RLT After Permanent Makeup: The Benefits

By Emily M.| Last updated on July 26, 2023
RLT After Permanent Makeup
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Written by @dldbrows & PMUHub.

More and more we’re seeing red. Red light, that is! At salons, at the gym, at saunas, and now even at the luxury and comfort of your own home. Most of you are already pretty familiar with or have already experienced for yourselves, RLT, Infrared, or RED LIGHT THERAPY.

RLT is used for so many things, but today we are talking to Diandra Leigh Dente – DLD, the owner of DLD Brows, about the benefits of RLT after a permanent makeup treatment.

A Bit About RLT

Red and infrared light are forms of LED, which stands for Light Emitting Diode. 

LEDs convert electrical energy into light energy, which can then be absorbed by molecules of cells in the body to trigger an increase in blood flow, collagen, hair growth, and many other health benefits.

IR stands for infrared, which is a type of radiant energy that is invisible to the human eye but we can feel as heat (mimicking sun and fire). Red light therapy uses red low-level wavelengths of light to treat skin issues, such as wrinkles, scars, persistent wounds, and similar conditions.

 RLT Facts:

  • Non-invasive
  • Provides immediate results
  • Promotes cellular function to heal and facilitate tissue repair
  • Mimics the benefits of sunlight without the harmful damage of UV rays.

Learn more about red light therapy here. 

RLT usage in Permanent Makeup

Red Light Therapy After Permanent Makeup

Some permanent makeup artists have discovered the benefits of using red light therapy during and after a permanent makeup treatment, mainly for two reasons.

The first usage is during the numbing session. Red light therapy can cut the numbing time in half and thus the waiting for the numbing to kick in is shorter. RLT helps to activate the numbing cream quicker so you can spend more time perfecting your work and providing your clients with the experience they deserve.

Then, the main part. Red light therapy promotes healing and reduces inflammation by increasing blood flow, and that’s why more and more PMU artists are offering this to their clients, after a PMU session.

Besides these two benefits, RLT also minimizes scabbing and stimulates new hair growth.

It can be used after permanent brow treatments, after a lip tattoo, or scalp micropigmentation.

Red Light Therapy After Permanent Makeup

Is Red Light Therapy Safe After Microblading?

Completely. Not only is it safe, but it also accelerates healing and hair growth and that is why it’s becoming a part of a microblading treatment in many salons. Also, it’s said to reduce inflammation and redness.

Is RLT Used During the Treatment, as Well?

Yes, some artists use it not only after the treatment but during the procedure as well.

As DLD explains: I use RLT in-between each pass to see the true depth and placement of the pigment in the skin, while numbing to accelerate and penetrate the topical anesthetic to activate quicker in the skin.

After I am finished with each pass and the details, I again place the client under the RLT to accelerate the healing process. It is better to do the hair strokes in natural or bright lighting and only check the artistry and pigment application/placement under the RLT. I do not suggest artists work and tattoo under RLT, especially not without proper eyewear.

Is Red Light Therapy Safe After Microblading?

DLD’s Flowy Brow Hair Stroke Process

She also describes her hair stroke brows process, and adds that each case and client is different in regards to how many passes they need, etc. – art has no rules. Do what works for you as an artist.

  • First pass: very superficial and without any numbing for the reason being that the skin has to be open for the topical anesthetic to activate.
  • Next, I apply the topical anesthetic to the brow area and the client is placed under RLT for 2-5 minutes
  • After 2-5 minutes when the client is completely numb I can continue with the second pass.
  • RLT (maybe more numbing is applied depending on the case)
  • Third Pass + detail work
  • RLT to accelerate healing and minimize the appearance of any irritation or redness

DLD’s Flowy Brow Hair Stroke Process

RLT After Permanent Makeup Touch Up

Some PMU artists, including DLD, also do RLT during and after the touch up appointment, to accelerate the healing afterward.

Does RLT Fade Tattoos?

No, red light therapy doesn’t share the same wavelengths of light with UV rays that the sun emits, and that are known to fade tattoo color.

How Long Does an RLT Session Last?

The red light therapy session after a permanent makeup treatment lasts up to 15 minutes.

How Much Does RLT Cost?

At my studio, RLT is included in the price of the treatment. As a pioneer in New England’s growing PMU industry, I hold myself as an artist to the highest of standards and always want to offer clients a luxury experience while delivering to them the true power of eyebrows, says DLD.

However, some artists will charge extra for additional time, and treat it as an à la carte service.


RLT is a great addition to your permanent makeup services. It is beneficial for the healing results and can help your business stand out and grow. Whether this add-on service will catch on or not remains to be seen!



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