provide you with a nourishing product to use on your brows as part of aftercare and maintenance. But if they didn’t, or you had an at-home treatment with a DIY brow lamination kit, you can use keratin oil.


Although castor oil is often recommended for maintaining your brow lamination after 1 week, it’s not the best option. Yes, it will do a great job at styling your brows and keeping them glossy, but it’s a coating oil, which means it sits on top of the hair more than it can penetrate it.

Its effects on hair growth are great, but it doesn’t provide much nourishment to chemically processed brows. A mix of oils that contains keratin is actually a better option. A professional conditioning product remains the best option, though.

Step by Step Brow Lamination After 1 Week Maintenance

Apply your nourishing solution to your brows. Your laminated brows may become a bit hardened when they’re dry and uncoated, so you will need to get them moist before you can brush them into shape.

If you don’t have your oil or conditioner on hand, water might also do the trick, but bear in mind that your brows will still need nourishment and you should provide it at some point throughout the day.

Take your spoolie or your interdental brush and manipulate your brow hairs into the desired shape. They are still as straight as they were right after your lamie, and they should be very easy to manipulate.

In general, the best shape is achieved if you brush your brows upwards and sideways, but you can play with it and figure out which shape you like the most.

Your brow lamination after 1 week should keep the shape you create throughout the day, without the need for extra brushing. Around week 3, you’ll need to put some extra effort into it.

You Brow Lamination in the Weeks to Follow

The longevity of your brow lamination depends on how long it takes for the chemically processed hairs to fall out and get replaced with new ones.

In general, all of your brows will be replaced after 6 weeks, but not all the hairs are in the same stage of the growth process when you get them laminated. They’ll fall out gradually, so you’ll notice when new, non-laminated brow hairs grow out and the number of laminated ones decreases.

You might need to do some trimming or removal of stray hairs that grew back in the meantime.

At this point, it’s probably time to introduce a clear brow gel into your routine if you want to keep wearing the laminated look. You’ll notice your brows getting harder and harder to manipulate, and at about 6-8 weeks, you can repeat your brow lamination.

Don’t try to do it sooner – you risk overprocessing your brows and damaging them.

Here’s more info on the longevity of brow lamination.

brow lamination in the weeks to follow
Image source: Instagram @honeypot_waxspot_az

A Trick for the End

Instead of a clear gel, you can use plain old soap to keep your brows looking laminated until it’s time for a new treatment. Soap brows look a lot like the results of a brow lamination. Learn how to do soap brows in this article.

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