Aquaphor for Eyelashes: The Latest TikTok Hack

By Katarina V.| Last updated on February 22, 2024
aquaphor for eyelashes
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If you came here wondering why influencers have been putting Aquaphor on their lashes lately and parading them in their videos, you have every right to be confused. It’s not a new occurrence though for a simple skincare product to start being used as something else.

In the past year or so, the clean girl trend has grown on all of us, so it’s only natural for this instant lash lift hack to become ultra-popular as well. Yes, you heard it well, people have been putting petroleum jelly in their lashes, and it’s actually doing something.

Without further ado, let’s get into all the details and explain how aquaphor affects the growth of your lashes!

Is Aquaphor Good for Eyelashes?

We’ve all seen Kim Kardashian’s luscious, long, almost wet-looking lashes, which seem impossible to get without any extensions. But, according to TikTok, it’s apparently possible with the help of good old petroleum jelly.

As the base ingredient of Aquaphor, it is believed to nourish and protect your eyelashes, giving you an instant lash lift on a budget. But, does this multipurpose ointment truly hold the key to making your lashes look lifted and ethereal?

At its core, Aquaphor serves as a potent moisturizer, harnessing the power of petroleum to create a protective barrier that seals in moisture. This nurturing effect has sparked curiosity among beauty enthusiasts, leading many to start putting it on their lashes.

While scientific research specifically addressing Aquaphor’s impact on eyelashes remains limited, anecdotal evidence and expert opinions offer intriguing insights.

Many people suggest that the occlusive nature of Aquaphor could help retain moisture in lashes, preventing dryness and breakage — a common concern for those seeking fuller, healthier lashes.

So, to sum it up, this powerhouse product can moisturize your lashes and make them shiny, long, and luscious.

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Does Aquaphor Make Your Eyelashes Grow?

In short, Aquaphor does not make your lashes grow faster or longer. It simply gives you that laminated look. If you’re using it on your eyelashes, it acts sort of as a conditioning shield, coating your lash hairs.

So, if your lashes are dry and brittle, yes, Aquaphor will condition them and make them softer. But, this will not affect their growth in any way or form.

Unlike certain lash serums formulated with active ingredients like prostaglandin analogs, which are clinically proven to promote lash growth, Aquaphor primarily focuses on moisturization and protection.

Therefore, while it may contribute to the overall health and appearance of lashes by preventing dryness and breakage, it cannot stimulate lash growth.

If you’re looking to enhance lash length and fullness, opt for specialized lash growth serums and oils formulated with growth-stimulating ingredients.

Is Aquaphor or Vaseline Better for Eyelashes?

Before getting into the details, it’s important to understand the difference between these two products.

When comparing Aquaphor and Vaseline for lashes, both products offer similar moisturizing properties due to their main ingredient, petrolatum.

But, Aquaphor contains additional ingredients like glycerin and panthenol, which provide extra nourishment and hydration to lashes. It’s formulated specifically for sensitive skin and is often preferred for its gentleness around the delicate eye area.

On the other hand, Vaseline is a pure petroleum jelly product without added ingredients. While it effectively seals in moisture, some may find it too heavy or greasy for use on lashes.

So, if you’re looking for a product that gives you an instant lash lift, as well as lash conditioning, Aquaphor will be your new bestie.

Aquaphor Beauty Hacks

Now that we’ve gone over the science behind Aquaphor, it’s time to get into the good stuff: the best beauty hacks.

This product is extremely versatile and can be used in almost every area of your face and body, making it the perfect addition to your beauty kit, especially if you’re into that clean girl aesthetic.


As you can see from the video below, it recently became trendy to put Aquaphor on your lashes and curl them with your lash curler. It gives you an effortless look without putting on mascara.

Your lashes will stay curled the whole day, but you can still carry the small version of Aquaphor in your purse for touch-ups, if necessary!


If you’re feeling extra, then you need to try this one: use Aquaphor to lift both your brows and lashes!

Those who enjoy the look of laminated brows will adore this hack. Simply use a spoolie brush, put a dollop of Aquaphor on it, and comb it through your brows. You can press them with your fingers at the end, so they look good all day.

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You’ve surely heard about the TikTok slugging trend, and many swear by Aquaphor sealing the deal for them. Use this product at the end of your nightly skincare routine to seal all the products you used beforehand. You will wake up with glass skin in the morning, we promise.

But, if that sounds like too much work for you, you can simply use the viral Aquaphor stick and simply apply it to your face or highest points like cheekbones and nose for that effortless glow.


There’s no better way to moisturize and repair your lips than with Aquaphor. People all over the world use it religiously not only during winter but summer as well to keep their lips feeling juicy and supple.

This TikToker decided to use Aquaphor to make a sugary lip scrub and then moisturized her lips with it too! Talk about budget-friendly.

Bonus Tip: Perfume Hack

If you’re someone who likes buying different fragrances and perfumes but has trouble finding something truly long-lasting, we’ve got you covered.

Simply spread Aquaphor on the areas of your skin you will put the perfume on. After that, just spritz the perfume a few times and you’re good to go!

Aquaphor in All Shapes & Sizes: Product Recommendations

Even though Aquaphor won’t grow your lashes, there are many other ways to use it. If you want to hop on this beauty trend but aren’t sure about which product you need to buy (understandable, there are many forms of Aquaphor), don’t worry.

We made a list of the best products for each area of the face, so you don’t have to spend hours researching:

Brows & Lashes

This kind of packaging is convenient since you can put it in your purse along with your lash curler. It’s also small enough to put on your beauty vanity without taking up much space.

Feel free to use it both on your brows and lashes.

Face & Body

This is the same thing, but in a bigger jar, making it perfect for moisturizing your face and body. You can use it for slugging too. This amount is big enough to last a few months.

Say goodbye to cracked heals, elbows, and hands too!

If you want to refresh your makeup or start your skincare with something hydrating, this Aquaphor spray is the perfect choice. It can be used under or over your makeup products to give that perfect, dewy finish.

If you don’t want to spread the product with your hands, opt for this Aquaphor stick. It’s extremely easy to use – just remove the cap and glide it all over your face.

You can use it on your cheekbones and nose for that effortless glow!


Last, but definitely not least, your lips need to be nourished and juicy. You’ve probably seen this lip product all over, and let’s just say, it’s worth the hype.

You can use it on its own, to hydrate and repair your lips, or mix it with your favorite lipstick or lip pencil for that sultry pout.

So, Should You Try Aquaphor for Eyelashes?

Although Aquaphor doesn’t work when it comes to lash growth, it can be used in numerous other ways, including lifting your lashes. This hack will deeply condition them, making them soft and nourished.

What are you waiting for? Try the Aquaphor mascara hack and live your clean girl dreams starting now!

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